Sunday, May 13, 2012

March 5, 2012

I think it is way funny that Dad got called as the WML. He needs to pick things up. Really a good ward mission leader needs to have a good attitude and be the example for the ward. He is going to do great. I'll give him some advice next week. I'm not feeling to well to really think about stuff.
So this week was really good up in till this past weekend and today. I got really sick on saturday and I haven't been the same since then.  So my email is going to be pretty short cause I'm not feeling to well right now.
Kyles baptism was so awesome. Its so great to see that family get completed. They have had a big impact on my life. The service was so great and the spirit was so strong. I got some good pictures but I left my camera back at home. It was rally neat right when Kyle and his Dad walked into the water brother pronger got really emotional. During the prayer right after he said " And the father" He broke down and started to cry it was so neat and the spirit was so strong. He then finished up the prayer and baptized Kyle. They both left with tears of joy! i cant wait to see them get sealed as a family. There going to talk to the bishop about it soon.
Our Investigators are doing pretty good. Karli is going  to be baptized this weekend which is really exciting. We are pumped. I really hope I get feeling better soon, I hate being sick on my mission it is the worst and It is the only time I get Depressed and what not. Sad story so John and Carol were planning on getting baptized this weekend and they told us they have quit smoking. We were driving around and we saw them driving and Elder Nelson said" Hey Look John and Carol" then they drove by us and Carol was smoking. We both turned to each other and were let down. They lied to us. But were going to work with them some more and hopefully they will be baptized in March some time.
Funny story. So i got sick Saturday morning and was out all day. we have little dvd players so I watched about every church video there is. The sickness I have is the chills and the large Bowel movements. It is no fun! Anyways I went to bed saturday night after taking some meds. I wake up at 3 am to some thing pretty warm in my pants. Yes, I pooped my pants at 3 in the morning. So i went to the bathroom and cleaned up. In the mean time Elder Nelson woke up and said " what are you doing?" I said " nothing dont worry about it" Then he said "tell me" then i preceded to tell him that I pooped my pants. There is a saying in the missionary world that every missionary poops his pants at least once. So yeah that was an unpleasant night. I still dont feel very well. So i hope to get well soon.
Well I've got to head off. I love you all.
Oh is it alright if I buy a Razor? My face is getting cut up from the one i have now and it's dying on me. hahah
I love you some much 

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