Sunday, May 13, 2012

April 16, 2012

 How are you acclimating to the hot weather, the area, your ward, your new comp?
 So the weather is pretty awesome. Im getting some pretty sweet tan
 lines already. It is going to be wild by the end of summer. The
 weather isn't that bad right now though.
 The Area is Great! I love it so much. We live in the humble part of
 phoenix. Some of the apartment buildings are way scary to go into but
 so much fun. This area has so much potential to do great things and we
 are going to do great things. I'm way excited. we got a couple more
 investigators and some more with baptismal dates.I love it.
 The ward is pretty cool. They are all for mission work. Last year I
 think they had 26 convert baptisms. We have some really great ward
 members and leaders. Our WML is way cool and on top of things. A
 couple of the little girls have crushes on me it's pretty funny and
 cute hah. I just tell them to bring there friends to church so
 hopefully they will. ha
 My companion is Great. Elder Harline is really a great guy, he's just
 a little awkward some times but thats fine. I've never had a comp.
 that I couldn't get along with. We are going to do work and get things
 done for the time that we are together.

 How are your baptism dates with Blake and Maria?
 Blake has asked me to baptize him. So that is going to be awesome. I
 was pretty surprised when he asked me. He is such a cool kid and I'm
 so happy for him and love him. He has such a strong testimony of the
 savior, I was never thinking the way he does when i was his age. It's
 amazing how the gospel just clicks for some people and others it takes
 18 years for it to click and they had to be brought up in it like me
 haha. Blake is the MAN!.
 Maria's baptsm got changed to the 28th now. She is so cool! SHe prayed
 in Hungarian in our last lesson. It is so cool to hear another
 language. Our lesson was pretty cool we taught about the Atonement and
 the restoration. She is an awesome lady and sacrifes so much to be
 We set 2 more dates.
 Corinna she has an awesome story that i should have told last week. So
 my first night in the area we went contacting. Elder Harline didn't
 like to talk to everyone but I love to. So he would ride by people
 then would talk to them. So we ran into Corinna in the middle of the
 road. I felt prompted to ask her if we can pray with her. She Said "
 Yes I need a prayer right now, I'm way stressed thats why I'm walking
 right now." So we had a prayer and then set up a time to come back the
 next day. we taught her a shot lesson the next day and she said that
 you guys are sent by God. I know that it was not just luck that we ran
 into my first day. The spirit was guiding us and her. So we taught her
 just this past week and she accepted to be baptized on the 5th of may!
 I'm so happy for her and the step that she is making. I know that it
 will really bless her life. See it just clicks with others, I love it.
 Mary is our other date. She is truly awesome and elect. She is a
 referral from a member who happens to be her nieghbor. Cool stuff. WE
 had a church tour with her and she felt the spirit so strong that we
 just set a date with her right there. I love how easy it is to do
 missionary work when the spirit is with you.

 How are your ward members and ward mission leader? They released me
 from Relief soc activities leader w Erin Blake and put me in as Dad's
 assistant ward missionary. I'm going to be making sure our sisters are
 fed and start doing monthly ward missionary activities to bring friends to. Any
 I'm not to sure. You could have our neighbors over and invite the missionaries.

 Where did you get your cool pass a long cards?
 Our mission is the best therefore we get the best stuff haha

 Were you doing okay last Wed and Thurs? I was more worried about you
 for some reason. Everything okay? You safe? Sorry sometimes Mom's get
 these crazy promptings.
 Yeah everything is going great! Thats kinda crazy you had that
 prompting though cause we had a lesson with Greg, he was really drunk
 and he is black. So anyways he was talking about killing people and I
 felt pretty un safe there. when we said the closing prayer I felt
 completely safe though it was weird. I did keep my eyes open during the
 prayer though. Thank you for your prayers.

 So what else happened this week?
 I me the Heeters at Stake conference Remember them they were the
 family I got to go see get sealed. it was the coolest. They live in
 our stake. So there going to take us out to dinner soon. I love that
 family. Sister Heeter really wants to meet you. She calls me one of
 the Miracle men. Its pretty cool. !
 We had a really cool lesson with one of our new investigators his name
 is Bryan."the man" He is a part member. So we were just shooting the
 bull talking about his life and ours. Then I felt strongly that we
 need to watch a video and it was the talk by Elder Andersen " you dont
 know everything but you know enough" After the video he had tears
 in his eyes and told me " that video struck a cord with me, You are
 hired" haha It was pretty funny but also very spiritual. I was so
 happy to feel that promting and to act upon it. Bryan is so solid and
 we are going to set a baptism date with him this week.

 So this week was really fun. Being in a bike area is the best! We get
 to talk to so many more people. I love you!
 Sorry for all the missed spelled words. I love you so much!

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