Sunday, May 13, 2012

March 26, 2012

Thank you for the pictures they are pretty funny. I haven't gotten the package yet so hopefully it will come today. This week was a lot better then last. I was dying during email last week if you couldn't tell. So I'm going to buy a razor at walmart then, can i get a nice one that won't break on me? Like 100+ dollars? hahah I always feel bad getting expensive things like I still haven't gotteThis week was pretty good. We had quiet a few lessons and we went on 2 exchanges with the missionaries in our zone. Exchanges are pretty fun cause you get to see how other missionaries work. We often get free meals haah for some reason the missionaries love to suck up to us or they just like us, I could never tell. I also learned a new magic trick, it is so awesome, I took a video of it so you can see when I send the card over. I might do that today. 
On one of my Exchanges I was with Elder Hohman he was my MTC companion so that was pretty fun. Elder Hohman is so funny, just the typical red neck for "the ATL" haha he is was funny. So we had a good time and took some funny pictures.

Thank you for the package it was great. I'm wearing one of grandpa's ties right now. I love them!!!

So we didn't have any baptisms but this week we are planning on setting a couple dates. We are teaching a part member family and the little 9 year old wants to get baptized so bad. I love part members cause they are so GOLDEN. Our YSA(singles ward) is taking a little hit right now but we are going to build it back up. I love that ward so much. we have some awesome people there and our recent converts are so legit, they all have callings and love to come to church.

So Ashleigh called last night she is getting baptized in the Williamson valley ward, the ward that we lost in the change. Anyways we were teaching her before and set the date with her. So she asked me if I could give her the Holy Ghost, the only problem is that i could be transferred by then. So I really hope I don't get transferred. Ash is like one of the coolest people ever. Her Husband is way funny too, we have grown really close to them. I even knew them down in Peoria. So it has been a long journey for them. I love them so much though. The baptism is going to be awesome and it's on april fools which makes it even better.

Last night I was struggling a little with my missionary efforts and I prayed for like 30 mins, after I felt so much better. I love the power of the atonement and spiritual strength. The Gospel is so true. I'm so grateful for this church and The blessing that I have received to be born into it. We are all so lucky and we don't even recognize it. I love to think of all the blessing that I have received in life. Count your many blessing is my favorite hymn.

So last P-day we went sledding, It was so much fun. A couple of the Ysa came out, we also had a pretty fun snow ball fight. The hill that we were on ran right in to the street. so it was a little sketch but so much fun. We built a jump as well. which threw a little more fun into it. So that was great.

Well that was our week, it was a little slow but this next week should be pretty fun. I'm looking forward to it. I love you a ton !
I'm still waiting for my letter from Dad.
Thank you so much for all that you do. You are the BEST!!!!!!
Elder Anderson

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