Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eat Sleep Teach and Study

 We received Trent's first email this week! His p-days are on Thursdays so we should be receiving emails then. Enjoy! 
Hey mom,
Just wanted tosay im having blast at the MTC and today is my first P-day. Its so awesome and im working on the thank you notes. but i really dont have that much time to do anything. All we do is eat sleep teach and study. Its crazy but i love it.
Tell every one i love them and ill have those thank you cards done by the end of the day. The gospel is true im a true believer in it all. And i know that our family is eternal. I taught a lesson to an investigator on tuesday it was so amazing seeing there faces and what they have been missing out on. I love teaching the gospel and i plan on getting better. I love you and thank you so much for all the packages all the other elders are jealous. . well the time is running low on the computer. But i love you. Tell chad to keep his head high and kenzie that the party life isn't good and she shouldnt get into that stuff. I love all you.
Elder Anderson

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elder Anderson's Last Days

Elder Anderson entered in the MTC this past Wednesday, September 15. Leading up to the 15th he filled his days with everything he enjoys doing. He is blessed to have so many family and friends that love and care for him that were kind of enough to make the trip to La Canada from various locations. He will forever be grateful for that. He gave a great farewell address on September 12th and then headed up to Utah on the morning of the 14th. Once in Utah he feasted on the last supper with his closet friends and then had family and friends over for cupcakes for his last goodbye. The morning of the 15th he finished packing and then we headed to In n Out for his last meal. We got to the MTC early so we could take a picture by the sign before we dropped him on the curb. Sadly the MTC has taken the signs down so we took some pictures across the street. It was sad to see him go but he is in the right place and would love to hear from everyone! He will be in the MTC til October 5th then  off to Arizona! Send him a letter!

p.s you can write Elder Anderson on
his mailbox number is 142 and he departs 10/05