Sunday, May 13, 2012

February 22,2012

So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Mom I love you so much and will write you a letter today. Maybe even send you some thing cool. I love you a ton.
How was your week?
So this week was pretty wild with the Changes of wards. We don't find out what wards we cover till tomorrow. It's pretty exciting. We are really hoping we get to stay with some of our Recent converts and the people were teaching with dates. It not is going to be fine cause I love helping out other missionaries and boosting up there areas. So many missionaries get depressed cause there not baptizing, so it's always nice giving away some baptisms.
First off this sunday was crazy! We went " ward Shopping" meaning we went to 4 different wards, Yes we were at the chuch for 10 hours on sunday it was great. 8am-5pm and then we had a baptism at 5:30 so we were there till about 7pm. It was a great day. kelseys baptism was so good and she bore such solid testimony. I'll talk about it more later on. Oh in one of our wards there was a talk on gangs it was really funny/false doctrine. Anyways Sunday was a great day.
How's life in Prescott?
Well life is going to be great for the next 6 weeks, I'M STAYING!!! So we are way pumped and on Elder Nelson and I, on our 18th month mark were going on a date to a fancy place. Prescott is so awesome!!! right now the weather is beautiful. We are so pumped to stay together for another transfer. The next Transfer I'm prob going to be gone. So the work in Prescott is going along great. we have 21 people with a date in our zone the most there has ever been in the history of Prescott. So that it exciting. All the missionaries up here are working hard now and inviting people to be baptized it is great. Were getting 2 new missionaries too, we had some trouble maker missionaries but now there both leaving so that is good. We are also getting another sister! A brand new one too. So we are pumped. great things are yet to come in the Prescott zone. We are way pumped! Oh I just found out that we are getting another companionship up here so now we dont have to cover 4 wards. YES that means we are getting a Geenie( new missionary) I cant wait to jock on him hahahaha
Baptisms! Didn't you have a few Scheduled?
So our baptism this week were GREAT!
Kayla was on saturday and her whole family was there. It was so cool the spirit was so strong and now her younger sister who is 14 wants to be baptized. Our new saying is Every Baptism should bring another. So we have our Investigators invite all there friends and family to come. There is such a strong spirit to be felt at a baptism. You should def. go to one, It's like going to the temple, you need to be re boosted with the spirit to cont. on in life. So when we have baptisms it just boosted us up. So Kayla is Nick's gf and Nick seriously baptizes all of our converts it's great. You know who he is cause he is in all the baptism pictures. He is the man. I cant wait to be a member missionary some day but I love the real thing way to much right now. I've been reading a lot about Joseph Smith lately he was such a great Prophet I have such a strong testimony of his story and the revelation that he brought forth. I love reading about him. The gospel is so much fun to read cause you learn something new every time you read. Sorry got off on a little tangent. Anyways kayla' s baptism was so great! i love baptism its what  live for right now. i'm so thankful for the success that we are having in our area. The Lord is really blessing us and our zone!
Kelsey's baptism was way good. we had it right after church on sunday. So many members came to the baptism, the spirit was very strong. her testimony was so perfect. It was the testimony you wish every convert had. She is such a cool girl and has been through a lot in her life. Her father said that he would dis own her if she got baptized, but she could not deny the spirit that she has felt and the truthfulness of the gospel. i love it when people are just prepared to hear the message, all you need to do is just invite them. check out Alma 13:24 it is great. The Angels are totally preparing the people today and tomorrow and forever till the second coming. I love this gospel. It's so easy to share it cause it's so true. We just need to bring the spirit to there heart.

So that is way cool that your hanging out with our neighbors and inviting them to the ranch. Have you invited them to FHE or Church? Your doing great missionary work by leading by example but that wont get them Eternal life unless you invite them to do something that will strength them spiritually.

What else Is up?
So I went to dinner at jenny Townsends brothers house the other day haahh that was a little weird.
Do yo need anything?
Beef jerky from the ranch pls! I miss that stuff a lot. Thank you so much! i love you a ton. Happy birthday again! I'm doing great and losing weight 172 now. Crossfit is really getting me into shape. I love you! 

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