Sunday, May 13, 2012

March 12, 2012

Thank you for the pictures they are pretty funny. I haven't gotten the package yet so hopefully it will come today. This week was a lot better then last. I was dying during email last week if you couldn't tell. So I'm going to buy a razor at walmart then, can i get a nice one that won't break on me? Like 100+ dollars? hahah I always feel bad getting expensive things like I still haven't gotten new running shoes yet sorry. I'm just going to run mine into the ground.
Are you feeling better?  
I' am feeling a lot better now! but I still have a runny nose which is no fun. I hate getting sick on my mission it is the worst cause there are so many people that need the message we share and when I'm sick it's tough to get out but we did anyways. I don't ever want to stay in a whole day that would just be miserable. So yeah I'm feeling better this week. Dad still needs to write me a hand written letter, he failed last month, so I'm expecting a little something more then just a letter hahahaha.   .
Did Nelson get sick?
Nelson got sick like the week before I did. So he was good. But i think I got the runny nose from him.

Congrats for Kyle! So their whole family is baptized? Why did it take so long to baptize Kyle? What were the court dates?Yeah his baptism was so awesome! The spirit was strong, there is a different feeling of the spirit at baptisms they are the best! So yeah the whole family is baptized. Kyle took a little longer cause he didn't want to offend his bio mother. He was baptized before in to her church and she said that he is good. So we taught him about the spirit and now he is baptized. He is so pumped to pass the sacrament finally after watching his friends do it for years. Kyle is the man!

What about Carli? How was her baptism?
Karli's baptism was way cool. She spells her name weird. So i didn't tell you last week but I confirmed her the Holy Ghost. It was such a cool experience the spirit totally over came me and I was just being guided in what to say. I love being directed and feeling the spirit work right through me. There is nothing like it. Elder Nelson got to baptize her and yes he did it in the disco suit like a boss. The service was really good, the 2 speakers were high school kids so they were short and sweet and filled with spirit and testimony. Karli bore solid testimony after. Her Parents are not members and the father was not going to come but he showed up and the Mom was in tears. It was so awesome. Hopefully she will come to church with her this Sunday. The Baptism was great!

What happened with the john and carol? aka smokers?
John and Carol are slowly falling away, they didn't come to church this sunday and we weren't able to meet with them. I love them but they need to quit smoking and have faith in the Lord. They're pretty tough.

What else is happening in Prescott? I can't wait to go visit the Prongers, and everyone else.
So this past week we had a big leadership training. Tracy Wattson came to teach us. He is the big guy over the proselyting for missionary work for the world! So he is the MAN. such a smart guy and good with his words. So he taught us a new way to tract. Now we go around a offer blessing on peoples homes and there family. It's a little weird but it works so well. What we do is: We knock on the door then say" Hey we're servants of the lord Jesus Christ and we would like to offer a blessing on your home and family" then they give us a weird look and we say " Its just a prayer for you, it will only take like 3 mins." Then they say ok. Then we get to know them and there struggles and have a prayer with them. They feel the spirit and want to learn more, so we set up a time to meet with them. It is so cool and scary but Fun. We got a couple more people we're teaching from it. So that was exciting. Our mission is doing really great and our zone is one of the highest baptizing zones in the mission. Prescott use to be the worst. Now Prescott kills! 
When is the Temple going to be done?

Not sure yet, Prob in like a year an a half. I'm totally coming back to go through it.
Thank you so much for all that you do. I'm going out to dinner on thursday if that is alright for you. Elder Nelson and i are going to celebrate our 18 month mark together ahahah We like to go on dates.
I love you. 

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