Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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November 7, 2011

So this week was pretty tough!
On Tuesday we had zone leader council, It was really fun we went on a hike at 7 in the morning with all the zone leaders and President and sister Taylor. I love them so much. Anyways it was pretty spiritual cause we had like a whole plan of salvation back round to it. Like we stopped at view spots and described the less view as the Telestrial kingdom and then we got to a higher spot and described as the terrestrial kingdom and then when we got to the top after a hard climb we reached the Celestial kingdom. It was really neat and a good bonding experience with the other Zone leaders in our mission. Then after that we had our big meeting. In our mission were doing like this whole name 2 people that you will baptize next week that you are working with right now. And pray for them every day. So were in charge of reporting all the names and I totally forgot our list at home so that was a little embarrassing. 

Then the next day we just stayed in the valley cause we had a leadership training on weds. So we just stayed in surprise and worked with some other zone leaders it was pretty fun cause they live in the Surprise house, there are 6 missionaries living there. Some one just donated there house to the missionaries. Its way to much fun. So after our super long meeting on weds we drove home. 
Thursday morning I wake up to my companion throwing up it was pretty funny. He was way sick. Thursday night he was still sick so we made some visits and went home. It was kinda a depressing day. I hate sick days but we still worked! Then Thursday night at 12:30 i woke up and threw up haha it was pretty bad. But the good thing about being sick is that you lose weight:)

So I was sick all friday morning but i hate staying in so we went to work that evening and Cameron had is baptism Interview. He passed too! So he is going to be baptized on 11/11/11 the coolest date ever. Im so excited for him. seriously I love that guy. We'll take pictures at his baptism.  So that was are friday. Good thing for us our sickness only lasted one day. I feel good now:)

So Saturday was just a hustle day cause we didn't really get any work done in our area all week. So we had like back to back lessons and knocking on doors. 
So super good news! The Prongers court case passed and now the kids can be baptized! I was so happy. So were going to see if we can set a date for them to be baptized in the church. I don't know if I've talked about them much but they have been coming to church for like 4 years, their father is a convert and step mom is also, they just went to the temple like 3 months ago. So the kids will be baptized and then they will be sealed as a family. I'm so happy for them. Seriously I have put so much prayer into that family. 

Cool story: Back round so Zach is a member who ran away at age 17 and went down to the valley. He finds a girl down there and is living in an appt. Now he is back in prescott living with is family again, but the rule was he had to marry his gf so he did. Now their both living there. Crazy stuff. Their not the best looking people on the out side all tatted up and piercings all that jazz. Anyways Zach is building back his testimony and his wife is not a member, so we are teaching her. In our lesson I asked them where they lived before and they said Peoria and I said "where in  Peoria?" and he said " the sun tree appts" Thats where i lived! So it turns out that I have contacted them before and Zach said he remembers me. One thing he said to his mom when he was going through a rough time he said " Mom I keep seeing all these missionaries, I think God is trying to say some thing." So that was way Cool. 

I already talked about Cameron. He's getting baptized on 11/11/11 haha I love typing that. The coolest thing about Cameron is that he has been taking the missionary lessons for 2 full years. Crazy! He was pretty much a member for 2 years just not baptized. We call those Dry Mormons hah. So now he is getting BAPTIZED! 

Well this week was way awesome! And a little sad due to sickness but everything pays off with blessing. 
I love you a ton and thank you so much for all that you do. 

By the way it is snowing here and I still dont have any sweaters haha 
There are 3 things i would like if you able to get them. 
1. August rush Soundtrack
2. A good Journal 
3. the Double chin work out thing that dad has. 
p.s I might buy a Pee coat or some sweaters. So dont be surprised if im out of money haha. I figure if i buy a nice coat now I could wear it next year at school in utah. haha Crazy
I love you  

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October 10, 2011

So yeah I saw the video of Luke after conference and that is so cool that ryan and will got to see it. I never saw the end though cause we had to go to an appt. I can't watch it on my mission so don't send it to me sorry. It's against the rules all movies we watch have to be published by the Church meaning they have to have the church label on it. 
The weather here is beautiful its like in the 50's and 60's, I love it a ton. But i need to go buy some sweaters at the thrift store. I don't want you to buy me any, I feel like i ask for to many things. So I'm good! The thrift stores here are really good too. 
Thats pretty crazy about Chandlers mission, I bet the living conditions were bad. We are just super spoiled in the states but its what we get for serving only 6 hrs from home hah. I love it thought. Ghettos in prescott? NO haha but there are a lot of half way homes and mobile homes and drugs like meth. But no black people there are like white trash ghettos ha.

re they still feeding you 2 meals a day? How's the weight gain and the workouts? Basketball? Ab roller? Push ups? Do you need a jump rope or something else?
yeah we still get fed like crazy but I kinda like it. A lot of the members take us out which is like the best! We went to texas roadhouse and baja fresh and in-n-out. I just love the members up here they treat us so well. Yes I'm working out. i should send you a picture of our basement that we live in. It is so awesome we have a corner with a bench and some curling bars and all that good stuff. I'm starting up an ab routine now as well. So yes I'm working out.
How are your investigators? The new ones?
Any baptisms set?
No we didn't get any new investigators which was kinda a bummer. We were on a roll for a while but a lot of them are not progressing. So i fasted and cont. to pray hard to find someone that the Lord is preparing for us to find. I love fasting seriously I never did it before my mission, I would always sneak down stairs and grad a bowl of cereal. But i was just robbing my self. I love it now and I think it is because now I actually get the reason. So I'm positive that we are going to find someone this week to be baptized in the next month. This week just a lot of our appts. fell through and it was just really tough. Seriously the mission can be super hard some times. I had to go on an exchange with a missionary that was really struggling with is mission and faith. So president told me that we should go on exchanges, So we did. It went really well and we had a really good time. I just taught him that you must have fun while serving but not to much fun cause if you become disobedient i promise you, you will not have the spirit there fore you can not teach and there fore your gunna feel like your wasting your time. we had a really good talk and we also had some very good lessons. He's a spanish elder so I got to bare my testimony in spanish, yes I learned. So after our exchange he thanked me and told me he was preparing to go home cause he just felt worthless, but because of our exchange he is going to stay and work even harder. So i know that our mission president followed the Spirit and I'm so grateful that i was worthy for the call. I just love it out here and I know that I'm called here for a reason. 
Do you get to go to the Temple when Heeter goes? 
I really do hope I can go to the temple with the Heeters, I'm going to email president today and we'll see what he has to say. 
Are you still being very obedient? That's one of the best things you've taught me! Who would of thought?

Yes I'm still obedient. I would never risk the salvation of some else because I was disobedient, it is just not worth it. Plus you don't have the spirit too. So there is no point of being disobedient. Even though there are some times when I slip but i always recognize it.
What else is happening?First off thank you so much for the package. I loved it and the ring is sweet! Thank you for all the ties too some of them were pretty funny. They are def. thrift store ties hah. I love you.
So this week was really fun on saturday we had a huge service project which was awesome. i love getting dirty and doing services cause it's different and we get to wear regular cloths. We just did a lot of landscaping. It was fun!
We usually go on 2 exchanges a week and on of the missionaries i went with is just awesome. i love guy. He took my spot in surprise and my trainer Elder beard trained him as well. His name is elder Kelley and he is just crazy. We had a dinner out in groom creek which is in the mountains and it was right after a storm so the roads were really muddy. It's all dirt roads out there too. So we did some mudding aka off roading in the mud. It was pretty funn. we got the car all muddy. We also had some really good lessons that day as well. we met with one guy that we watched with and he felt the spirit so strongly as we watched the videos it was awesome.
I don't need ctr rings or pins thanks though.
Thank you so much for all that you do. I love you so much!

September 26, 2011

How was your week?SO this week was pretty awesome! We had some really good spirit filled lessons with some of our new Investigators.
So Cameron he is in the YSA ward and has been looking into the church for 2 years now and we had our first lesson with him on tues. It went really well and the spirit was just directing our lesson for sure. So we were just going into the lesson just to get to know him and find out his back round. We call that How to begin teaching. So we did that and he is a good guy. His only hold up is that he had a spiritual impression that he shouldn't get baptized and that God wanted him to wait cause there are other things that he must do. So I followed the spirit and went to 1 Nephi3:7 which talks about a path prepared for you. Then I went to 3 nephi 11 when Jesus Christ taught about Baptism. Then We had a kneeling prayer and after he said he felt good and felt the spirit. But he still doesn't know if he should get baptized its tough! But we love him and cont. to work with him.
We had another cool lesson with Santiago he's a man that I met tracking like 2 months ago when I was on exchanges and I sorta forgot about him. So we were looking through the area books and saw his name. So we went by and visited him, we actually had a really good lesson about the BoM and church. And Guess what? He came to church Sunday it was awesome and a great Surprise! He said he really liked the service. So we hope to teach more and see him get baptized!
So we are working with a lot of less active members right now. One of which is awesome and we taught him and his girlfriend and his gf wants to be baptized! We just had a super good lesson with her and he has such a strong testimony. John is the man! They remind me a lot like Sam and Hope. Sam and Hope are doing great by the way. I hope to see them go through the temple some day! But anyways John and his gf are great. John has such a strong testimony and has totally changed his life around, that man is just awesome and he knows the spirit! 
By the way i got my glasses they are pretty sweet! thank you
Hows your zone and district?They are doing great! Our zone is struggling a little but we are all working hard and I love the new missionaries up here. I just wish we had more missionaries that played basketball. Not to sound cocky but I'm like the best up here and that's not saying much. We are slowly picking up our pace and finding new people! I love it here though and It's starting to get really cold like 50's at night. Today we have our Zone activity. Were playing kickball and Frisbee and basketball of course!
Are you getting along better w your comp?Yeah were starting to get along a lot better. Some days are better then others. we had Movie night last night it was pretty fun. We watched the testaments on our dvd player. This week he was pretty sick though, so we didn't get as much work done as i wish we would. but that's alright.
Did I tell you the Doyles sent me some cute photos of you?

No but sister Doyle is so awesome and Nice! I love that family.

Well thank you for everything! I love you so much. It was weird this week, I was feeling a little down in the middle of the week cause our work is pretty slow, but all of the sudden I just felt that everything was going to be alright and I felt like a boost of energy. I knew at that time that a lot of people were praying for me and I felt their support and love. Thank you everyone!
Love you,

Elder Trent

September 6, 2011

So how was your week of meetings? 
Well the meetings were way sweet and I learned a ton. But this week was one of the worst weeks I have had on my mission if you look at our numbers. but other then that the meetings were great.  All our meetings were leadership meetings and they were great. Seriously I learned so much, we had a doctor come and speak and he talked about depression and the signs of it. So it was good to know. 

Did Elder Juchau get transferred?  Do you two get along okay? 
We are staying together for another transfer. He has been here for ever. Almost half of his mission. So I guess the Lord wants me to struggle a little more and learn to cope with my companions, it wont be that bad. We get along well most of the time. There are just a couple things that bug me.

How did transfers go? Did you lose or gain some Elders?
Well transfer meeting is tomorrow and we lost 3 of our missionaries, but I'm excited to get new missionaries in our zone. I love having a change. 

How was Korik's Baptism?
Koriks baptism was so awesome. The spirit was just so strong and funny story, so I was baptizing Korik and his middle name is McClain Landrum and for some reason when i was saying the Prayer I said Korik McClain Ander.... then i caught my self and fixed it haha. But it was pretty funny cause my Bishop got up at the end and said that I guess elder Anderson is preparing to baptize his own kids soon. It was way funny. The baptism was great though. We took some awesome pictures cause Korik is just so awesome. I Love that guy so much. He is so funny. After his baptism we were changing out of our whites and he said " I feel like a thousands suns are going off in me" That just made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes cause Our Heavenly Father has given me the chance to help this young man live a happier life and feel the spirit more. I love it. I cant wait for him to serve a mission and get the priesthood. Korik's only 13, but I know that he will be a great member. Baptisms are the greatest. 

How's Chuck? Have you been able to teach him since his fall?
yeah we taught him just the other day and changed his baptism date to the 24th of September, but he is meeting with the J Witnesses so we'll see what happens. he def feels the spirit when we come to teach him though and he has told us that. 

Do you need anything else?
well for my year mark I was wondering if you can get me a belt an All black one like buckle and all. But like a dull black. And some cool ties. I'm kinda sick of all my ties. Thank you so much. 

I Love you Mom And Dad and thank you for all that you do. I love you!

August 29, 2011

Well this week as been pretty sweet except my Companion Elder Juchau has been sick almost every morning so we don't get out to work till like 12. It drives me crazy. I lose my mind when I stay in to long. I think it is my ADD. But I just love to work cause it keeps my mind focused on the work and not home, so I think that he is going to get transferred down to the valley (Phoenix) on the 6th when transfers come. I can't believe I've been here for 3 months already. Time just flies by like crazy.
How is the progress with Chuck and Korick? Any other new investigators?
Chuck is doing alright. He fell and cracked his head open. So we haven't been able to meet with him for a while. I really do hope everything goes well. He is an awesome guy. His Mom is crazy though she is 93 years old and I swear that she is losing her mind. But we love her. Hopefully we will be able to teach chuck this week. We are in the valley for 3 days this week which is pretty crazy. Just a ton of meetings, that's the only downside on being a zone leader, we have so many meetings. I learn a lot though at those meetings.
KORIK is doing awesome. He is going to be baptized on the 3rd of September. He wants me to Baptize him too, so I'm so excited to do that. I love preforming Baptisms. I can't wait for his baptism and he is going to be such an awesome member. He already invited a friend to church and he brought him with him. He's doing Missionary work already. I love that guy.
We got a new Investigator she just showed up to church on Sunday and now were going to be teaching her soon, I hope. So that was really neat and I've been praying hard for a new solid investigator cause once Korik gets baptized we won't really have any solid investigators. So that was neat, the power of prayer is real.

How are your missionaries doing? Do you have any troubles?
Our missionaries are doing great. One of them had to go home due to medical problems, so we have been in a 3 sum all week. Elder Jeffs is with us and he is a Spanish missionary. But other then that our missionaries are AWESOME!!

Do you think you will get transferred?
No i don't think I'm getting transferred. but my companion I'm pretty sure that he is. He's been here for 10 months.

Have you made good friends with any of the ward families?
Yeah I love the members up here. I Love Doyle family and a couple others that I'm pretty close to.

Do they ever take you golfing?
NO not yet. But I WILL.

Did you get your package? YES I got it thank you so much. I love the pants. 
Do you need anything?
Can i get a Quad scriptures. Cause I brought my Seminary ones.
And if its not to much can i Get a leather back note book. like the folder type ones that lawyers have!
Thank you so much for everything. I love you!
Elder Trent

August 22, 2011

I wrote this to Trent:
"Today was Lance and Austin Sosa's Farewell and David Bentz and Jeff Johnson's Homecoming.
I think the last time I cried so much at church was your farewell!
Jeff Grigg got his Patriarchal Blessing...have you heard from him lately? Jeff leaves for Southern Virginia College this week, he's playing bball and then planning on a mission in the Spring."
That is crazy that lance and Austin are off. There going to have a great time, that's way exciting. So did lance Cry? and how was his farewell? I bet the church building was packed!

"Your zone conf hike sounded amazing! You did a great job!!!
Where are the photos?"
I'll send you the photo's soon and yes it was so much fun and Spiritual which is the best. I loved it! That's pretty funny that you are talking to elder Giles Mom he is a great missionary and hard worker I love that guy. Were def. hanging out after the mission. He lives in Oregon but we can make it work hah. 

"I love all your photos, who was the cute Mom and daughter that you Baptized?"
We didn't actually baptize her in our ward, I got to teach her twice and do the baptism Interview. The mom's name is Shana and the daughter Sierra they are so awesome! 
The scorpions and spiders don't bite.
Yeah they bite but were missionaries the lord is looking out after us, no I'm kidding were really careful about it and stay safe. The spiders are awesome here. I just hope to catch a snake soon! they have a lot of cool snakes in Arizona. I want to kill a rattler and eat it as well. Wild life status. 

"Is your beard getting thicker ?"
Yeah I have to legit shave everyday. I can grow a sweet Mustache and I am once I get home, It's going to be awesome! I grow a pretty good goatee as well. 

What's with the brown pants? Can you really wear those?
Those are my vintage brown pants they are awesome but i usually only wear them on pday. But yeah I'm allowed to wear those bad boys.  

"So how was your week?"
This week has been really good. We had a huge Zone Conference, where president talked about the new rule of trust and it went really well. Our missionaries in the Prescott Zone are really obedient and Hard workers, I'm greatful for that cause we don't have to worry about all the disobedience. So for Zone conference our new president reminds me of Dad kinda. He brought up like this trust box and once you leave the trust box then you start to lose some privileges and you get moved to a smaller box and if you cont. then you get moved to a plane hah It was pretty funny. He is an awesome President.
How are the investigators doing?
Well we're struggling with finding new investigators but we did set a baptism date with this older Man Chuck. He is 69 year old. I've always want to convert a senior citizen so I'm pretty excited about that. But he fell the other day and split his head open so we backed up a little bit on teaching him. So hopefully everything will get better soon. 
Korik is doing great we had a lesson with him last night and He is AWESOME and so ready for baptism. I love just having solid investigators there so great. And he came to all 3 hours of church, our young men are really kicking in now. Good stuff. 

Are the cigs still buried?
Yes they are. I love doing things like that its so much fun. 

What's your ward mission leader like? 
Our WML are really old so they don't do a lot of work, so it's tough, I really wish they would call a younger and more out going guy cause that's what we need. 

Does your ward still feed you a lot?..
YES we get lunch and dinner almost everyday but I still ran out of money. I swear I run out every month oh well. But yeah are ward feeds us like crazy cause Juchau is diabetic. 

Are you writing any girls? 
I'm writing a couple girls, but writing is a very slow process. So some girls take a really long time to write back. And I need to catch up on my writing cause were only allowed to write on Pday so it makes it hard. No Chelsey never wrote back but I'm over it. 

Well that's cool that Chad is playing football tell him to stay with it for all 4 years. I really wish i did that but I loved surfing too much. And Chad isn't really a surfer. So tell him to stay with it. What Position is he playing?

Well thank you so much for everything and I'm excited for the package. I love you!
Elder Trent

Photos from the summer.

July 18, 2011

Hey thank you so much for all the gifts and all the goodies.
My birthday is going really well and I love it here. I couldn't ask to be in better place.

But I have slowly ran out of time. Sorry I should have written you first.
But the highlight of the week was definitely Sam and Hopes baptism and wedding. It was so awesome. I truly love the work and gospel. It has been a blessing in my life and the life of others. I'm so excited. So this is what happened, they got married at 6 and I have pictures of it all. Then I baptized both of them at 7 and then the reception at 8. The baptism was really spiritual and I felt the spirit so strong when Sam gave the closing prayer it brought tears to my eyes. It was so neat to see the complete change in their life. I just love the change and the love that our Heavenly Father has for us. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to baptize them and to come down for it  I'll tell you more about it next week.

Our president seems like a really nice guy. We had a really good email. The zone is doing really well. I really do love being a zl and loving all the missionaries.

I'm good i dont need anything at the moment, I'll let you know next week and I promise the letter next week will be  a lot better. I'm really sorry that I can't write more but we have a lunch appt.
Thank you so much for the girfts and tell the family I love them.
Love Elder Anderson