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March 19, 2012

So how was your week?
SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOWSo this week was just GREAT!!! We had a wild weekend! So it snowed like 10 inches saturday night and Sunday It snowed all day. So we have like 18 inches on the ground right now, I love it so much. Missionary work is pretty fun in the snow. People feel bad for us so they invite us into there homes it's great. As for people coming to church sunday morning at 8 we had a total of like 40 people at church all together it was bad. US and the bishopric were the only people on time to church it was quit the experience. As for missionary work in the zone we went down pretty bad this week. Our Investigators are doing great. Thank you for the package Elder Nelson and I wore the ties to church together they are AWESOME! Oh I got to pass at sacrament too. I love passing. I didn't realize how cool it is to pass till I came on my mission. I love being at service for others. The beef sticks are amazing! thank you so much.
We also had an awesome lesson with Ashlee Carpenter, she wanted a blessing from us. We no longer cover her ward but she is one of the coolest people I have ever taught. She has complete flipped around. When we first met she was not interested at all. I actually met her and her husband down in Peoria. They are so cool. I love them a ton. Ash made us the coolest little art picture with scriptures in it. One of the scriptures is Alma 34:41 it is one of my fav and she just picked it out. Anyways she is getting baptized on April Fools we are pumped!
I saw some photos from your Zone training. And the other meeting you talked about with the giving house blessings sounds interesting. Is it working?Yeah It is working super well. Our Missionaries are starting to gain testimonies of it. The neat thing about blessing homes, is that you need to be Obedient to have success otherwise the spirit just won't be with you and you won't have success. We love doing it and you win some and lose some. It's great!!
Any Baptisms or prospects?
e were suppose to have one this weekend but Trevor doesn't feel that he will be ready by then. We have a lesson with him today. So we will set another date with him soon. He is such an awesome guy. We also have another one on the 31st. We tend to get pouched quiet a bit by other missionaries. But we always catch them. Our area is still doing really well but I'm a little nervous about our teaching pool it's thinning out. 
How are your wards?
The Ysa is so awesome. I love that ward so much. We have some great converts in that ward and One of them is going to be engaged soon. We are so pumped for him. It's going to be great! Then there going to get married in the temple a in about a year. Nelson and I are for sure going to that one.
Prescott Heights is a great ward and they cover a lot of the ghetto. So tracting in that ward is great. We run into so many Hippies! and liberals. They all have some crazy ideas. Prescott college is a total hippie college everyone that goes there smokes weed, it's pretty funny. 

When the next transfer? Do you think they will move you? You have had so much success up there, do you think they can make it without you and nelson?
Transfers is on the 6th of April I think. I will prob. get transferred this next one cause I've been here so long. The area will still do great. Elder Nelson is a way good missionary. we'll see what happens though. 

Did you get your razor?
Yes I did thank you!
How was the 18 month celebration?
We went to Golden Corral an all you can eat buffet. Man it was great! We ate so much food and then took a halftime show in the bathroom haah It was so funny. Then we went out for forths. I ate 2 cotton candies! 
I officially love cotton candy it is my favorite. Thank you so much for paying for it. Your the best. I'm starting to gain my weight back :) yayyy! I'm 166lbs right now.  

Did Jeff write you about his call?
Yeah He wrote me that is so cool! I'm so excited for him. I hope he doesn't get in trouble he is in my prayers Everyday. 

Need anything?
I Don;t think so. Maybe a letter from Dad. He broke his promise.
well I love you all! Thank you so much for everything.

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