Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Elder Trent Anderson's Letter:

So how was your week?
This week went really well. We got a 140 contacts this week and that was the first time my companion has ever had over a 100 contacts in one week. His companion earlier didn't do any work. But yeah we worked really hard and got 5 new investigators and we'll see what happens with them. Peoria is really quiet fun and ghetto. haha Its kinda scary walking around at night, but also really fun. My legs are getting stronger cause we are in a all bike area so its hard. I'm doing good on my reading, I think I'm on page 101 2 Nephi 26. I love 2 Nephi 25 one of my favorite chapters and verse 26 is what we believe and really helps our investigators realize what we believe. This week was awesome.
How is your district doing?
My District is doing really good. I've challenged them to get more contacts and we have double our contacts from last week which is really good. District meetings are pretty fun, cause I'm in charge of the whole meeting. its really neat and I'm learning a lot about how the mission works and what not.
How's your companion? Is he opening up a little?
My Companion is doing really good. yeah he is opening up a little more. And we actually start talking a lot more which is good. He's a really goood guy and fun to teach with, but he is really quiet. We still haven't gotten in a fight yet and I found out his weakness yesterday he doesn't like to call members to do things for us. Good thing I love to talk to members, so I'll work on him with that haha.
What are some of your spiritual moments ?
We had a lesson with Pete and the Spirit was so strong the whole time we were there. He says we have a glow and some times he could even see wings on us haha its pretty awesome and he is a Golden Investigator. The spirit is always so strong when we talk with him and it is so comforting.
I also feel the spirit every morning when I read the Book of Mormon and the spirit confirms to me that this church is true and that the Book of Momon is true too. I love serving.
Funniest moments?
Well i got to see My Daddy Elder Beard haha. The district leaders and the zone leaders all had a meeting together and when I saw elder beard we both screamed and gave each other huge hugs and Pres. Beck was like and now that is good companionship unity. It was pretty funny.
Best and worst food? Are you eating better?
Pete made us some cactus and pork stuff which was very interesting and good at the same time. But there is a taco truck in our area and it's owned by some members, so we get free tacos and food. And they reminded me a lot like the ones we have back at home. Yeah I'm eating better. thanks for the bars haha

Investigators and their progress?
Pete: Is solid. He came to church and we visit with him like 4 times a week and he is getting baptized on the 22nd. Awesome.
Terry: we taught her lesson 1 and she came to church and she is doing really well. Haven't yet extended a baptismal date.
Jennifer: She's new her mom is LDS and they came to church and I went up to them and started some small talk and then the mom said they should take the missionary lessons so now they are taking the lessons. Awesome

How are the Wards?
The wards are great and the members are really nice. I really miss Kingswood Park though. Our ward Mission leaders are way nice and really funny.
I love you and thank you for everything,

Elder Anderson

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!

How's your new area? Where are you?
 My new area is pretty fun and it's an all bike area which is fun in a way haha. I'm in Peoria. We cover the Windrose Park wardand the Peoria ward. My mission leaders are awesome and super nice. My new area is a lot more poor then my last area and I loved my last area. The members were awesome there. But we will see how this area does for me. I know why President sent me to this area cause there was no work being done and my companion said I'm the hardest working missionary he has seen in the area. He has been there for 8 months and his last companion would fake sick a lot and stay in. So we are here to work hard and a lot... meaning all tracting, cause there was no progressing or Investigators in either ward. So were working on that.
How are the wards? The members?
 The Wards seem really nice. The member missionary work in the Peoria ward is really good. And the members are pretty nice. My new companion is really quiet and doesn't really talk much, so we don't really have any member friends like my last area. Oh well. I've only been to one ward so I really don't know much. One of our wards is like middle class the Windrose Park ward and the Peoria ward is like low class really poor.
What's your new pad like? Is it as nice as the other one?
 Our Appartment is pretty ghetto haha We are in the ghetto of Peoria. My last area had nicer apartments, but these will do good. It really sucks though cause its just me and Elder Ward living in a 2 bedroom app. It gets really lonely, causes he's super quiet. 
How's your new companion? Where's he from? What's he like?
 My new Comp is alright definitely not a Elder Beard. I miss elder Beard a lot. Elder Ward is willing to work hard and he doesn't complain which is good. And we work hard. except for the time I got sick on new years eve and threw up and I was also sick on new years, but i still taught Pete our new investigator a lesson and I'll talk about him more later on. So Elder Ward is from Idaho. I just keep getting these Idaho elders hahaha. He's quiet and kinda weird. He didn't play sports in high school. But is willing to work hard and he is a good missionary.
What's it like being a district leader? 
 Its pretty crazy. I was so shocked when I got the call from President Beck, but its pretty fun. There's a lot more stress and I have to earn the respect from the Missionaries in my District, but that will all come over time and hard work. Our first district meeting was really stressful, but it went really well and I think my District likes me. Its weird being the youngest yet being in charge of everyone. Its fun though.  I really get to see how the mission works and see what the missionaries need to improve. I also get to do Baptismal Interviews which I am pumped for, so far District leader has been really fun. 
Any new investigators?
 Yeah, we have 4 new Investigators, but only 1 is solid. His name is Pete Orora. HE IS AWESOME! We tracted into him on Thursday and set up a return date for Saturday. He is golden. We had like a 3 hour lesson on Saturday 1/1/11. And he cooked us some authentic Mexican food like cactus and red rice but I wasn't feeling good, so i took some home. I committed him to Baptism and he is going to be baptized on the 22nd. I'm so pumped for him. He came to church on Sunday and bore his testimony about us coming to his door and how he was praying to find a church to visit and get his life in order. He is in his 40's. I love teaching him he has some crazy stories about being in a gang in Chicago and crazy stuff. He is a super nice guy and awesome. We will continue to meet with him and he is going to teach us some fighting moves hahah I love him. 
Any other news?
 Well on the way to District meeting it snowed on us as we were biking haha its crazy. So I need to buy more sweaters at Goodwill. This week has been really good. And I really have felt the power of prayer in these last couple of days and I know that this church is true. I love you and thank you some much for everything.

Elder Anderson