Sunday, February 5, 2012

snowman picture!

remember to write Elder Anderson and keep him in your prayers! 

January 30, 2012

So how was your week? Busy?So this week was just awesome! We set some more Baptismal Dates. Were being so blessed. I love it. We are getting so many people that are just falling into our hands. I'm glad I'm with Elder Nelson cause I think one of the reasons were getting so blessed is because we get along so well, and the members notice.
So we set a date with Nick (member of Ysa) Nick is way cool and he served his mission is colorado. He knows how it is done. Anyways We are teaching is girlfriends and we just set a Baptism Date with her for the 18th of Feb. She is so cool and fun to teach. The moment Nick told her about the word of wisdom she quit coffee and she works at starbucks. Big DEAL. So that was super exciting, but the high light of the week was Definitely Wayne Bolls baptism. I loved ever min. of it. Wayne Boll is truly the man. His Baptism was full of the spirit. So Cool story about Wayne Boll. So he loves to go to like every sporting event in prescott and he knows like ever player on the Basketball team and Volleyball team. So Brother Anderson who has like 6 daughters and they all played Volleyball really well. Wayne Boll and brother Anderson have been friends for like 25 years. So when Brother Anderson was sharing his testimony he said something like this. So i have Know Wayne Boll for a very long time now. And Just about a month ago WAyne was over at our house and My Daughter Jordan Invited him out to church with us. Brother Anderson said I never thought to invite wayne to church before but he proudly excepted the Invitation. He liked it so much that he wanted to learn more. So my daught introduced him to the missionaries. The Missionaires met with him once and gave me a call saying Wayne Boll is going to be baptized on the 28th of Feb. So he went on saying. If only I would have Invited him to church 20 years ago he could have received so many more blessing. Then he asked for forgiveness. So Mom and Dad all it takes is an invitation to church to change the life of one of your friends. It was such a cool experience cause it is so true. All it takes is a simple Invite. You just need to muster up the strength to do. Just 20 seconds can change the life of one of your friends for ever.
So this week was just great! We have been so blessed. We were so busy that we hardly got to eat dinner on some of the nights cause we had back to back teaching appt. We are also teaching this Girl i high school. So cool cause her friend is a member and she was baptized a year ago. And Carly asked the member if she could come to church with her. Now she has a Baptism Date for the 25th of Feb. She is super solid too. I love it when members do missionary work cause there friends are way solid and already know so much about the church.  Any exciting stories?Yeah I caught a Goat hahh The Prongers have some Goats so we took some pictures catching them. It was way fun and Super funny. We have some good videos as well. Elder Nelson and I Have to much fun catching Animals haha.
We went mountain biking up thumb butte. It was pretty intense and way fun. Elder Nelson almost fell way hard haah It was super funny.
Other then that We are doing super well and we have yet to go to Olive Garden for our date together. get Some away time haah. Thank you so much for the gift card. Once we have break from lessons we will get there. We have just been way busy. pdays are really nice. 
How's your zone doing? How many missionaries are in your zone?
Our Zone is doing awesome, were going to have a record breaking month for baptism in Feb. Were looking at 18-20 baptisms. Almost all the missionaries in our zone have a date. It's so awesome. There are 14 missionaries in our zone. its' pretty small, i like it that way though.
How many districts are in your zone? How many missionaries are in a district?There are 2 districts in our zone. The Prescott one has 8 missionaries and the prescott valley one has 6. We have the sisters in our District. It's pretty nice they keep the crude missionaries in line.

Have you been well, have you had the bad cough and cold that's going around? 
I've been in really good health. So I'm good.
Do you need any warm clothes or anything else?

No It's actually really nice here right now. Sunny and about 60 deg.  The weather is great!
Thank you so much for all that you do. I love you a ton! thank you for all the prayers and Support you are the best! Love you.
P.s. Dad I'm waiting for my letter this month hahah

January 23, 2012

So tell be about your week.
So this week was absolutely awesome! I Loved it so much. Elder Nelson and I are working super hard and extending baptism dates like crazy. I love being out here. Seriously life is so much happier when your baptizing. The AP's asked how were baptizing so much and we just said " Cause its fun, its fun to baptize so we do" hahah Kinda smart allelic but it was funny. Then we requested to be the next AP's it was way funny. We love to kiss up so we won't get the spot. It would be the worst to be an AP's they never get to baptize haha.
So this week we had some amazing things happen and Miracles. It was a week of Greatness! Except one bad thing happened, there is opposition in all things though. I'll leave the bad for the end.
So the best thing that happened was James Smith Baptism it was the best. Man that guy is so solid. His friend who is a member of the church came done for his baptism. They were friends all through out high school and James Friend is the reason why he was baptized. It was so cool to hear his testimony after on the story of his friend and the church. It reminded me a ton of all my friends that are not part of the church. That will join when they hear about the gospel. i can't wait. The spirit was so strong in his baptism too. We had 2 investigators there that now what to be baptized. So we are pumped!
So church was awesome! Bill Stinnett blessed the Sacrament. He was Baptized on Christmas day and now Blessing the Sacrament. He is so solid. I love him so much. He told us the way he shares the gospel. So he goes to starbucks like everyday to meet with his friends or to have some Apple cider that I talked him in to. So he Sits down and puts the Book of Mormon on the end of the table so people will spark up conversations with him. I can't wait to be a member Missionary, it's going to be so much fun. We also had Bill come to a lesson with one of our Investigators, it went so well and now they are best friends. Bill Bore solid testimony on the gospel. I love him.
I love how all our recent Converts are super solid. Cameron and Bill have the Priesthood and come to lessons with us.

How are your new missionaries?
Our Missionaries are so awesome. I love them a ton! 
Your scheduled baptisms?So as of right now we have 7 people with a Baptism date. Our area is kicking butt. And the lord is blessing us so much. The Mom and her twins are the coolest people ever. The Twin girls are so cute and way funny. There so much fun to teach cause they ask way good questions. I just love Prescott so much. Life is Good!
Any new investigators?yeah we receive referrals like every week. I love the members here cause they do missionary work.
Coolest referral ever, so her name is Kim Nighelli she is so awesome. he took the lessons 2 years ago and had a date and everything but she bailed 3 days before her baptism. Now she found us and wants to be baptized. She told use that she has been praying for a month and wants to be baptized. So that was awesome! SHE HAS A QUAD SCRIPTURES ALREADY.  So we don't really know what to teach her cause she knows everything. I love it. 
Cool stories?So Cool story, So We were doing stake Reports and Writing out James Program in the church on computers and the weather was bad. So Right has I was about to print and save the power went out. Mean while Wayne Boll was being interviewed so we went out there. I sat down and said i Silent Prayer for the power to come on so we can have the baptism program ready for the night. Right when I said Amen the power turned on. It was a miracle. The Scriptures are true when it says "Ask and ye shall receive" I love it. 
So the bad news, My Gps was stolen and they also stole my gum that you gave me. It was funny cause my wallet and ray bans were just sitting right there. So yeah that was kinda a bummer.
I love you a ton thank you so much!

December 19, 2011

I'm soooo excited to get to talk to you on Christmas!
What time will you be calling?
Yeah I'm way excited to call. Last time I cried right when I heard Chads voice cause he actually sounded like a man. weird huh. So we will be calling around 2 or 3. Its going to be funn. I'm bummed that the whole family wont be together the whole time. Oh well I'll just give ash a call after. 
Skpe? Did you ask your mission pres?No Skype sorry hahah I like the traditional way. 

I just looked at all the photos from Sister Taylor on her blog. They were great fun!
Loved the snowman in the truck!
Your looking good! lost some weight!
Yeah it was a hit. All the missionaries that have been in the valley there whole missions loved it. Our snow man was awesome. Sister Taylor loved it.
Yes I have lost some weight, ever since Captain crossfit. I played Racquet ball this morning. I'm ready to play Dad and beat him! 

How's Bill doing? Ready for the baptism on Christmas eve?
Bill is aweosme! He is now getting Baptized on Christmas right after sacrament. So we are having a WHITE Christmas.
We had such a good lesson with him this week. We went over the Baptism process and just solidified the Date. He is so solid now! His Testimony has grown so much Lately. He said " I just put my dealings and Struggles in Gods hand and everything just clears up" I love how he recognizes that the spirit is working in his life. Many of the people we teach don't realize it. Bill is just solid and we are super happy for him. 

Any other baptism news?
YES! Elder Nelson and I are really working hard to baptize weekly. Its going to happen to. we have another Baptism on Christmas as well. Her name is kylie she is a Miracle. So Shes not getting baptized in our ward. So She is Brother Rosencrans cousin. Kylie is 13 years old and has been through a lot in her life. Very Rough. So we saw her at the Rosencrans before they were getting baptized and she Sat in on the lesson. At first she hated us. Wouldn't even shake our hand. Then we started to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she felt the spirit for sure. At the end we were just messing around and Inviting her to be baptized. We invited her to the Rosencrans Baptism and she came. At the Baptism she said that she wanted to be baptized. Bishop Tenney who is the MAN! Invited her to be baptized. It was way cool. So Elder Nelson is going to baptize her on Christmas Eve actually. So cool! Miracles do happen.
So we have 3 baptisms planned for January.
James he's in the Ysa and Referred himself. He is so legit! Right now he's in Reno back at home. He even went to church there. So SOLID. His Family are not members so I hope that he Converts them. I love this guy.
Then we had a really good lesson with John and Carol. we watched the Prophet of the restoration. It was so good. They Both Believe that Joseph smith is a prophet so we invited them to be baptized. They said YES. So there planned to get baptized on the  14th. we are pumped! I love this work ! It is so great. I love really do love it out here and I learn something new everyday. I understand the gospel and our plan so much more  now. 

I also want to send something to the couple that you live with? See's candy? What do they like?
Well there really Old. The husband is Diabetic. So i don't know. you can think of something. 
Any ideas for your Mission Pres Family?Just send a Christmas card or something haha

Is there anything else you would like for Christmas? 
For the Mormon messages you can buy a video set at Deseret book or something. And can you Down load the New Prophet or the restoration off of
Hansen sause pls. and Am i getting Christmas Pj's? 
Are all your missionaries getting what they need? Or do they need a secret santa GIFT?
Let me know!
All the missionaries are pretty well of in our Zone thank you though. .

Anything else happening?
YEAH, I went the temple on weds. It was So great! I loved every min of it. I can't wait to go more Often when I get home cause the Guidance I receive in there is like nothing else. I understood it so much better, this time going. I love the temple so much! I can't even put my love for it in words. It's just the best. Every time I go i put Justin Andersons name in the Prayer role, I love that guy and I want whats best for him. I hope he is doing well. Anyways yeah it was Amazing!
On Sunday Cameron Blessed the Sacrament It was so cool! He is such a Great Member and Priesthood holder.
Our Homeless friend Austin Came to Ysa out of the Blue. It was so Awesome. He is so lost and confused. The Gospel will help him so much! He said " I cant be here, there is way to much peace" He was wigging out. But he stayed and Loved it. That was another Miracle!  

Please answer all these questions, even if it takes more time! I really need to mail these cards and gifts.
thats my Companions Moms email. He is my fav!
I dont have any Addresses I'm sorry. 
Let me know if there's another family you want me to send something too.
Are you going anywhere else on Christmas Day?
Just the Doyles and the Prongers right now :)
I love you a ton and have a great Christmas I will talk to you then. Love you ! 

December 12, 2011

How are you?So this week went really. One of the best Sundays of my mission. It was just great! We got 2 referrals and we taught 2 families. I love getting referrals, There like gimme baptisms and it shows that the members trust you and are also doing missionary work. Also we had 6 investigators at church. It was just a wonderful day. We also got a pretty solid new investigator! And we set a date for jan 21 for James. James is the great and so solid.
So our lesson with James this week was one to remember for the rest of my life. So the day before our lesson, I gave him the restoration Pamphlet and told him that he was going to teach us the lesson the next day. So the next day comes around. We had cameron(recent convert) come to the lesson with us. So we started with a prayer and gave the floor to James and Cameron to teach us the lesson. They did so well and even asked us Inspired Questions and Committed us to be baptized. It was so awesome! The best part by far was when James said the First Vision, the Spirit entered the room so strongly. It was by far one of the best lessons and we didn't even have to teach it. Those guys taught better then some missionaries out in the field it was so awesome.
So this week was really good and really spirit filled.
Another Cool thing that happened on Sunday, was watching Cameron passing the sacrament. There is just something about watching your recent Converts perform there priesthood duties. I love it. I love being a puppet for the Lord.
Oh and I forget this. There was also 2 missionary Home coming talks and 1 farewell talk, they were all so great. I hope that my talk will be good and that every one will feel the spirit. Max leaves on his misson in 12 days Its crazy! His farewell talk was really good though. he talked about his conversion, he converted only 2 years ago. So awesome that he is going on a mission now!
Did you get any packages?I Only got the Camera and thank you so much. It was way weird that I lost my camera and you wanted to buy me one. Crazy stuff! I'll be sure to take some good photos this Christmas! and yes we are making a Christmas card! You will get one:) 
Sorry about the letter mix up. What time are you online now?About 10 or 11 is when we start.

That's great news about Bill!! Christmas Eve white Baptism! Maybe it will snow too!
Yeah were way happy for him. we had a lesson with him at the Anderson's home. The Anderson's are awesome. brother Anderson is a big hunter and they have horses and tons of animals. We had Quail and Pork chops and Halibut for dinner. There pretty well off. He is a former stake President. The lesson was great! We taught about the spirit and how to feel it. And might i say the Spirit was very strong in there home. Brother Anderson is going to baptize Bill.
I want to give dad a commit to fellowship and baptize someone by the time I come home. No it is not impossible you just need to have faith. which equals you must work for it. 

When do you get to go to the temple lights? Maybe the Weinburger's might bump into you.
We go to the lights on the 14th ! I'm so excited to go to the temple. I understand it so much more now. I'm Pumped!

Are you spending Christmas with the Doyle's? If so I would like to send them some gifts. What would they like?
YES, I dont know what they would want. I dont know what English people like. Give them something from the beach ahah

What else do you want for Christmas?
Mormon messages Dvd's pls for my Investigators
Thank you so much for everything and I love you a ton. 

December 5, 2011

So I didn't any mail from you. That's kinda a bummer. 
Anyways this week went really well. Of course it snowed again, 4 days straight. So we are going to have a zone Snowball fight today. I'm way excited.
OH really good news. Bill has a baptism Date for the 24th and confirmed on christmas. I'm so pumped for him. I seriously love that man. We had a super Spiritual packed lesson and watched a video on the Apostasy. Something really cool. The whole morning before the lesson and Kept feeling that we should watch that video and not finish the lesson we started the week before. So I told elder Nelson and he said that's sorta what I was feeling as well. So we watched the video and It is one of my favorite videos. After Bill was feeling the spirit so strongly and He couldn't say no to baptism. He said " I don't know why I feel this way but there is really no excuse not to be baptized" The Spirit was Just taking over the lesson and he could not deny it. So there was a long little pause and then he said " I want to be baptized on the 24th and confirmed on Christmas". So I guess we would say that's ok. WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!! I love it when your Investigators commit themselves. 
Another Cool experience that happen this week.  We got a Referral from the media. This guys name is James and he goes to Embry Riddle the College. He's in Ysa. So I gave him a call and he wanted to meet up with us. So we met in the library there. He is way solid. He wants and church that is true and has a good foundation for the family. He is only a freshman and Has great Ideas for the future. So we taught him about the BoM and prayer..ect. That was on Friday and he also wanted to meet on Saturday so we gave him a church tour. Oh by the way the day before we gave him a reading assignment to read 3nephi 11. So we ask him how is reading went on Saturday. He said " Oh it was good, I read the chapter you gave me and then i decided I would really all of 3 nephi and then I had some time so I read 1 nephi as well" He said he was reading for almost 8 hrs straight and couldn't let go of the book. He is so solid. I asked him " So do you believe the BoM is true" he said YES. Then we committed him to be baptized he said Yes. But he is leaving town for the holidays. So he will be baptized in January.
This week was just great!!!!!
I loved every min of it. I'm learning how to drive in the snow too:)
Oh by the way other day in Captain Cross fit we did: 80 pullups, 160 real pushups, and 240 air squats. It was so hard!
Can you send me a journal? nice one
By the way I think I lost my camera and it had the big memory card in it. I only lost a couple pictures but i can just get them from Nelson. So a new camera for Christmas would be nice haha
I love you a ton and I hope you have a great Day and Holiday. 
Elder Anderson