Sunday, May 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

How are you doing?I'm doing great this week was really kinda weird. I didn't tell you last week but we have 2 new wards in prescott now. So for right now were confused on what wards we will be covering. We are going to lose some of our Investigators with Baptism dates. So that's a little sad. This Sunday will be interesting, I think we are going to go Ward Hoping! So that will be fun. It's wild and a little stressful. Hopefully there will be some new missionaries here this next week, otherwise we will be covering 4 wards which will be very hard. It's pretty nice being a zone leader at this time cause we will get to pick what wards we want to cover.
So other then the big changes in prescott life is good up here. We are really enjoying it and the work is so good. We had some really funny lessons this week to that I will talk about later in the email haha. So what's new with you?So the best thing happened yesterday. KYLE PRONGER has a baptism date. We are so pumped! He is getting baptized on the 25th. So solid, then there family can be sealed in the temple. I'm so excited for the Pronger family. They are on of my favorite families out here in prescott. I'm really hoping that Elder Nelson or I don't get transferred this next week. We are a little nervous. I would miss a lot of good Baptisms and the people here. I Absolutely love it here.
We also got a couple new Investigators at Embry Riddle for the Ysa ward. The Ysa ward is doing super well. The goal for the ward is 35 baptism for the ward. Which is a lot but they are going to pass it up. I'm so pumped and our Ward mission leader is so solid! James our recent convert found us someone to teach and she has already read the Book of Mormon so we are way pumped to teach her. Her name is Kelsey and she is super smart ahah. Everyone on that campus is smarter then us. It's Great.
So we had a lesson with Karli she is 16 yrs old and we taught her the word of wisdom and Chasity. It was way funny cause her best friend who was baptized like 2 years ago, had a problem with Coffee so they both Promised to us that they would quit! Karli is getting baptized on the 25th of Feb. She is awesome. Her parents gave her approval as well. So the funny story to the lesson. We were teaching Chasity and lesson turns to me and says " so Anderson has a really funny way to teach what is the appropriate way to kiss" So we went through how dad taught me. There is the Prune, peaches, and Alfalfa. It was pretty funny. Thank you Dad for teaching me that, I never knew that it would come in handy on my mission haha.  
Baptism's? YEAH Kim got baptized! She is so awesome. Definitely the easiest person I have ever taught. Everyone in the yas is just super solid and refer themselves. Kim's baptism went really well. Our Elders Quorum president Baptized her and he messed up twice on the prayer it was funny. Then when he finally got to baptizing her, she didn't go all the way under. So she was baptized twice. Her face after the second one was priceless. She had the biggest smile and was just so happy. It was really cool cause she said that she didn't feel that it was done right when she was dunked the first time. She kicked her feet up cause Trevor dunked her to fast. The Second time was perfect! I love going to baptism so much they are the best! Then After Elder Nelson and I went on a date to get shakes. It's a little tradition of mine to celebrate after every baptism. With Baptizing weekly we are running out of money haha but that's a good thing.  
Do you ever help get the inactives back?Yeah we help with Less Actives, not very much but we work with them to get to there friends. Less active members are either jerks or are way funny. So there pretty fun to teach.
How's Elder Nelson?Elder Nelson is the man. I love the guy. You will def. get to see him after the mission. He's doing super well, why do you ask?
Our companionship is going great!Is he going home the same time as you?He's going home earlier for School. but we came out at the same time.

Any news on transfers?
We won't find out till next week on Tuesday.
Do you need anything?Naw I'm good! Thank you for all that you do. YOUR THE BEST! 

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