Sunday, May 13, 2012


Because today is Mothers day we get the opportunity to talk him!!! Only a little over four months til we see him again!!!

April 30, 2012

How are you? Do you need any short sleeved shirts?
This week was pretty wild. I got bed bugs hahah. Yup they are feeding
on my blodd every night ha. It is pretty wild and scary. I guess the
missionary before me brought them into the house, so they did a super
deep clean but didnt get all the bugs out. So I'm currently the host
or dinner for my little friends. I have bites all over my arms and
legs, its great. Well while we are on the subject of bed bugs. We
helped someone move on saturday. They lived in a very poor apt complex
it's called 3333 the hood. Anyways as we were taking apart the bed, a
bed bug clawed on to my hand it freaked me out. So we looked under the
bed and there was like 100's of them. So I refused to touch the bed
haha. Then in the same move we were moving a table like there dinner
table and a cockroach clawed out of one of the cracks and I hate
cockroaches they freak me out. I'm just a little girl when it comes to
cockroaches and bedbugs, even though I'm getting eaten alive haha.
It's all about the exprience though. This week was super good in the
missionary work area. We had a baptism YES Maria got baptized I'll
send you a picture. Her baptism was Great! We found a couple new
investigators. Hopefully we will start teaching this black family that
we found tracting. I love tracting here, we run into so many cool
people and they are all humble.
We had a pretty cool exprience tracting. So the zone leaders went on
exchanges with us fro like 3 hrs to tract in our area and what not. We
went out and I forgot my bike lock and we didnt have a phone or keys.
So we got into the church and dropped our bikes off there, then
proceded to got tracting. We were tracting on butler and I wasn't
really feeling that street. So we stopped and said a prayer, we asked
where heavenly father wanted us to be. I then opened my planner and
saw the street that we needed to go to. So we went there and the first
door we knocked on was a mexican family that spoke perfect english.
The Husband Junior was covered in tatoos, they had 2 kids and really
needed a prayer. So we had a prayer with them and they invited us back
to teach them this week. They are also neighbors of a member.Because
Junior had a ton tatoos and looked way rough the neighbor wouldn't
really talk to him. You can't assume people will not be interested in
the gospel just because of there outer apperence. I hate it when
members of the chruch judge and assume. I learned a very good lesson
that day on not judging and assuming. I promised in my prayer that I
would work my hardest not to assume that the people we talk to or see,
will not be interested in the gospel. So we talk to everyone we see. I
love it! The blessings come so fast when you just work hard and stick
your mind to the work. I love it.
We found a couple new people from just talking to everyone in the
street. Marilyn and her son Preston who is 8. they came to a church
tour with us. They both loved the church and we are going to start
teaching them. She has tatoos all down her arms and she was really
worried about being judged at church. I could say that no would say
anything cause the members love to judge for some reason. We are all
children of our father in heaven. I dont it just really bothers me how
judemental the members are. We have some really cool people we are
teaching though. I love it here so much!

Sounds like your area is one that all Missionary Mom's love. Ha Ha
How are your investigators? Any new ones?
They are doing great. I kinda told you about them in the beginning of
my letter. We are starting to teach more part member families and a
lady from Croasia I dont know how to spell the country. She is
European and way cool.
How's Maria, Corina and Bryan? Sounds like they are pretty golden!!!
Maria is so solid. Her baptism was awesome. She has such an awesome
spirit about her andis such a hard worker. Maria is truly one of the
elect. She was Preapred by our father in heaven and sent to us. I love
her a ton. Her smile after the baptism was Priceless. I love there
reaction after baptism.
Corinna and her Daughter Georgianna are getting baptized on the 19th
of may! I'm, so excited for them. They both came to church this past
sunday. I love them.
Bryan is set to get baptized on the 12th of May. He is such a great
guy and feels the spirit so much more in his life now. He said that he
was a lot happier now. His wife and can see the dufference as well. He
has made a lot of changes.

I got the nicest letter from the Denee Heeter. I sent it to you. Can't
get any better than that!!!
I didnt get the letter. She is so awesome. We went out to dinner with them.

What else is happening? When's next transfer? Is your companion doing
well?  Are they going to have you be a Trainer in the same area?
I will most likey be training in this area after this transfer. It
ends on the 15th of may.

My computer is acting up and I have to go to an appointment. I will
write more when I get back. You have been sending your emails latter,
so maybe I can get a few more words in.

Do you need anything? Air conditioner? HA HA
hahh I'm good so far. the heat is coming early though!
I'm still waitng fro my letter from Dad
I love you so much!

April 22, 2012

.So this week was really fun! I Love my new area it is so awesome and
there are so many different races here. We are teaching acouple
Africans like Straight up african, They barely speak english so it is
a little hard to understand them but they are way cool. We are also
teaching a black man from Japan hah HE is super cool has well. We meet
a lot of people from off the street. I love talking to complete
strangers on the street. Just talking to them letting them know that
there father in heaven loves them and just being real with them is the
best. There are so many missionaries that go into robot mode when
really if you want to teach a lot of people just share your
personality. It's the best way. So yeah this week was awesome! I  had
the most spiritual lesson of my life as well, I'll tell you more about
it later on in the email.
How are things going with Elder Harlin?
Harline and I get along pretty well. We are both pretty laid back and
not really that opinionated. I really just try my hardest to be an
example to him and have fun with the work. He is doing great! He is  a
spiritual gaint, he just cant seem to talk that well with people. I
love him.
Great to hear about Blake and Maria? Everything going as planned?
BLAKE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! It was so much fun. The advisery really
worked hard on him his last couple days. He got really mad at his best
friend and cussed him out and said that he didn't want to get baptized
any more. That was thursday night. We went over there friday after
school and talked to him, he said that he was just mad and said it out
of anger. So he agreed to still get baptized. His friend came when we
were there and I talked to both of them and they said there sorries.
Now they are still best friends. So the baptism, I love baptisms and I
got to wear a jumpsuit:) The feeling after baptizing someone is un
describable. Blake was so happy after his baptism. He got up a bore
his testimony on how happy he was and how he felt it was so awesome.
He is going to make a great missionary some day.
Maria is Great! He is getting baptized this week. She is really one of
the most hard working ladies I know. She has such a spirit about her.
Her Accent is way cool to. She got interviewed on saturday and passed.
I'm way excited for this baptism it is going to be great.
How about Corinna and Bryan?
Corinna is awesome. Hr Daughter moved in with her and we taught them
both the first lesson. They are palnning on getting baptized in late
May. That was way exciting! I lvoe teaching Navajos theya re just so
humble and submissive.
Bryan, We had the coolest and most spiritual lesson ever with Bryan.
So a little back round on Bryan He hated God for so long anf wanted
nothing to do with him up in till about 3 months ago. So we started
the lessona dn asked him how his reading is and what not. The membre
we brought with us is a convert, so Bryan asked him why he joined the
church. So it turned out that the member has a very similar story to
Byrans. Bryan told us some of his concerns and started to cry. We then
had him read in D&C 18 where is talks about the worth of souls in
great in the sight of god. We talked about that for a little bit. Then
Harline felt prompted to read Alma 36 17-21, we had Bryan read it
Right in the middle of verse 17 he started to cry more, then cont. to
cry through out the verses. After he was done reading he said " Im
done fighting God, I'm Done" She said he felt so much pain as he read
those verses all the walls he put up broke down. HE left to the
bathroom and I'm pretty sure he was praying. we then talked about
repentance and read in Enos he cried again, Now this isn't a guy that
cries all the time, he a tough man. He then said that he would come to
church, He hasn't been in a church for ever, cause of his hatred. He
Did come by the way. Bryan said that he would do anything thing and
said that he was done fighting. So I invited him to be baptized, He
said YES (crying), then I extended a date for may 12th he said YES. It
was such an awesome lesson and I learned so much from it. I love how
th spirit just works in side of people. The Spirit truly did touch the
heart of Bryan, so mucht hat it broke down every wall that he had up
against God. He knew it to. I love this Gospel so much!
That is so cool that you saw the Heeter's at Stake Conf. I can't wait
to meet them!
So your really close to your 2nd area? Have you seen anyone else from
I still write the Brown family an email every once in awhile. I see
Brother Crouse at transfer meetings as well.
What else happened this week?
I got to carry a dead body, Pretty crazy huh. We carried it into the
church for a funeral, then we put it down and they openned it up, that
was a little wierd.
Harline got his bike stolen out of the church building. Pretty wild,
they didn;t take my bike though. That was tough cause that was right
after our lesson with Bryan, talk about opposition in all things.
oh  missionary in our zone ran into a parked car and broke his bike,
He is way funny and Chubby, Elder Stott.
Do you need anything?
Not right now, I'm doing good. It was a 105 yesterday already!
How are your shoes holding up?
GOOD! they have some holes but Im going to run them into  the ground.
Did you ever get some workout shoes? Are you playing a lot of Bball?
not yet Im going to look for some today. Yeah we play alot of bball
Did you get your Easter package?
yes thank you so much!
I love you a ton!
Elder Anderson

April 16, 2012

 How are you acclimating to the hot weather, the area, your ward, your new comp?
 So the weather is pretty awesome. Im getting some pretty sweet tan
 lines already. It is going to be wild by the end of summer. The
 weather isn't that bad right now though.
 The Area is Great! I love it so much. We live in the humble part of
 phoenix. Some of the apartment buildings are way scary to go into but
 so much fun. This area has so much potential to do great things and we
 are going to do great things. I'm way excited. we got a couple more
 investigators and some more with baptismal dates.I love it.
 The ward is pretty cool. They are all for mission work. Last year I
 think they had 26 convert baptisms. We have some really great ward
 members and leaders. Our WML is way cool and on top of things. A
 couple of the little girls have crushes on me it's pretty funny and
 cute hah. I just tell them to bring there friends to church so
 hopefully they will. ha
 My companion is Great. Elder Harline is really a great guy, he's just
 a little awkward some times but thats fine. I've never had a comp.
 that I couldn't get along with. We are going to do work and get things
 done for the time that we are together.

 How are your baptism dates with Blake and Maria?
 Blake has asked me to baptize him. So that is going to be awesome. I
 was pretty surprised when he asked me. He is such a cool kid and I'm
 so happy for him and love him. He has such a strong testimony of the
 savior, I was never thinking the way he does when i was his age. It's
 amazing how the gospel just clicks for some people and others it takes
 18 years for it to click and they had to be brought up in it like me
 haha. Blake is the MAN!.
 Maria's baptsm got changed to the 28th now. She is so cool! SHe prayed
 in Hungarian in our last lesson. It is so cool to hear another
 language. Our lesson was pretty cool we taught about the Atonement and
 the restoration. She is an awesome lady and sacrifes so much to be
 We set 2 more dates.
 Corinna she has an awesome story that i should have told last week. So
 my first night in the area we went contacting. Elder Harline didn't
 like to talk to everyone but I love to. So he would ride by people
 then would talk to them. So we ran into Corinna in the middle of the
 road. I felt prompted to ask her if we can pray with her. She Said "
 Yes I need a prayer right now, I'm way stressed thats why I'm walking
 right now." So we had a prayer and then set up a time to come back the
 next day. we taught her a shot lesson the next day and she said that
 you guys are sent by God. I know that it was not just luck that we ran
 into my first day. The spirit was guiding us and her. So we taught her
 just this past week and she accepted to be baptized on the 5th of may!
 I'm so happy for her and the step that she is making. I know that it
 will really bless her life. See it just clicks with others, I love it.
 Mary is our other date. She is truly awesome and elect. She is a
 referral from a member who happens to be her nieghbor. Cool stuff. WE
 had a church tour with her and she felt the spirit so strong that we
 just set a date with her right there. I love how easy it is to do
 missionary work when the spirit is with you.

 How are your ward members and ward mission leader? They released me
 from Relief soc activities leader w Erin Blake and put me in as Dad's
 assistant ward missionary. I'm going to be making sure our sisters are
 fed and start doing monthly ward missionary activities to bring friends to. Any
 I'm not to sure. You could have our neighbors over and invite the missionaries.

 Where did you get your cool pass a long cards?
 Our mission is the best therefore we get the best stuff haha

 Were you doing okay last Wed and Thurs? I was more worried about you
 for some reason. Everything okay? You safe? Sorry sometimes Mom's get
 these crazy promptings.
 Yeah everything is going great! Thats kinda crazy you had that
 prompting though cause we had a lesson with Greg, he was really drunk
 and he is black. So anyways he was talking about killing people and I
 felt pretty un safe there. when we said the closing prayer I felt
 completely safe though it was weird. I did keep my eyes open during the
 prayer though. Thank you for your prayers.

 So what else happened this week?
 I me the Heeters at Stake conference Remember them they were the
 family I got to go see get sealed. it was the coolest. They live in
 our stake. So there going to take us out to dinner soon. I love that
 family. Sister Heeter really wants to meet you. She calls me one of
 the Miracle men. Its pretty cool. !
 We had a really cool lesson with one of our new investigators his name
 is Bryan."the man" He is a part member. So we were just shooting the
 bull talking about his life and ours. Then I felt strongly that we
 need to watch a video and it was the talk by Elder Andersen " you dont
 know everything but you know enough" After the video he had tears
 in his eyes and told me " that video struck a cord with me, You are
 hired" haha It was pretty funny but also very spiritual. I was so
 happy to feel that promting and to act upon it. Bryan is so solid and
 we are going to set a baptism date with him this week.

 So this week was really fun. Being in a bike area is the best! We get
 to talk to so many more people. I love you!
 Sorry for all the missed spelled words. I love you so much!

March 26, 2012

Thank you for the pictures they are pretty funny. I haven't gotten the package yet so hopefully it will come today. This week was a lot better then last. I was dying during email last week if you couldn't tell. So I'm going to buy a razor at walmart then, can i get a nice one that won't break on me? Like 100+ dollars? hahah I always feel bad getting expensive things like I still haven't gotteThis week was pretty good. We had quiet a few lessons and we went on 2 exchanges with the missionaries in our zone. Exchanges are pretty fun cause you get to see how other missionaries work. We often get free meals haah for some reason the missionaries love to suck up to us or they just like us, I could never tell. I also learned a new magic trick, it is so awesome, I took a video of it so you can see when I send the card over. I might do that today. 
On one of my Exchanges I was with Elder Hohman he was my MTC companion so that was pretty fun. Elder Hohman is so funny, just the typical red neck for "the ATL" haha he is was funny. So we had a good time and took some funny pictures.

Thank you for the package it was great. I'm wearing one of grandpa's ties right now. I love them!!!

So we didn't have any baptisms but this week we are planning on setting a couple dates. We are teaching a part member family and the little 9 year old wants to get baptized so bad. I love part members cause they are so GOLDEN. Our YSA(singles ward) is taking a little hit right now but we are going to build it back up. I love that ward so much. we have some awesome people there and our recent converts are so legit, they all have callings and love to come to church.

So Ashleigh called last night she is getting baptized in the Williamson valley ward, the ward that we lost in the change. Anyways we were teaching her before and set the date with her. So she asked me if I could give her the Holy Ghost, the only problem is that i could be transferred by then. So I really hope I don't get transferred. Ash is like one of the coolest people ever. Her Husband is way funny too, we have grown really close to them. I even knew them down in Peoria. So it has been a long journey for them. I love them so much though. The baptism is going to be awesome and it's on april fools which makes it even better.

Last night I was struggling a little with my missionary efforts and I prayed for like 30 mins, after I felt so much better. I love the power of the atonement and spiritual strength. The Gospel is so true. I'm so grateful for this church and The blessing that I have received to be born into it. We are all so lucky and we don't even recognize it. I love to think of all the blessing that I have received in life. Count your many blessing is my favorite hymn.

So last P-day we went sledding, It was so much fun. A couple of the Ysa came out, we also had a pretty fun snow ball fight. The hill that we were on ran right in to the street. so it was a little sketch but so much fun. We built a jump as well. which threw a little more fun into it. So that was great.

Well that was our week, it was a little slow but this next week should be pretty fun. I'm looking forward to it. I love you a ton !
I'm still waiting for my letter from Dad.
Thank you so much for all that you do. You are the BEST!!!!!!
Elder Anderson


March 19, 2012

So how was your week?
SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOWSo this week was just GREAT!!! We had a wild weekend! So it snowed like 10 inches saturday night and Sunday It snowed all day. So we have like 18 inches on the ground right now, I love it so much. Missionary work is pretty fun in the snow. People feel bad for us so they invite us into there homes it's great. As for people coming to church sunday morning at 8 we had a total of like 40 people at church all together it was bad. US and the bishopric were the only people on time to church it was quit the experience. As for missionary work in the zone we went down pretty bad this week. Our Investigators are doing great. Thank you for the package Elder Nelson and I wore the ties to church together they are AWESOME! Oh I got to pass at sacrament too. I love passing. I didn't realize how cool it is to pass till I came on my mission. I love being at service for others. The beef sticks are amazing! thank you so much.
We also had an awesome lesson with Ashlee Carpenter, she wanted a blessing from us. We no longer cover her ward but she is one of the coolest people I have ever taught. She has complete flipped around. When we first met she was not interested at all. I actually met her and her husband down in Peoria. They are so cool. I love them a ton. Ash made us the coolest little art picture with scriptures in it. One of the scriptures is Alma 34:41 it is one of my fav and she just picked it out. Anyways she is getting baptized on April Fools we are pumped!
I saw some photos from your Zone training. And the other meeting you talked about with the giving house blessings sounds interesting. Is it working?Yeah It is working super well. Our Missionaries are starting to gain testimonies of it. The neat thing about blessing homes, is that you need to be Obedient to have success otherwise the spirit just won't be with you and you won't have success. We love doing it and you win some and lose some. It's great!!
Any Baptisms or prospects?
e were suppose to have one this weekend but Trevor doesn't feel that he will be ready by then. We have a lesson with him today. So we will set another date with him soon. He is such an awesome guy. We also have another one on the 31st. We tend to get pouched quiet a bit by other missionaries. But we always catch them. Our area is still doing really well but I'm a little nervous about our teaching pool it's thinning out. 
How are your wards?
The Ysa is so awesome. I love that ward so much. We have some great converts in that ward and One of them is going to be engaged soon. We are so pumped for him. It's going to be great! Then there going to get married in the temple a in about a year. Nelson and I are for sure going to that one.
Prescott Heights is a great ward and they cover a lot of the ghetto. So tracting in that ward is great. We run into so many Hippies! and liberals. They all have some crazy ideas. Prescott college is a total hippie college everyone that goes there smokes weed, it's pretty funny. 

When the next transfer? Do you think they will move you? You have had so much success up there, do you think they can make it without you and nelson?
Transfers is on the 6th of April I think. I will prob. get transferred this next one cause I've been here so long. The area will still do great. Elder Nelson is a way good missionary. we'll see what happens though. 

Did you get your razor?
Yes I did thank you!
How was the 18 month celebration?
We went to Golden Corral an all you can eat buffet. Man it was great! We ate so much food and then took a halftime show in the bathroom haah It was so funny. Then we went out for forths. I ate 2 cotton candies! 
I officially love cotton candy it is my favorite. Thank you so much for paying for it. Your the best. I'm starting to gain my weight back :) yayyy! I'm 166lbs right now.  

Did Jeff write you about his call?
Yeah He wrote me that is so cool! I'm so excited for him. I hope he doesn't get in trouble he is in my prayers Everyday. 

Need anything?
I Don;t think so. Maybe a letter from Dad. He broke his promise.
well I love you all! Thank you so much for everything.

March 12, 2012

Thank you for the pictures they are pretty funny. I haven't gotten the package yet so hopefully it will come today. This week was a lot better then last. I was dying during email last week if you couldn't tell. So I'm going to buy a razor at walmart then, can i get a nice one that won't break on me? Like 100+ dollars? hahah I always feel bad getting expensive things like I still haven't gotten new running shoes yet sorry. I'm just going to run mine into the ground.
Are you feeling better?  
I' am feeling a lot better now! but I still have a runny nose which is no fun. I hate getting sick on my mission it is the worst cause there are so many people that need the message we share and when I'm sick it's tough to get out but we did anyways. I don't ever want to stay in a whole day that would just be miserable. So yeah I'm feeling better this week. Dad still needs to write me a hand written letter, he failed last month, so I'm expecting a little something more then just a letter hahahaha.   .
Did Nelson get sick?
Nelson got sick like the week before I did. So he was good. But i think I got the runny nose from him.

Congrats for Kyle! So their whole family is baptized? Why did it take so long to baptize Kyle? What were the court dates?Yeah his baptism was so awesome! The spirit was strong, there is a different feeling of the spirit at baptisms they are the best! So yeah the whole family is baptized. Kyle took a little longer cause he didn't want to offend his bio mother. He was baptized before in to her church and she said that he is good. So we taught him about the spirit and now he is baptized. He is so pumped to pass the sacrament finally after watching his friends do it for years. Kyle is the man!

What about Carli? How was her baptism?
Karli's baptism was way cool. She spells her name weird. So i didn't tell you last week but I confirmed her the Holy Ghost. It was such a cool experience the spirit totally over came me and I was just being guided in what to say. I love being directed and feeling the spirit work right through me. There is nothing like it. Elder Nelson got to baptize her and yes he did it in the disco suit like a boss. The service was really good, the 2 speakers were high school kids so they were short and sweet and filled with spirit and testimony. Karli bore solid testimony after. Her Parents are not members and the father was not going to come but he showed up and the Mom was in tears. It was so awesome. Hopefully she will come to church with her this Sunday. The Baptism was great!

What happened with the john and carol? aka smokers?
John and Carol are slowly falling away, they didn't come to church this sunday and we weren't able to meet with them. I love them but they need to quit smoking and have faith in the Lord. They're pretty tough.

What else is happening in Prescott? I can't wait to go visit the Prongers, and everyone else.
So this past week we had a big leadership training. Tracy Wattson came to teach us. He is the big guy over the proselyting for missionary work for the world! So he is the MAN. such a smart guy and good with his words. So he taught us a new way to tract. Now we go around a offer blessing on peoples homes and there family. It's a little weird but it works so well. What we do is: We knock on the door then say" Hey we're servants of the lord Jesus Christ and we would like to offer a blessing on your home and family" then they give us a weird look and we say " Its just a prayer for you, it will only take like 3 mins." Then they say ok. Then we get to know them and there struggles and have a prayer with them. They feel the spirit and want to learn more, so we set up a time to meet with them. It is so cool and scary but Fun. We got a couple more people we're teaching from it. So that was exciting. Our mission is doing really great and our zone is one of the highest baptizing zones in the mission. Prescott use to be the worst. Now Prescott kills! 
When is the Temple going to be done?

Not sure yet, Prob in like a year an a half. I'm totally coming back to go through it.
Thank you so much for all that you do. I'm going out to dinner on thursday if that is alright for you. Elder Nelson and i are going to celebrate our 18 month mark together ahahah We like to go on dates.
I love you. 

March 5, 2012

I think it is way funny that Dad got called as the WML. He needs to pick things up. Really a good ward mission leader needs to have a good attitude and be the example for the ward. He is going to do great. I'll give him some advice next week. I'm not feeling to well to really think about stuff.
So this week was really good up in till this past weekend and today. I got really sick on saturday and I haven't been the same since then.  So my email is going to be pretty short cause I'm not feeling to well right now.
Kyles baptism was so awesome. Its so great to see that family get completed. They have had a big impact on my life. The service was so great and the spirit was so strong. I got some good pictures but I left my camera back at home. It was rally neat right when Kyle and his Dad walked into the water brother pronger got really emotional. During the prayer right after he said " And the father" He broke down and started to cry it was so neat and the spirit was so strong. He then finished up the prayer and baptized Kyle. They both left with tears of joy! i cant wait to see them get sealed as a family. There going to talk to the bishop about it soon.
Our Investigators are doing pretty good. Karli is going  to be baptized this weekend which is really exciting. We are pumped. I really hope I get feeling better soon, I hate being sick on my mission it is the worst and It is the only time I get Depressed and what not. Sad story so John and Carol were planning on getting baptized this weekend and they told us they have quit smoking. We were driving around and we saw them driving and Elder Nelson said" Hey Look John and Carol" then they drove by us and Carol was smoking. We both turned to each other and were let down. They lied to us. But were going to work with them some more and hopefully they will be baptized in March some time.
Funny story. So i got sick Saturday morning and was out all day. we have little dvd players so I watched about every church video there is. The sickness I have is the chills and the large Bowel movements. It is no fun! Anyways I went to bed saturday night after taking some meds. I wake up at 3 am to some thing pretty warm in my pants. Yes, I pooped my pants at 3 in the morning. So i went to the bathroom and cleaned up. In the mean time Elder Nelson woke up and said " what are you doing?" I said " nothing dont worry about it" Then he said "tell me" then i preceded to tell him that I pooped my pants. There is a saying in the missionary world that every missionary poops his pants at least once. So yeah that was an unpleasant night. I still dont feel very well. So i hope to get well soon.
Well I've got to head off. I love you all.
Oh is it alright if I buy a Razor? My face is getting cut up from the one i have now and it's dying on me. hahah
I love you some much 

February 27, 2012

It was nice to see your email. I was a little sad at first cause i thought you forgot about me. It came to pass that this week was crazy. Transfer meeting was really fun. Elder Nelson and I got all dressed up, we had the filthiest hair cuts. Mine was a straight back slick back beautiful. I'll have to send you a picture of the beauty. So the meeting got pretty crazy when we stood up and they started to announce the Changes in prescott zone and what Wards we are covering. I'm covering Prescott Heights ward and the YSA. We are no longer in the doyles ward which is sad. We lost the Prongers to but Kyle is getting baptized this friday we are so pumped!! I'll tell you more later. So back to Transfers, President stood up to announce the ward and I swear that he made all the changes up there on the spot. It was crazy. They he called 2 more missionaries to the Prescott zone and another district. So we have 3 districts now and 17 missionaries. It's great!! Our zone is growing and so are the wards. I love it here so much and I'm so glad that i get to stay here.
So Kyle Pronger the coolest kid ever is getting baptized this friday. I have been teaching him ever since I've been here yes just a little over 8 months. Prescott seems to hold it's missionaries. So we had a lesson/ dinner at there home on saturday with the 3 sisters cause we no longer cover there ward. We are still going to the baptism though. No will stop me from going to that. I love that family so much. You will for sure get to meet them. So once Kyle is baptized they are going to the temple to be sealed! I can not wait. I love the temple so much. Some of the best memories of my mission were spent in the Celestial room. Kyle is the man and I love them so much.
So we got another cool date set, For some reason every one wants to get baptized on awesome days. Ashlee is getting baptized on the 1st of April! APRIL FOOLS. We were joking around and she said " yeah I'm going to get into the water and right before zach ( her husband) baptized me, I'm going to run out saying April Fools" we said that would not be cool. In fact i might even cry if you do that. We like to joke around a little bit. Cause my saying is If there is no laugh in the lesson you didnt teach it right. There needs to be a little joking around. Elder Nelson and I do a fine job at it. So yeah ash has made so much progress. At first he wanted nothing to do with the gospel but we began to gain her trust and now she loves it and is reading all the time. She is the coolest but we lost her also in the changing of the wards. Were still going to teach her every once in a while. She got pretty mad when we told her that we aren't her missionaries any more. We'll see her around still and for sure go to her baptism. It's sad that we lost so many of our investigators but it is for the better. This way the sisters have more people to teach and it gives us more time to find people which is the best! We finally have time to tract and what not.
Were teach another Older Gentle man who is Great. He was given to us by the sisters. His name is Don and he is 83 yrs old. He told us " So I want to join the mormon faith, they are just one big family and I need more family in my life" It was so awesome. So I invited him to be baptized and Nelson extended the date for the 24th of March. I love committing people on the first visit that we make with them.

With the whole provo thing that is centuries away. I'm pretty sure I'm going to live with Elder Gooch. Were not sure where though haha. The Block classes sound good. I would like to be home for a little bit and work with Dad but if Could go to school as soon as possible that sounds great.

I'm glad you liked the videos and pictures they are awesome haha. I dont need any copies but if you can send me pictures of the family and what not that would be awesome. maybe one of chad surfing so I can believe it haha.
Need anything?International Stamps, I need to write lance and Mikael and Arvid haha
beef jerky from the ranch pls
Love you tons!!!

February 22,2012

So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Mom I love you so much and will write you a letter today. Maybe even send you some thing cool. I love you a ton.
How was your week?
So this week was pretty wild with the Changes of wards. We don't find out what wards we cover till tomorrow. It's pretty exciting. We are really hoping we get to stay with some of our Recent converts and the people were teaching with dates. It not is going to be fine cause I love helping out other missionaries and boosting up there areas. So many missionaries get depressed cause there not baptizing, so it's always nice giving away some baptisms.
First off this sunday was crazy! We went " ward Shopping" meaning we went to 4 different wards, Yes we were at the chuch for 10 hours on sunday it was great. 8am-5pm and then we had a baptism at 5:30 so we were there till about 7pm. It was a great day. kelseys baptism was so good and she bore such solid testimony. I'll talk about it more later on. Oh in one of our wards there was a talk on gangs it was really funny/false doctrine. Anyways Sunday was a great day.
How's life in Prescott?
Well life is going to be great for the next 6 weeks, I'M STAYING!!! So we are way pumped and on Elder Nelson and I, on our 18th month mark were going on a date to a fancy place. Prescott is so awesome!!! right now the weather is beautiful. We are so pumped to stay together for another transfer. The next Transfer I'm prob going to be gone. So the work in Prescott is going along great. we have 21 people with a date in our zone the most there has ever been in the history of Prescott. So that it exciting. All the missionaries up here are working hard now and inviting people to be baptized it is great. Were getting 2 new missionaries too, we had some trouble maker missionaries but now there both leaving so that is good. We are also getting another sister! A brand new one too. So we are pumped. great things are yet to come in the Prescott zone. We are way pumped! Oh I just found out that we are getting another companionship up here so now we dont have to cover 4 wards. YES that means we are getting a Geenie( new missionary) I cant wait to jock on him hahahaha
Baptisms! Didn't you have a few Scheduled?
So our baptism this week were GREAT!
Kayla was on saturday and her whole family was there. It was so cool the spirit was so strong and now her younger sister who is 14 wants to be baptized. Our new saying is Every Baptism should bring another. So we have our Investigators invite all there friends and family to come. There is such a strong spirit to be felt at a baptism. You should def. go to one, It's like going to the temple, you need to be re boosted with the spirit to cont. on in life. So when we have baptisms it just boosted us up. So Kayla is Nick's gf and Nick seriously baptizes all of our converts it's great. You know who he is cause he is in all the baptism pictures. He is the man. I cant wait to be a member missionary some day but I love the real thing way to much right now. I've been reading a lot about Joseph Smith lately he was such a great Prophet I have such a strong testimony of his story and the revelation that he brought forth. I love reading about him. The gospel is so much fun to read cause you learn something new every time you read. Sorry got off on a little tangent. Anyways kayla' s baptism was so great! i love baptism its what  live for right now. i'm so thankful for the success that we are having in our area. The Lord is really blessing us and our zone!
Kelsey's baptism was way good. we had it right after church on sunday. So many members came to the baptism, the spirit was very strong. her testimony was so perfect. It was the testimony you wish every convert had. She is such a cool girl and has been through a lot in her life. Her father said that he would dis own her if she got baptized, but she could not deny the spirit that she has felt and the truthfulness of the gospel. i love it when people are just prepared to hear the message, all you need to do is just invite them. check out Alma 13:24 it is great. The Angels are totally preparing the people today and tomorrow and forever till the second coming. I love this gospel. It's so easy to share it cause it's so true. We just need to bring the spirit to there heart.

So that is way cool that your hanging out with our neighbors and inviting them to the ranch. Have you invited them to FHE or Church? Your doing great missionary work by leading by example but that wont get them Eternal life unless you invite them to do something that will strength them spiritually.

What else Is up?
So I went to dinner at jenny Townsends brothers house the other day haahh that was a little weird.
Do yo need anything?
Beef jerky from the ranch pls! I miss that stuff a lot. Thank you so much! i love you a ton. Happy birthday again! I'm doing great and losing weight 172 now. Crossfit is really getting me into shape. I love you! 

February 13, 2012

How are you doing?I'm doing great this week was really kinda weird. I didn't tell you last week but we have 2 new wards in prescott now. So for right now were confused on what wards we will be covering. We are going to lose some of our Investigators with Baptism dates. So that's a little sad. This Sunday will be interesting, I think we are going to go Ward Hoping! So that will be fun. It's wild and a little stressful. Hopefully there will be some new missionaries here this next week, otherwise we will be covering 4 wards which will be very hard. It's pretty nice being a zone leader at this time cause we will get to pick what wards we want to cover.
So other then the big changes in prescott life is good up here. We are really enjoying it and the work is so good. We had some really funny lessons this week to that I will talk about later in the email haha. So what's new with you?So the best thing happened yesterday. KYLE PRONGER has a baptism date. We are so pumped! He is getting baptized on the 25th. So solid, then there family can be sealed in the temple. I'm so excited for the Pronger family. They are on of my favorite families out here in prescott. I'm really hoping that Elder Nelson or I don't get transferred this next week. We are a little nervous. I would miss a lot of good Baptisms and the people here. I Absolutely love it here.
We also got a couple new Investigators at Embry Riddle for the Ysa ward. The Ysa ward is doing super well. The goal for the ward is 35 baptism for the ward. Which is a lot but they are going to pass it up. I'm so pumped and our Ward mission leader is so solid! James our recent convert found us someone to teach and she has already read the Book of Mormon so we are way pumped to teach her. Her name is Kelsey and she is super smart ahah. Everyone on that campus is smarter then us. It's Great.
So we had a lesson with Karli she is 16 yrs old and we taught her the word of wisdom and Chasity. It was way funny cause her best friend who was baptized like 2 years ago, had a problem with Coffee so they both Promised to us that they would quit! Karli is getting baptized on the 25th of Feb. She is awesome. Her parents gave her approval as well. So the funny story to the lesson. We were teaching Chasity and lesson turns to me and says " so Anderson has a really funny way to teach what is the appropriate way to kiss" So we went through how dad taught me. There is the Prune, peaches, and Alfalfa. It was pretty funny. Thank you Dad for teaching me that, I never knew that it would come in handy on my mission haha.  
Baptism's? YEAH Kim got baptized! She is so awesome. Definitely the easiest person I have ever taught. Everyone in the yas is just super solid and refer themselves. Kim's baptism went really well. Our Elders Quorum president Baptized her and he messed up twice on the prayer it was funny. Then when he finally got to baptizing her, she didn't go all the way under. So she was baptized twice. Her face after the second one was priceless. She had the biggest smile and was just so happy. It was really cool cause she said that she didn't feel that it was done right when she was dunked the first time. She kicked her feet up cause Trevor dunked her to fast. The Second time was perfect! I love going to baptism so much they are the best! Then After Elder Nelson and I went on a date to get shakes. It's a little tradition of mine to celebrate after every baptism. With Baptizing weekly we are running out of money haha but that's a good thing.  
Do you ever help get the inactives back?Yeah we help with Less Actives, not very much but we work with them to get to there friends. Less active members are either jerks or are way funny. So there pretty fun to teach.
How's Elder Nelson?Elder Nelson is the man. I love the guy. You will def. get to see him after the mission. He's doing super well, why do you ask?
Our companionship is going great!Is he going home the same time as you?He's going home earlier for School. but we came out at the same time.

Any news on transfers?
We won't find out till next week on Tuesday.
Do you need anything?Naw I'm good! Thank you for all that you do. YOUR THE BEST! 

February 6, 2012

How was your week?
So this week went really well. I got the phone call on Tuesday night and it tore me apart at first. We were just driving home from an appt and President called. He told me to pray and to study and I did. It came to me that night as I prayed that Grandpa is much happier now. I love to teach the plan of salvation, so now every time I teach it, I feel grandpa's Presents in the lesson and the spirit is just so strong. my testimony has strengthened so much since then. I know that he is up in the Spirit Paradise just living it up. I'll be so happy to see him some day. At first I asked my self if i would ever see him again but then I realized, What Am I thinking I teach the plan of Salvation everyday of course I will see him again. It was really neat cause the next day we taught the Plan of salvation twice and that morning I read Alma 39, 40, and 41 they are great chapters. I love them. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the answers that it gives. I pray for the Anderson family every day. I really hope grandma is doing well. I love her Dearly. I'm so grateful for wonderful grandparents, Grandpa was a champion for raising Dad the way he did. I'm so grateful for the Example that he was. I love the gospel. 
How are your investigators?Our Investigators are doing so well. I love the people that we are teaching right now. We were at Zone Leader Council and I guess Elder Nelson and I are the highest Baptizing missionaries in the mission right now, It was pretty funny. I have a strong testimony if you just work hard and you get along with your Comp. Your going to be successful. Kim is getting baptized this Saturday and Kayla is the next week and Kelsey is on Sunday. The the only people were teaching in our ysa ward are women haha It's pretty scary. We call them the KKK ( Kim, kelsey kayla) It's way funny and they are all so solid. All have awesome Testimonies! Angie got baptized we taught her an then she moved down to the valley. She got baptized this last week. She was awesome and I'm so glad those other missionaries did things right. We had stake Conf. this sunday. It was so funny to see Wayne Boll and Bill sit with each other. Just 2 old bald converts sitting next to each other. I love those guys so much. They are so awesome and are great missionaries. I love them. Carie and the twins are so awesome. They came to church and the girls are so cute and funny. They Laugh together and say the same things. I love that family they are so awesome! Our teaching pool is so good right now, but were still looking for more. We tracted yesterday on super bowl sunday it was so much fun! Nobody was interested except for a Navajo guy he was way cool. Were going to teach him on Sunday. Oh our area is going to be split. There opening a new ward! Any baptisms planned for my bday on the 21st?we dont have any sorry. we baptize on Saturdays. So we have 3 on the 25th hahah. 
Are transfers soon?transfers are on the 22nd. So there coming up! I really hope that I don't get transferred. We talked to President so I Dont think that we will get changed. Elder Nelson and I are doing to good to get changed. Plus were going to be together till the end of our missions haha. I love the guy.  Thank you for all that you do. I love you so much. I'm doing really good. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love you! I'm glad Justin liked my letter. I love him. Love you