Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos and Letter this Week!

Highlights from Elder Trent Anderson's letter:
The mission is so awesome and thats exciting.
I'm a little jealous you got to see all my friends, I miss those guys a lot.

What was your best experience of the week:
Probably giving this old man a blessing at the hospital. The spirit was so strong.  It was crazy and the man is alright now.
Funniest moment:
Well there's a bunch since my comapnion is like 300 pounds, this old man we were contacting called him fat that was pretty funny.  He also broke his wheel on his bike when he went off a jump, so that was pretty funny too.

Spiritual moment:
Well I pretty much already told you. We have a hospital in our area, so we give a lot of blessings. And commiting brother Heeter to baptism was pretty spiritual. So I have 5 baptisms in the next 30 days.To answer the question about what to say? I just follow the spirit.

Best companion moment:
Well we have a mini b-ball hoop in our apartment so we play horse all the time and he never beats me. so when he won yesterday and did a little dance and totally tripped and fell over, it was way funny. But we get along very well and work hard.

Anything else happen?
I have 5 baptisms. One is this friday.
I bore my testimony in zone conference in front of all the missionaries.
The members here are so awesome . I love them. The Smith family is so nice and their just awesome.

That's it, I love you!
Elder Trent Anderson 

Trent sent me his memory card, so enjoy the pictures! He is having a great time!
Be sure to write him! He is getting lonely!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trent's First Week in Sun City West

How was your 1st week in Az?
The first week was really hard and we worked super hard, the hardest my Companion has ever worked on his mission, but im getting use to it now. We have 4 baptisms coming up one on the 30th and two Nov. 7th and one Nov.20. Im so pumped. I love doing this work and the blessings are great. Every lesson we have now the spirit is so strong. But the first week was hard and fun at the same time.

Favorite experience?
Probably teaching this Black kid trey. He has some crazy ideas and not that interested but were still teaching him. And I love riding my bike. The members take us to the Golden Corral which is like an all you can eat buffet and its awesome so I've gained 8 pounds, Im 160 now oh yeah.

Any interesting contacts?
Contacting is so awesome and yeah we run into some of the craziest people. Like this Irish guy that looks like he's killed people and does a bunch of drugs, but he respected us for doing the Lords work which was awesome. And this mexican man Robert, the missionaries in the area right next to us ran into him and he lives in our area so we dropped by and knocked. I looked through the window and he was on his knee's praying with the Bible and the BOOK OF MORMON right next to him. It was so awesome and the lesson we taught was even better the spirit was strong. And we have a lesson this week and he's coming to church, so I'm pumped. We go to this huge park to contact and run into some really awsome poeple and i love it.

How are your wards and the meals?
The meals are so good. The old poeple feed us so well. But were cutting down on dinners cause that time is the best to contact so we either eat at 4 or 7 for dinner, but its way worth it cause we get so many investigators like this past week we got 7 new investigators which is supper good.

Thank you and I love you!

Elder Trenton Anderson

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He is loving it!

2 Letter from Elder ANderson! Enjoy!
Hey Family,
I'm doing pretty good the work is super hard but the weather is way nice right now. Arizona is full of great people and we get fed Almost every night. The members are great here. Its pretty hard to get use to the schedule but that will come. Teaching is also pretty hard but I'm studying hard.

Tell me about :

Your companion:
My Companion is from Blackfoot ID,He is a great guy and a very good trainer. He's very obedient and way good at teaching the poeple. He's a big guy probably around 300 pounds but he is a very hard worker.
Pres and Sister Beck:

Well I only met with them for one day but they seem like very nice people.

Are you gaining weight?
I've gained 6 pounds, but i work out every morning and work hard so its pretty hard to gain weight. But I am trying haha
Where are you living? apartment? house?
We live in an apartment with 2 other elders. I love my room mates there the funniest guys / pretty weird, but i love them. And our apartment is pretty nice. We have a nice car too.
Is it really all elderly people?
One of the wards we are in charge of is all elderly people 55 and older, but its pretty fun church, it is a lot different with out all the yelling and stuff. But yeah the missionary work is hard in that ward.

How's was your first Sunday in your new ward?
The first sunday was pretty fun they made me bare my testimony and talk about myself so that was pretty fun, but the members are super nice in both wards. We have 8 hrs of church and its super long.

What's your favorite experience of the 1st week in the field?
I would have to say tracking and buying food. We meet some pretty mean people contacting and they think their fine. But oh well. Buying food at walmart is always fun and exciting though. And meeting the members and playing with them. We play a ton of b-ball.

I looked on the map and noticed all of the golf courses...
do you get to golf on your pday and or with your investigators and members?
Yeah we are probably going to golf next pday with some members so I'm pumped.

Do they know that you were on the golf team?
Yes they do:) and all the old people were excited.
Elder Anderson

Hey becs,
The mission field is crazy, there is so much work and tons of tracking but i enjoy itArizona is a beautiful place and all the members here are super nice. We get fed like every night and i went shopping for my own food it was kinda weird hahah but i love it here and im learning so much. Its only been a week and i feel like i have been gone for ever. But i love doing to the lords work and hopefully i will become a better missionary cause im pretty rusty haha we contacted 41 people in one day which is really good. My companion and i work super hard and i get so tired. HArdest Work Ever. But i love it. I live with 2 others Elders and there the funniest guys ever i love them. Ones like 5'5 and 250 pounds and has the perfect baby face i love him hahaha. but the mission is good to far and im sure I'll have more to talk about next week .
I love you,
Elder Anderson
p.s When you mail address it with my full name and mail through priority mail and first class through the u.s postal. Thanks i love you 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elder Anderson's Mission Presidents Blog

Elder Anderson's mission presidents have a blog check it out and look for pictures of Trent! 
Here are a few of him arriving in AZ!

Don't forgot to write him and pray for him!
Click here to view the blog! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phoenix Bond!

We spoke to Trent today, he was on his way to Phoenix. He is doing great!!! He sounded so happy!! He loved the Missionary Training Center, he said he learned so much and is ready to get out there and work!
He loves getting letters so if you want to write him his new address is:
Elder Trenton Anderson
Arizona Phoenix Mission
18001 N. 79th Ave
Building C Suite 50
Glendale, AZ 85308
Write hime!!
Check back for an update soon.