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February 27, 2012

It was nice to see your email. I was a little sad at first cause i thought you forgot about me. It came to pass that this week was crazy. Transfer meeting was really fun. Elder Nelson and I got all dressed up, we had the filthiest hair cuts. Mine was a straight back slick back beautiful. I'll have to send you a picture of the beauty. So the meeting got pretty crazy when we stood up and they started to announce the Changes in prescott zone and what Wards we are covering. I'm covering Prescott Heights ward and the YSA. We are no longer in the doyles ward which is sad. We lost the Prongers to but Kyle is getting baptized this friday we are so pumped!! I'll tell you more later. So back to Transfers, President stood up to announce the ward and I swear that he made all the changes up there on the spot. It was crazy. They he called 2 more missionaries to the Prescott zone and another district. So we have 3 districts now and 17 missionaries. It's great!! Our zone is growing and so are the wards. I love it here so much and I'm so glad that i get to stay here.
So Kyle Pronger the coolest kid ever is getting baptized this friday. I have been teaching him ever since I've been here yes just a little over 8 months. Prescott seems to hold it's missionaries. So we had a lesson/ dinner at there home on saturday with the 3 sisters cause we no longer cover there ward. We are still going to the baptism though. No will stop me from going to that. I love that family so much. You will for sure get to meet them. So once Kyle is baptized they are going to the temple to be sealed! I can not wait. I love the temple so much. Some of the best memories of my mission were spent in the Celestial room. Kyle is the man and I love them so much.
So we got another cool date set, For some reason every one wants to get baptized on awesome days. Ashlee is getting baptized on the 1st of April! APRIL FOOLS. We were joking around and she said " yeah I'm going to get into the water and right before zach ( her husband) baptized me, I'm going to run out saying April Fools" we said that would not be cool. In fact i might even cry if you do that. We like to joke around a little bit. Cause my saying is If there is no laugh in the lesson you didnt teach it right. There needs to be a little joking around. Elder Nelson and I do a fine job at it. So yeah ash has made so much progress. At first he wanted nothing to do with the gospel but we began to gain her trust and now she loves it and is reading all the time. She is the coolest but we lost her also in the changing of the wards. Were still going to teach her every once in a while. She got pretty mad when we told her that we aren't her missionaries any more. We'll see her around still and for sure go to her baptism. It's sad that we lost so many of our investigators but it is for the better. This way the sisters have more people to teach and it gives us more time to find people which is the best! We finally have time to tract and what not.
Were teach another Older Gentle man who is Great. He was given to us by the sisters. His name is Don and he is 83 yrs old. He told us " So I want to join the mormon faith, they are just one big family and I need more family in my life" It was so awesome. So I invited him to be baptized and Nelson extended the date for the 24th of March. I love committing people on the first visit that we make with them.

With the whole provo thing that is centuries away. I'm pretty sure I'm going to live with Elder Gooch. Were not sure where though haha. The Block classes sound good. I would like to be home for a little bit and work with Dad but if Could go to school as soon as possible that sounds great.

I'm glad you liked the videos and pictures they are awesome haha. I dont need any copies but if you can send me pictures of the family and what not that would be awesome. maybe one of chad surfing so I can believe it haha.
Need anything?International Stamps, I need to write lance and Mikael and Arvid haha
beef jerky from the ranch pls
Love you tons!!!

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