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April 22, 2012

.So this week was really fun! I Love my new area it is so awesome and
there are so many different races here. We are teaching acouple
Africans like Straight up african, They barely speak english so it is
a little hard to understand them but they are way cool. We are also
teaching a black man from Japan hah HE is super cool has well. We meet
a lot of people from off the street. I love talking to complete
strangers on the street. Just talking to them letting them know that
there father in heaven loves them and just being real with them is the
best. There are so many missionaries that go into robot mode when
really if you want to teach a lot of people just share your
personality. It's the best way. So yeah this week was awesome! I  had
the most spiritual lesson of my life as well, I'll tell you more about
it later on in the email.
How are things going with Elder Harlin?
Harline and I get along pretty well. We are both pretty laid back and
not really that opinionated. I really just try my hardest to be an
example to him and have fun with the work. He is doing great! He is  a
spiritual gaint, he just cant seem to talk that well with people. I
love him.
Great to hear about Blake and Maria? Everything going as planned?
BLAKE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! It was so much fun. The advisery really
worked hard on him his last couple days. He got really mad at his best
friend and cussed him out and said that he didn't want to get baptized
any more. That was thursday night. We went over there friday after
school and talked to him, he said that he was just mad and said it out
of anger. So he agreed to still get baptized. His friend came when we
were there and I talked to both of them and they said there sorries.
Now they are still best friends. So the baptism, I love baptisms and I
got to wear a jumpsuit:) The feeling after baptizing someone is un
describable. Blake was so happy after his baptism. He got up a bore
his testimony on how happy he was and how he felt it was so awesome.
He is going to make a great missionary some day.
Maria is Great! He is getting baptized this week. She is really one of
the most hard working ladies I know. She has such a spirit about her.
Her Accent is way cool to. She got interviewed on saturday and passed.
I'm way excited for this baptism it is going to be great.
How about Corinna and Bryan?
Corinna is awesome. Hr Daughter moved in with her and we taught them
both the first lesson. They are palnning on getting baptized in late
May. That was way exciting! I lvoe teaching Navajos theya re just so
humble and submissive.
Bryan, We had the coolest and most spiritual lesson ever with Bryan.
So a little back round on Bryan He hated God for so long anf wanted
nothing to do with him up in till about 3 months ago. So we started
the lessona dn asked him how his reading is and what not. The membre
we brought with us is a convert, so Bryan asked him why he joined the
church. So it turned out that the member has a very similar story to
Byrans. Bryan told us some of his concerns and started to cry. We then
had him read in D&C 18 where is talks about the worth of souls in
great in the sight of god. We talked about that for a little bit. Then
Harline felt prompted to read Alma 36 17-21, we had Bryan read it
Right in the middle of verse 17 he started to cry more, then cont. to
cry through out the verses. After he was done reading he said " Im
done fighting God, I'm Done" She said he felt so much pain as he read
those verses all the walls he put up broke down. HE left to the
bathroom and I'm pretty sure he was praying. we then talked about
repentance and read in Enos he cried again, Now this isn't a guy that
cries all the time, he a tough man. He then said that he would come to
church, He hasn't been in a church for ever, cause of his hatred. He
Did come by the way. Bryan said that he would do anything thing and
said that he was done fighting. So I invited him to be baptized, He
said YES (crying), then I extended a date for may 12th he said YES. It
was such an awesome lesson and I learned so much from it. I love how
th spirit just works in side of people. The Spirit truly did touch the
heart of Bryan, so mucht hat it broke down every wall that he had up
against God. He knew it to. I love this Gospel so much!
That is so cool that you saw the Heeter's at Stake Conf. I can't wait
to meet them!
So your really close to your 2nd area? Have you seen anyone else from
I still write the Brown family an email every once in awhile. I see
Brother Crouse at transfer meetings as well.
What else happened this week?
I got to carry a dead body, Pretty crazy huh. We carried it into the
church for a funeral, then we put it down and they openned it up, that
was a little wierd.
Harline got his bike stolen out of the church building. Pretty wild,
they didn;t take my bike though. That was tough cause that was right
after our lesson with Bryan, talk about opposition in all things.
oh  missionary in our zone ran into a parked car and broke his bike,
He is way funny and Chubby, Elder Stott.
Do you need anything?
Not right now, I'm doing good. It was a 105 yesterday already!
How are your shoes holding up?
GOOD! they have some holes but Im going to run them into  the ground.
Did you ever get some workout shoes? Are you playing a lot of Bball?
not yet Im going to look for some today. Yeah we play alot of bball
Did you get your Easter package?
yes thank you so much!
I love you a ton!
Elder Anderson

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