Sunday, May 13, 2012

February 6, 2012

How was your week?
So this week went really well. I got the phone call on Tuesday night and it tore me apart at first. We were just driving home from an appt and President called. He told me to pray and to study and I did. It came to me that night as I prayed that Grandpa is much happier now. I love to teach the plan of salvation, so now every time I teach it, I feel grandpa's Presents in the lesson and the spirit is just so strong. my testimony has strengthened so much since then. I know that he is up in the Spirit Paradise just living it up. I'll be so happy to see him some day. At first I asked my self if i would ever see him again but then I realized, What Am I thinking I teach the plan of Salvation everyday of course I will see him again. It was really neat cause the next day we taught the Plan of salvation twice and that morning I read Alma 39, 40, and 41 they are great chapters. I love them. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the answers that it gives. I pray for the Anderson family every day. I really hope grandma is doing well. I love her Dearly. I'm so grateful for wonderful grandparents, Grandpa was a champion for raising Dad the way he did. I'm so grateful for the Example that he was. I love the gospel. 
How are your investigators?Our Investigators are doing so well. I love the people that we are teaching right now. We were at Zone Leader Council and I guess Elder Nelson and I are the highest Baptizing missionaries in the mission right now, It was pretty funny. I have a strong testimony if you just work hard and you get along with your Comp. Your going to be successful. Kim is getting baptized this Saturday and Kayla is the next week and Kelsey is on Sunday. The the only people were teaching in our ysa ward are women haha It's pretty scary. We call them the KKK ( Kim, kelsey kayla) It's way funny and they are all so solid. All have awesome Testimonies! Angie got baptized we taught her an then she moved down to the valley. She got baptized this last week. She was awesome and I'm so glad those other missionaries did things right. We had stake Conf. this sunday. It was so funny to see Wayne Boll and Bill sit with each other. Just 2 old bald converts sitting next to each other. I love those guys so much. They are so awesome and are great missionaries. I love them. Carie and the twins are so awesome. They came to church and the girls are so cute and funny. They Laugh together and say the same things. I love that family they are so awesome! Our teaching pool is so good right now, but were still looking for more. We tracted yesterday on super bowl sunday it was so much fun! Nobody was interested except for a Navajo guy he was way cool. Were going to teach him on Sunday. Oh our area is going to be split. There opening a new ward! Any baptisms planned for my bday on the 21st?we dont have any sorry. we baptize on Saturdays. So we have 3 on the 25th hahah. 
Are transfers soon?transfers are on the 22nd. So there coming up! I really hope that I don't get transferred. We talked to President so I Dont think that we will get changed. Elder Nelson and I are doing to good to get changed. Plus were going to be together till the end of our missions haha. I love the guy.  Thank you for all that you do. I love you so much. I'm doing really good. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love you! I'm glad Justin liked my letter. I love him. Love you 

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