Sunday, May 13, 2012

April 30, 2012

How are you? Do you need any short sleeved shirts?
This week was pretty wild. I got bed bugs hahah. Yup they are feeding
on my blodd every night ha. It is pretty wild and scary. I guess the
missionary before me brought them into the house, so they did a super
deep clean but didnt get all the bugs out. So I'm currently the host
or dinner for my little friends. I have bites all over my arms and
legs, its great. Well while we are on the subject of bed bugs. We
helped someone move on saturday. They lived in a very poor apt complex
it's called 3333 the hood. Anyways as we were taking apart the bed, a
bed bug clawed on to my hand it freaked me out. So we looked under the
bed and there was like 100's of them. So I refused to touch the bed
haha. Then in the same move we were moving a table like there dinner
table and a cockroach clawed out of one of the cracks and I hate
cockroaches they freak me out. I'm just a little girl when it comes to
cockroaches and bedbugs, even though I'm getting eaten alive haha.
It's all about the exprience though. This week was super good in the
missionary work area. We had a baptism YES Maria got baptized I'll
send you a picture. Her baptism was Great! We found a couple new
investigators. Hopefully we will start teaching this black family that
we found tracting. I love tracting here, we run into so many cool
people and they are all humble.
We had a pretty cool exprience tracting. So the zone leaders went on
exchanges with us fro like 3 hrs to tract in our area and what not. We
went out and I forgot my bike lock and we didnt have a phone or keys.
So we got into the church and dropped our bikes off there, then
proceded to got tracting. We were tracting on butler and I wasn't
really feeling that street. So we stopped and said a prayer, we asked
where heavenly father wanted us to be. I then opened my planner and
saw the street that we needed to go to. So we went there and the first
door we knocked on was a mexican family that spoke perfect english.
The Husband Junior was covered in tatoos, they had 2 kids and really
needed a prayer. So we had a prayer with them and they invited us back
to teach them this week. They are also neighbors of a member.Because
Junior had a ton tatoos and looked way rough the neighbor wouldn't
really talk to him. You can't assume people will not be interested in
the gospel just because of there outer apperence. I hate it when
members of the chruch judge and assume. I learned a very good lesson
that day on not judging and assuming. I promised in my prayer that I
would work my hardest not to assume that the people we talk to or see,
will not be interested in the gospel. So we talk to everyone we see. I
love it! The blessings come so fast when you just work hard and stick
your mind to the work. I love it.
We found a couple new people from just talking to everyone in the
street. Marilyn and her son Preston who is 8. they came to a church
tour with us. They both loved the church and we are going to start
teaching them. She has tatoos all down her arms and she was really
worried about being judged at church. I could say that no would say
anything cause the members love to judge for some reason. We are all
children of our father in heaven. I dont it just really bothers me how
judemental the members are. We have some really cool people we are
teaching though. I love it here so much!

Sounds like your area is one that all Missionary Mom's love. Ha Ha
How are your investigators? Any new ones?
They are doing great. I kinda told you about them in the beginning of
my letter. We are starting to teach more part member families and a
lady from Croasia I dont know how to spell the country. She is
European and way cool.
How's Maria, Corina and Bryan? Sounds like they are pretty golden!!!
Maria is so solid. Her baptism was awesome. She has such an awesome
spirit about her andis such a hard worker. Maria is truly one of the
elect. She was Preapred by our father in heaven and sent to us. I love
her a ton. Her smile after the baptism was Priceless. I love there
reaction after baptism.
Corinna and her Daughter Georgianna are getting baptized on the 19th
of may! I'm, so excited for them. They both came to church this past
sunday. I love them.
Bryan is set to get baptized on the 12th of May. He is such a great
guy and feels the spirit so much more in his life now. He said that he
was a lot happier now. His wife and can see the dufference as well. He
has made a lot of changes.

I got the nicest letter from the Denee Heeter. I sent it to you. Can't
get any better than that!!!
I didnt get the letter. She is so awesome. We went out to dinner with them.

What else is happening? When's next transfer? Is your companion doing
well?  Are they going to have you be a Trainer in the same area?
I will most likey be training in this area after this transfer. It
ends on the 15th of may.

My computer is acting up and I have to go to an appointment. I will
write more when I get back. You have been sending your emails latter,
so maybe I can get a few more words in.

Do you need anything? Air conditioner? HA HA
hahh I'm good so far. the heat is coming early though!
I'm still waitng fro my letter from Dad
I love you so much!

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