Wednesday, November 9, 2011

September 6, 2011

So how was your week of meetings? 
Well the meetings were way sweet and I learned a ton. But this week was one of the worst weeks I have had on my mission if you look at our numbers. but other then that the meetings were great.  All our meetings were leadership meetings and they were great. Seriously I learned so much, we had a doctor come and speak and he talked about depression and the signs of it. So it was good to know. 

Did Elder Juchau get transferred?  Do you two get along okay? 
We are staying together for another transfer. He has been here for ever. Almost half of his mission. So I guess the Lord wants me to struggle a little more and learn to cope with my companions, it wont be that bad. We get along well most of the time. There are just a couple things that bug me.

How did transfers go? Did you lose or gain some Elders?
Well transfer meeting is tomorrow and we lost 3 of our missionaries, but I'm excited to get new missionaries in our zone. I love having a change. 

How was Korik's Baptism?
Koriks baptism was so awesome. The spirit was just so strong and funny story, so I was baptizing Korik and his middle name is McClain Landrum and for some reason when i was saying the Prayer I said Korik McClain Ander.... then i caught my self and fixed it haha. But it was pretty funny cause my Bishop got up at the end and said that I guess elder Anderson is preparing to baptize his own kids soon. It was way funny. The baptism was great though. We took some awesome pictures cause Korik is just so awesome. I Love that guy so much. He is so funny. After his baptism we were changing out of our whites and he said " I feel like a thousands suns are going off in me" That just made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes cause Our Heavenly Father has given me the chance to help this young man live a happier life and feel the spirit more. I love it. I cant wait for him to serve a mission and get the priesthood. Korik's only 13, but I know that he will be a great member. Baptisms are the greatest. 

How's Chuck? Have you been able to teach him since his fall?
yeah we taught him just the other day and changed his baptism date to the 24th of September, but he is meeting with the J Witnesses so we'll see what happens. he def feels the spirit when we come to teach him though and he has told us that. 

Do you need anything else?
well for my year mark I was wondering if you can get me a belt an All black one like buckle and all. But like a dull black. And some cool ties. I'm kinda sick of all my ties. Thank you so much. 

I Love you Mom And Dad and thank you for all that you do. I love you!

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