Wednesday, November 9, 2011

August 22, 2011

I wrote this to Trent:
"Today was Lance and Austin Sosa's Farewell and David Bentz and Jeff Johnson's Homecoming.
I think the last time I cried so much at church was your farewell!
Jeff Grigg got his Patriarchal Blessing...have you heard from him lately? Jeff leaves for Southern Virginia College this week, he's playing bball and then planning on a mission in the Spring."
That is crazy that lance and Austin are off. There going to have a great time, that's way exciting. So did lance Cry? and how was his farewell? I bet the church building was packed!

"Your zone conf hike sounded amazing! You did a great job!!!
Where are the photos?"
I'll send you the photo's soon and yes it was so much fun and Spiritual which is the best. I loved it! That's pretty funny that you are talking to elder Giles Mom he is a great missionary and hard worker I love that guy. Were def. hanging out after the mission. He lives in Oregon but we can make it work hah. 

"I love all your photos, who was the cute Mom and daughter that you Baptized?"
We didn't actually baptize her in our ward, I got to teach her twice and do the baptism Interview. The mom's name is Shana and the daughter Sierra they are so awesome! 
The scorpions and spiders don't bite.
Yeah they bite but were missionaries the lord is looking out after us, no I'm kidding were really careful about it and stay safe. The spiders are awesome here. I just hope to catch a snake soon! they have a lot of cool snakes in Arizona. I want to kill a rattler and eat it as well. Wild life status. 

"Is your beard getting thicker ?"
Yeah I have to legit shave everyday. I can grow a sweet Mustache and I am once I get home, It's going to be awesome! I grow a pretty good goatee as well. 

What's with the brown pants? Can you really wear those?
Those are my vintage brown pants they are awesome but i usually only wear them on pday. But yeah I'm allowed to wear those bad boys.  

"So how was your week?"
This week has been really good. We had a huge Zone Conference, where president talked about the new rule of trust and it went really well. Our missionaries in the Prescott Zone are really obedient and Hard workers, I'm greatful for that cause we don't have to worry about all the disobedience. So for Zone conference our new president reminds me of Dad kinda. He brought up like this trust box and once you leave the trust box then you start to lose some privileges and you get moved to a smaller box and if you cont. then you get moved to a plane hah It was pretty funny. He is an awesome President.
How are the investigators doing?
Well we're struggling with finding new investigators but we did set a baptism date with this older Man Chuck. He is 69 year old. I've always want to convert a senior citizen so I'm pretty excited about that. But he fell the other day and split his head open so we backed up a little bit on teaching him. So hopefully everything will get better soon. 
Korik is doing great we had a lesson with him last night and He is AWESOME and so ready for baptism. I love just having solid investigators there so great. And he came to all 3 hours of church, our young men are really kicking in now. Good stuff. 

Are the cigs still buried?
Yes they are. I love doing things like that its so much fun. 

What's your ward mission leader like? 
Our WML are really old so they don't do a lot of work, so it's tough, I really wish they would call a younger and more out going guy cause that's what we need. 

Does your ward still feed you a lot?..
YES we get lunch and dinner almost everyday but I still ran out of money. I swear I run out every month oh well. But yeah are ward feeds us like crazy cause Juchau is diabetic. 

Are you writing any girls? 
I'm writing a couple girls, but writing is a very slow process. So some girls take a really long time to write back. And I need to catch up on my writing cause were only allowed to write on Pday so it makes it hard. No Chelsey never wrote back but I'm over it. 

Well that's cool that Chad is playing football tell him to stay with it for all 4 years. I really wish i did that but I loved surfing too much. And Chad isn't really a surfer. So tell him to stay with it. What Position is he playing?

Well thank you so much for everything and I'm excited for the package. I love you!
Elder Trent

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