Wednesday, November 9, 2011

September 26, 2011

How was your week?SO this week was pretty awesome! We had some really good spirit filled lessons with some of our new Investigators.
So Cameron he is in the YSA ward and has been looking into the church for 2 years now and we had our first lesson with him on tues. It went really well and the spirit was just directing our lesson for sure. So we were just going into the lesson just to get to know him and find out his back round. We call that How to begin teaching. So we did that and he is a good guy. His only hold up is that he had a spiritual impression that he shouldn't get baptized and that God wanted him to wait cause there are other things that he must do. So I followed the spirit and went to 1 Nephi3:7 which talks about a path prepared for you. Then I went to 3 nephi 11 when Jesus Christ taught about Baptism. Then We had a kneeling prayer and after he said he felt good and felt the spirit. But he still doesn't know if he should get baptized its tough! But we love him and cont. to work with him.
We had another cool lesson with Santiago he's a man that I met tracking like 2 months ago when I was on exchanges and I sorta forgot about him. So we were looking through the area books and saw his name. So we went by and visited him, we actually had a really good lesson about the BoM and church. And Guess what? He came to church Sunday it was awesome and a great Surprise! He said he really liked the service. So we hope to teach more and see him get baptized!
So we are working with a lot of less active members right now. One of which is awesome and we taught him and his girlfriend and his gf wants to be baptized! We just had a super good lesson with her and he has such a strong testimony. John is the man! They remind me a lot like Sam and Hope. Sam and Hope are doing great by the way. I hope to see them go through the temple some day! But anyways John and his gf are great. John has such a strong testimony and has totally changed his life around, that man is just awesome and he knows the spirit! 
By the way i got my glasses they are pretty sweet! thank you
Hows your zone and district?They are doing great! Our zone is struggling a little but we are all working hard and I love the new missionaries up here. I just wish we had more missionaries that played basketball. Not to sound cocky but I'm like the best up here and that's not saying much. We are slowly picking up our pace and finding new people! I love it here though and It's starting to get really cold like 50's at night. Today we have our Zone activity. Were playing kickball and Frisbee and basketball of course!
Are you getting along better w your comp?Yeah were starting to get along a lot better. Some days are better then others. we had Movie night last night it was pretty fun. We watched the testaments on our dvd player. This week he was pretty sick though, so we didn't get as much work done as i wish we would. but that's alright.
Did I tell you the Doyles sent me some cute photos of you?

No but sister Doyle is so awesome and Nice! I love that family.

Well thank you for everything! I love you so much. It was weird this week, I was feeling a little down in the middle of the week cause our work is pretty slow, but all of the sudden I just felt that everything was going to be alright and I felt like a boost of energy. I knew at that time that a lot of people were praying for me and I felt their support and love. Thank you everyone!
Love you,

Elder Trent

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