Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October 10, 2011

So yeah I saw the video of Luke after conference and that is so cool that ryan and will got to see it. I never saw the end though cause we had to go to an appt. I can't watch it on my mission so don't send it to me sorry. It's against the rules all movies we watch have to be published by the Church meaning they have to have the church label on it. 
The weather here is beautiful its like in the 50's and 60's, I love it a ton. But i need to go buy some sweaters at the thrift store. I don't want you to buy me any, I feel like i ask for to many things. So I'm good! The thrift stores here are really good too. 
Thats pretty crazy about Chandlers mission, I bet the living conditions were bad. We are just super spoiled in the states but its what we get for serving only 6 hrs from home hah. I love it thought. Ghettos in prescott? NO haha but there are a lot of half way homes and mobile homes and drugs like meth. But no black people there are like white trash ghettos ha.

re they still feeding you 2 meals a day? How's the weight gain and the workouts? Basketball? Ab roller? Push ups? Do you need a jump rope or something else?
yeah we still get fed like crazy but I kinda like it. A lot of the members take us out which is like the best! We went to texas roadhouse and baja fresh and in-n-out. I just love the members up here they treat us so well. Yes I'm working out. i should send you a picture of our basement that we live in. It is so awesome we have a corner with a bench and some curling bars and all that good stuff. I'm starting up an ab routine now as well. So yes I'm working out.
How are your investigators? The new ones?
Any baptisms set?
No we didn't get any new investigators which was kinda a bummer. We were on a roll for a while but a lot of them are not progressing. So i fasted and cont. to pray hard to find someone that the Lord is preparing for us to find. I love fasting seriously I never did it before my mission, I would always sneak down stairs and grad a bowl of cereal. But i was just robbing my self. I love it now and I think it is because now I actually get the reason. So I'm positive that we are going to find someone this week to be baptized in the next month. This week just a lot of our appts. fell through and it was just really tough. Seriously the mission can be super hard some times. I had to go on an exchange with a missionary that was really struggling with is mission and faith. So president told me that we should go on exchanges, So we did. It went really well and we had a really good time. I just taught him that you must have fun while serving but not to much fun cause if you become disobedient i promise you, you will not have the spirit there fore you can not teach and there fore your gunna feel like your wasting your time. we had a really good talk and we also had some very good lessons. He's a spanish elder so I got to bare my testimony in spanish, yes I learned. So after our exchange he thanked me and told me he was preparing to go home cause he just felt worthless, but because of our exchange he is going to stay and work even harder. So i know that our mission president followed the Spirit and I'm so grateful that i was worthy for the call. I just love it out here and I know that I'm called here for a reason. 
Do you get to go to the Temple when Heeter goes? 
I really do hope I can go to the temple with the Heeters, I'm going to email president today and we'll see what he has to say. 
Are you still being very obedient? That's one of the best things you've taught me! Who would of thought?

Yes I'm still obedient. I would never risk the salvation of some else because I was disobedient, it is just not worth it. Plus you don't have the spirit too. So there is no point of being disobedient. Even though there are some times when I slip but i always recognize it.
What else is happening?First off thank you so much for the package. I loved it and the ring is sweet! Thank you for all the ties too some of them were pretty funny. They are def. thrift store ties hah. I love you.
So this week was really fun on saturday we had a huge service project which was awesome. i love getting dirty and doing services cause it's different and we get to wear regular cloths. We just did a lot of landscaping. It was fun!
We usually go on 2 exchanges a week and on of the missionaries i went with is just awesome. i love guy. He took my spot in surprise and my trainer Elder beard trained him as well. His name is elder Kelley and he is just crazy. We had a dinner out in groom creek which is in the mountains and it was right after a storm so the roads were really muddy. It's all dirt roads out there too. So we did some mudding aka off roading in the mud. It was pretty funn. we got the car all muddy. We also had some really good lessons that day as well. we met with one guy that we watched with and he felt the spirit so strongly as we watched the videos it was awesome.
I don't need ctr rings or pins thanks though.
Thank you so much for all that you do. I love you so much!

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