Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 7, 2011

So this week was pretty tough!
On Tuesday we had zone leader council, It was really fun we went on a hike at 7 in the morning with all the zone leaders and President and sister Taylor. I love them so much. Anyways it was pretty spiritual cause we had like a whole plan of salvation back round to it. Like we stopped at view spots and described the less view as the Telestrial kingdom and then we got to a higher spot and described as the terrestrial kingdom and then when we got to the top after a hard climb we reached the Celestial kingdom. It was really neat and a good bonding experience with the other Zone leaders in our mission. Then after that we had our big meeting. In our mission were doing like this whole name 2 people that you will baptize next week that you are working with right now. And pray for them every day. So were in charge of reporting all the names and I totally forgot our list at home so that was a little embarrassing. 

Then the next day we just stayed in the valley cause we had a leadership training on weds. So we just stayed in surprise and worked with some other zone leaders it was pretty fun cause they live in the Surprise house, there are 6 missionaries living there. Some one just donated there house to the missionaries. Its way to much fun. So after our super long meeting on weds we drove home. 
Thursday morning I wake up to my companion throwing up it was pretty funny. He was way sick. Thursday night he was still sick so we made some visits and went home. It was kinda a depressing day. I hate sick days but we still worked! Then Thursday night at 12:30 i woke up and threw up haha it was pretty bad. But the good thing about being sick is that you lose weight:)

So I was sick all friday morning but i hate staying in so we went to work that evening and Cameron had is baptism Interview. He passed too! So he is going to be baptized on 11/11/11 the coolest date ever. Im so excited for him. seriously I love that guy. We'll take pictures at his baptism.  So that was are friday. Good thing for us our sickness only lasted one day. I feel good now:)

So Saturday was just a hustle day cause we didn't really get any work done in our area all week. So we had like back to back lessons and knocking on doors. 
So super good news! The Prongers court case passed and now the kids can be baptized! I was so happy. So were going to see if we can set a date for them to be baptized in the church. I don't know if I've talked about them much but they have been coming to church for like 4 years, their father is a convert and step mom is also, they just went to the temple like 3 months ago. So the kids will be baptized and then they will be sealed as a family. I'm so happy for them. Seriously I have put so much prayer into that family. 

Cool story: Back round so Zach is a member who ran away at age 17 and went down to the valley. He finds a girl down there and is living in an appt. Now he is back in prescott living with is family again, but the rule was he had to marry his gf so he did. Now their both living there. Crazy stuff. Their not the best looking people on the out side all tatted up and piercings all that jazz. Anyways Zach is building back his testimony and his wife is not a member, so we are teaching her. In our lesson I asked them where they lived before and they said Peoria and I said "where in  Peoria?" and he said " the sun tree appts" Thats where i lived! So it turns out that I have contacted them before and Zach said he remembers me. One thing he said to his mom when he was going through a rough time he said " Mom I keep seeing all these missionaries, I think God is trying to say some thing." So that was way Cool. 

I already talked about Cameron. He's getting baptized on 11/11/11 haha I love typing that. The coolest thing about Cameron is that he has been taking the missionary lessons for 2 full years. Crazy! He was pretty much a member for 2 years just not baptized. We call those Dry Mormons hah. So now he is getting BAPTIZED! 

Well this week was way awesome! And a little sad due to sickness but everything pays off with blessing. 
I love you a ton and thank you so much for all that you do. 

By the way it is snowing here and I still dont have any sweaters haha 
There are 3 things i would like if you able to get them. 
1. August rush Soundtrack
2. A good Journal 
3. the Double chin work out thing that dad has. 
p.s I might buy a Pee coat or some sweaters. So dont be surprised if im out of money haha. I figure if i buy a nice coat now I could wear it next year at school in utah. haha Crazy
I love you  

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