Sunday, July 17, 2011

May. 31

I heard this song at one of Becca's friends farewell last week: I will not be still by Kenneth Cope, it reminded me about you.
MOM you don't understand that is my favorite song. I cry every time i listen to it. I seriously love that song and it helps me through hard times. Because the Mission is not about me, it's about who I serve. I love it. My favorite part is "How can I keep this gift to my self
When i can lift somebody else
I am (I'll be) a witness of his miracles and his mercy
I put my future in his hands
Knowing he's made me all I am
(When) I put my faith in him the (and) truth begins to speak
His power is real it moves me until I will not be still"
That's what I want to do. I just want to share the gospel with everyone. This week has been really good. One of the more spiritual weeks of my mission. I had my Sacred Grove Experience. I know that this church is true. And I'm willing to give my life for it. I know that our family will be together for ever. I just know. It all just hit me in one day when I was on exchanges with Elder Grady my Zone leader and a little about Elder Grady, he is a convert to the church, he converted when he was 17. His Mom died 6 months before he left on his mission. He has the strongest testimony of families and the church. His testimony has changed my life. That night I couldn't stop crying,cause i truly know that this church is true and I feel bad for everyone that has not had the chance or that is denying the blessings. It kills me. That night Heavenly father answered my prayers. I know my purpose now and I love missionary work. I love everyone. This week was really good.

 So how was Jonathan's Baptism?
It didn't happen. On Tuesday night I felt prompted to go over to their house and go over the interview questions so we did. And we found out that he is on parole for another 2 years. So we told him he might not be able to get baptized till his parole is off. So we left and I called President and told him about the situation. And he said he can't get baptized. So we went back and I had to do the hardest thing that I have ever had to do on my mission and that is tell Johnathon that he cant get baptized. I felt so bad and he started crying. I have never seen him cry, he's like a tough kid. But he cried and it was so hard. So I bore my testimony about trials and everything happens for a purpose. But it was HARD. I mean we go around and ask people to be baptized off the street and to tell a 16 yr old kid that he can't get baptized, but it made him stronger.
How's the family that your teaching to read?
They are doing really good. We had a really good lesson with them and I was With Grady. We talked about the importants of church and Baptism. Hopefully that family will be getting baptized soon. But there doing really good and It's hard teaching them. But were doing it. It takes lots of patients and that's a virtue. hah
How are all the investigators doing? Are they coming to church?
Our investigators are doing great. Right now we have 4 with a date to get baptized.
Sam and Hope are doing really good and they are planned to get baptized on the 13th of July, they need to get married and they have a hard time getting money. But they are doing great. there slowing down on their cig smoking, so that's good. I just love that family and they have the cutest kid ever.
Emalyn now has a Baptism date for June 11th. and Julian her brother who was baptized on May 21st is going to baptize her. So that is going to be an awesome sight. I can not wait for that day. She is awesome. We watched the Prophet of the restoration and after I asked her "do believe that this church is true? and she said YES and then I said "do you believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God?". And she said yes and then i said "what is stopping you from getting baptized?" and she said nothing really. So I told her to pray for a date that night and tell me tomorrow at church. So she came up to me at church the next day and told me she wanted to be baptized on the 11th. So that was sweeeeettttt.
Eddie is dating a member in the Windrose Park ward and he is just so solid. We taught him last night and the spirit was just so strong. We prayed for a date there and he said he wants to be baptized on the 11th of June. So the 11th of June is going to be a busy day for us. But i love it. after we prayed for a date his Gf and him just started to cry and he said" I feel the spirit in my life so strong right now and I know the things that you are teaching me are true" It was so awesome. I love being a missionary.
When is the next transfer? tranfers are on the 13th of June. 
Do you think you might be transferred or get a new comp?
I'm not sure. Cause if i get transferred i will prob be a Zone Leader and that is a lot of work and not very fun. So I hope I just get a new comp or train again. really need to eat better! What do you like to you carry around or grab fast? I like the Fruit bars and the energy bars there pretty good.
Fruit rolls, protein bars-which ones? Raspberry and strawberry and the energy bars. 
You should buy bananas, if they go bad before you eat them, then peel them, put them in a baggy and freeze them. Then there perfect for your smoothies. Buy bags of apples and tangerines too.
I do that hahaah
At least try to snack right! okay? Alright :)

Elder Anderson

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