Sunday, July 17, 2011


How was your week?
Well this week was going really good till this morning when I got a call from President Beck telling me I'm going to be a ZONE LEADER, what the heck! I don't know how I'm going to do it and I'm super nervous. My favorite scripture for this past week was 1Nephi 3:7 which tells us the lord will prepare a way for us. So that helps me out a little bit. But I'm still a little stressed. I love my mission though and it will never just be a smooth road. I swear right when i get into the motion Heavenly Father throws crazy stuff at me, but oh well. I can do it I think.
Well this past week was awesome. We had 2 baptisms and I'm truly learning how to live my purpose. I love to share my testimony with others and see how the spirit touches them. At the baptism we as missionaries get to do a presentation and we share the 1st lesson. It is awesome and I always cry when i talk about how the gospel blesses families cause it has truly blessed ours. I also always cry when I say something the 1st vision, cause Joseph Smith is the MAN and he went through so much so that we can find true happiness in our life. I just love this gospel and I have seen a change in my life since I've been out. I watch other missionaries mess around and flirt with girls and I just think to myself how do they even get to that point? I swear when I was set apart all my games with the women were left at home. I hate talking to girls if were not talking about religion. Its really weird. but this week is really good and I'm going to miss brother Crouse a ton, he did a lot for us and took us to sonic every Tuesday. I love that man. I hate leaving areas it's always so sad cause I grow to love the people here. Like Sam and Hope I hope i can come back for their baptism. I love them.
Baptisms ?
Julian's Sister and Edward. Those baptisms were so awesome.
First, emalyn she is awesome. The spirit was so strong during that baptism. Cause her brother baptized her. I can't even describe how strong it was and after the baptism the mom got up and bore her testimony and thanked God for sending us here to help her kids, right when she said that I knew I was meant to be there and not some cool mission out where ever. I Know Heavenly father sent me to Poeria Az to help that family come unto to Christ. After her testimony Julian got up a bore his it was so good.  He talked about how we would play ball with him and would talk about the church a little and the time I gave him the BOM with my testimony in it. He also thanked us and everyone else. Then his sister Emalyn bore her testimony it was so good. I'm so glad that I had the chance to teach them and help them understand the gospel. I honestly think if everyone would just read the Bom they would be converted. People just don't understand how important the Gospel is and it just makes me sad. I cry myself to sleep sometimes cause I just feel selfish if I don't work hard cause I'm keeping all the blessings to myself and I want to share them with everyone. But that baptism was GREAT.
Eddies was really good as well. We only had to teach him for 2 weeks and he got baptized. Talk about a solid investigator. He loves the church and has such a strong testimony. He's a 19 year old boy and I hope he goes on a mission. But he might get married before that. It would be so hard to convert at age 19 cause its a different culture being Mormon. It's not easy to be in the true church. Christ said "I never said it would be easy, but it will be worth it." I know through all the sacrifices we go through our live's are blessed. I love this church.
We have gotten some new investigators His name is Sheldon a 17 yr old Black kid he is awesome and has been through a lot in his life. He has tear drop tattoos so that's pretty sick. I'm sad I won't get the chance to watch him get baptized. He's awesome.
Brittany Perkins wrote me a letter yesterday and told me how I have changed her life and how happy she is now. I read it last night and started crying as I read it cause she left her testimony as well.
I love the change that this gospel has on people. I wish I knew of the power of the spirit when I was home so I could have helped out my friends. I feel so different now. It's a indescribable feeling that I feel. I have so much Love for everyone. It truly kills me to think of my friends back at home that don't have this happiness in their lives. They have the worldly happiness, which I think is alright but there is nothing like having the spirit with you always and having that happiness. I love it and I want everyone else to feel it. So when I got that letter it made me feel so good inside to know that I helped Brittany feel that happiness.
I don't know where I'm going yet, but I'm a Zone leader now.

Thank you so much for everything I love you

Elder Trent Anderson

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