Sunday, July 17, 2011

June. 27

So how was your second week in Prescott?
So Prescott is a beautiful area. And I haven't been taking that many pictures, so I'll prob take a lot this week and send the sd card. But i love it here.
So we had our last zone conference with president and sisiter Beck. It was pretty sad. It was pretty much all about moving on and loving the the new Mission president. "don't stop working hard just because I'm leaving" So it was really good. My favorite part about it was that I didn't have to practice teach. I got to watch and correct other missionaries, so that was really fun. And all the missionaries got to hug Sister and president Beck. I cant believe that he leaves soon. Its going to be pretty sad, but president Taylor is going to do really good.
I also got to go on exchanges with the AP's and Drive the truck from the Valley to Prescott and you better believe we hit a 100 mph haha. With the AP there. It was pretty sweet. It was my first time driving in 9 months crazy stuff. but i got to drive all day and the next day. So I got to know the area a lot better. Elder Brase (AP) he is the best teacher in the mission right now. So i learned a lot from him and we had some very spiritual lessons. I love that guy.
We do a lot of reactivating in Prescott, so we have a family that we are working with right now the Pearsalls and they are so funny and nice. They have a daughter that's 16 and she has not been baptized, but it's going to be hard to work with her cause she's a trouble maker. Oh well. They are an awesome family.
We also do a lot of service up here. Like helping old people move and what not.
Yesterday I got the sickest pants ever they are like totally old school brown and tight with bell bottoms. I love them haha. Old people are so nice and they always kiss me on the cheek. It's kinda weird. haha
Funny story:
So we have a member in our ward and his name is Jason Downer he is so funny. So he took us out to Red Lobster and after the meal he made us sing YO HO a pirates life for me hah It was great. And everyone was looking at us funny. Good stuff.
Oh on Sunday we went to the Church of Christ it was pretty interesting. We went cause that's where one of our investigators go. The people there were really nice, but I never felt the spirit and I asked my self where did these people get their Authority?
This week has been really good.
Does your zone cover all of Prescott or just the 2 wards?
We cover 2 wards and also the whole zone which is Prescott and Prescott valley. All together there are 2 stakes and 15 different wards. So its pretty fun.
How is your zone? Are you being well received? Are the sister's warming up to you?
Yeah I'm starting to gain the trust of the missionaries in the Zone. but the zone is doing really bad with work and baptisms, we are in a pit.
How are the wards?
The wards here are doing great and the people here are so nice I love it.
I get to work with the stake presidents so that's funn. We do Stake cordinations and I love how the church works and we are in the center of it.
We are working up a teaching pool right now. So right now we are just knocking on a lot of doors and what not. But were teaching a family right now and they are awesome. Hughes Family. There are 3 of them Ruth Josh and Sara. So hopefully they will get baptized soon. We had a really spiritual meeting with them the other day.
Your comp sounds like a great guy! What nationality is he?
French and yes he's a good guy.
Do you live in an apartment or house? Any other roomies?
We live in a members home, but there really old and it's just us.
Do you really drive a truck?
Yeah we don't mess around. It's a Colorado Chevy z71. So its nice, 2010 too. I like it and we'll take pictures by it.
When is Dad going to by the new F150, so I can buy it off him when I get home?
Well everything is going great and I love it here. Thank you for sending me pictures. I look forward to seeing them. I love you and tell Chad not mess around with girls or I'm going to beat him up when I get home.Ha Ha
Thank you and I really don't need anything right now. 
Dad looks likes he is losing alot of weight what the heck. I'll prob weigh more then him when I get home. 
Love you!
Elder Anderson

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