Sunday, July 17, 2011

June. 6

So this week went really good. We had a quiet a few lessons and I had a really good exchanges with one of the elders in my District. We are also living our purpose by talking to everyone. Like seriously it is so weird to think a year ago I would never go up to some one and just talk to them, unless it was a cute girl. But now we talk to everyone about the gospel. It is so awesome. I love just talking to crazy people on the street cause people just open up to us. It must be because we are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love talking to everyone and I have a strong testimony of it. Everyone deserves to feel the happiness that I feel in my life. It would just be selfish not to share the gospel. But this week was really good and I feel that i draw closer to our Savior everyday. This is definitely the best decision I have ever made. There is seriously no other place I would rather be. One guy that we were sorta bashing with said "So there is no other place you want to be right now?" and I said "No I love helping others strengthen their faith." and he was like speechless and said wow you have some serious dedication. We ended up giving him a BOM so hopefully he will read it and find true happiness. One of my favorite questions to ask people is "do you believe you can be happier?" And they always say Yes. I love it and then I'll share how they can be happier. Its great.

How are your other investigators doing?
Our Investigators are doing great. Sam and Hope are still on to get baptized on the 13th of July. So we are super pumped for that. I love that family and I can not say that enough. Sam is truly the man and he has been through some crazy stuff in his life time. I'm so glad that he has found the gospel and keeping to his commitments that he has made with us and the Lord. There gonna stop smoking and drinking on the 13th of June, so that way they will be clean for a month. They are making big changes in their lives for the better. I love it.
Sister Baldonaldo is doing really good. I didn't get to go to the lesson, cause I was on exchanges but it went really good and the spirit was there. Brother Crouse told me hah. But she is starting to break in a little and answering our questions so that is good, hopefully she will be baptized soon.
Emalyn is doing great. She has her interview tonight so that is exciting. I know that she will pass. This is going to be one of the coolest baptism of my mission so far, cause Jullian is going to be baptizing her. That is so cool, he just got the priesthood yesterday and now is going to exercise that priesthood and baptized his sister this Saturday. I'm so excited for that. And the whole family are going to bare their testimonies. The mom was baptized like a year ago and Jullian was baptized 2 weeks ago and now Emalyn. So AWESOME. I just love this gospel.
We also have Eddie and he going to be getting baptized this weekend as well. But he doesn't live in our ward so he is going to be getting baptized in that ward. but we still get to go cause he wants us to say the prayers. So that baptism should be really good as well. I'm excited for that. He is a really smart kid and he definitely feels the spirit.
We have a a lot more investigators, but there not really progressing and hopefully they will have baptism dates soon.
How's the big family doing? It must be really hard  to teach them, but you have always had a lot of patience. I'm sure they will catch the spirit soon!
They are doing great. It's just there super shy and don't talk much when they come church. So we are praying for them a lot that the spirit will touch them and they will know that this gospel is true. Cause they love coming to church.
Any cool events happen this week?
Well my exchange with Elder Hubbard. He is a really good missionary. And we caught Scorpions it was way sweet. Then we burned them and they killed each other cause the fire made them go crazy. But our exchange went really well. He told me after that our exchange will change his mission and the way he contacts people, because its all about loving everyone we teach and that is what I taught him.
How's your comp and roommate's?
They are doing great. And I love them hahahahaha
Have you heard about who's getting transferred? I hope they keep you as a dl and trainer, but Pres Beck might want to know you better before he leaves and move you. Good luck!
Well you will know about the transfer news next week. I really hope I stay here and train again. Being zone leader will be really stressful.
Thank you
I love you and thanks for all the support and prayers.
Elder Anderson

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