Sunday, July 17, 2011

June. 20

So how's your new area?
So my new area is pretty sweet and yes it is a lot cooler. I miss my last area a ton though. I just have to put it behind me cause it just causes stress and depression. I'm doing really good now. Prescott has a lot of really nice people. My first Sunday was really good and the people here want to feed us like kings. We have had double dinners ever since I've been here and a bunch of steaks. So its pretty nice. So I'm eating well. I think I actually lost weight from being stressed out, cause I wasn't eating, but its all good now.
Well in Prescott I serve in the Copper Basin Ward and Bradshaw Ward they are sweet. My first day we went truck tracting. Its when we get in our car and then get out and knock a door and get back in and drive to the next house and knock and so forth. Its sweet. All the house we tract in Copper Basin are like ranches. So we go off roading in our truck, its pretty sweet. I cant wait for monsoon season so we can get stuck in mud and what not. Oh we also got chased by 3 German Shepherds it was way scary. We were walking up to a house and all the sudden we see 3 huge dogs barking and running at us so we sprint back to the truck and Juchau jumps into the back and I went around to open to door and go in and he didn't open it and I saw a dog come around the car so I jumped into the bed haha. But the owner came out and got the dogs. Then we talked to him and He had a Book of Mormon and was already reading it. So we talked to him about that, but he said he likes to chase women and drink beer to much so he wont come to church. really nice guy though.
Was any of your district transferred with you?
Nope, i was the only one that got transferred in my district.
How's your ward?
We cover 2 wards and they are pretty awesome. The missionaries before me were really good guys, so it's a hard path to follow, but I'm trying my hardest. I asked the Bishops if I can bare my testimony this up coming Sunday so people will know who I am. The people are really nice.
Any investigators yet?
Not yet the area is pretty dead right now but were working hard to bring it back to life. We have 2 potential baptisms coming up were just waiting for the court case to pass so the biological mom will let her kids get baptized. So that should be fun I think it's suppose to happen soon. But other then that we don't really have that many progressing investigators.
What are the demographics like? Senior citizens? Families? Kids?
There are a lot of old people up here, nothing like sun city but there are quiet a few. Prescott is mostly white and there are some really wealthy people here as well. A lot of the members here are doctors and what not. So everyone is pretty well off. There are a lot of kids. Its kinda like our ward back at home sorta. Copper basin is. So everyone is really nice and they feed us a ton. They all love elder Juchau too.
How many missionaries are in your zone?
There are 16 missionaries in my zone, so it's not to big. There are 2 district leaders and they are pretty sweet missionaries. We have some weirdos in my zone too, but there all pretty funny.
Tell me all about it!!
My Companion Elder Juchau is a really nice guy we get along well. He has the same ear problem as Ryan our cousin, but he can't hear at all out of his left ear so i have to speak up a lot with him. But he's really nice and he's from Washington. No IDAHO companions anymore.
You need to send me a updated pictures of the family. Everyone is saying Chad is so different now and I hear all my friends are still coming over to swim and what not that's pretty funny.
Well I love you and thank you for everything.
Elder Trent Anderson

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