Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 30, 2012

So how was your week? Busy?So this week was just awesome! We set some more Baptismal Dates. Were being so blessed. I love it. We are getting so many people that are just falling into our hands. I'm glad I'm with Elder Nelson cause I think one of the reasons were getting so blessed is because we get along so well, and the members notice.
So we set a date with Nick (member of Ysa) Nick is way cool and he served his mission is colorado. He knows how it is done. Anyways We are teaching is girlfriends and we just set a Baptism Date with her for the 18th of Feb. She is so cool and fun to teach. The moment Nick told her about the word of wisdom she quit coffee and she works at starbucks. Big DEAL. So that was super exciting, but the high light of the week was Definitely Wayne Bolls baptism. I loved ever min. of it. Wayne Boll is truly the man. His Baptism was full of the spirit. So Cool story about Wayne Boll. So he loves to go to like every sporting event in prescott and he knows like ever player on the Basketball team and Volleyball team. So Brother Anderson who has like 6 daughters and they all played Volleyball really well. Wayne Boll and brother Anderson have been friends for like 25 years. So when Brother Anderson was sharing his testimony he said something like this. So i have Know Wayne Boll for a very long time now. And Just about a month ago WAyne was over at our house and My Daughter Jordan Invited him out to church with us. Brother Anderson said I never thought to invite wayne to church before but he proudly excepted the Invitation. He liked it so much that he wanted to learn more. So my daught introduced him to the missionaries. The Missionaires met with him once and gave me a call saying Wayne Boll is going to be baptized on the 28th of Feb. So he went on saying. If only I would have Invited him to church 20 years ago he could have received so many more blessing. Then he asked for forgiveness. So Mom and Dad all it takes is an invitation to church to change the life of one of your friends. It was such a cool experience cause it is so true. All it takes is a simple Invite. You just need to muster up the strength to do. Just 20 seconds can change the life of one of your friends for ever.
So this week was just great! We have been so blessed. We were so busy that we hardly got to eat dinner on some of the nights cause we had back to back teaching appt. We are also teaching this Girl i high school. So cool cause her friend is a member and she was baptized a year ago. And Carly asked the member if she could come to church with her. Now she has a Baptism Date for the 25th of Feb. She is super solid too. I love it when members do missionary work cause there friends are way solid and already know so much about the church.  Any exciting stories?Yeah I caught a Goat hahh The Prongers have some Goats so we took some pictures catching them. It was way fun and Super funny. We have some good videos as well. Elder Nelson and I Have to much fun catching Animals haha.
We went mountain biking up thumb butte. It was pretty intense and way fun. Elder Nelson almost fell way hard haah It was super funny.
Other then that We are doing super well and we have yet to go to Olive Garden for our date together. get Some away time haah. Thank you so much for the gift card. Once we have break from lessons we will get there. We have just been way busy. pdays are really nice. 
How's your zone doing? How many missionaries are in your zone?
Our Zone is doing awesome, were going to have a record breaking month for baptism in Feb. Were looking at 18-20 baptisms. Almost all the missionaries in our zone have a date. It's so awesome. There are 14 missionaries in our zone. its' pretty small, i like it that way though.
How many districts are in your zone? How many missionaries are in a district?There are 2 districts in our zone. The Prescott one has 8 missionaries and the prescott valley one has 6. We have the sisters in our District. It's pretty nice they keep the crude missionaries in line.

Have you been well, have you had the bad cough and cold that's going around? 
I've been in really good health. So I'm good.
Do you need any warm clothes or anything else?

No It's actually really nice here right now. Sunny and about 60 deg.  The weather is great!
Thank you so much for all that you do. I love you a ton! thank you for all the prayers and Support you are the best! Love you.
P.s. Dad I'm waiting for my letter this month hahah

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