Sunday, February 5, 2012

December 12, 2011

How are you?So this week went really. One of the best Sundays of my mission. It was just great! We got 2 referrals and we taught 2 families. I love getting referrals, There like gimme baptisms and it shows that the members trust you and are also doing missionary work. Also we had 6 investigators at church. It was just a wonderful day. We also got a pretty solid new investigator! And we set a date for jan 21 for James. James is the great and so solid.
So our lesson with James this week was one to remember for the rest of my life. So the day before our lesson, I gave him the restoration Pamphlet and told him that he was going to teach us the lesson the next day. So the next day comes around. We had cameron(recent convert) come to the lesson with us. So we started with a prayer and gave the floor to James and Cameron to teach us the lesson. They did so well and even asked us Inspired Questions and Committed us to be baptized. It was so awesome! The best part by far was when James said the First Vision, the Spirit entered the room so strongly. It was by far one of the best lessons and we didn't even have to teach it. Those guys taught better then some missionaries out in the field it was so awesome.
So this week was really good and really spirit filled.
Another Cool thing that happened on Sunday, was watching Cameron passing the sacrament. There is just something about watching your recent Converts perform there priesthood duties. I love it. I love being a puppet for the Lord.
Oh and I forget this. There was also 2 missionary Home coming talks and 1 farewell talk, they were all so great. I hope that my talk will be good and that every one will feel the spirit. Max leaves on his misson in 12 days Its crazy! His farewell talk was really good though. he talked about his conversion, he converted only 2 years ago. So awesome that he is going on a mission now!
Did you get any packages?I Only got the Camera and thank you so much. It was way weird that I lost my camera and you wanted to buy me one. Crazy stuff! I'll be sure to take some good photos this Christmas! and yes we are making a Christmas card! You will get one:) 
Sorry about the letter mix up. What time are you online now?About 10 or 11 is when we start.

That's great news about Bill!! Christmas Eve white Baptism! Maybe it will snow too!
Yeah were way happy for him. we had a lesson with him at the Anderson's home. The Anderson's are awesome. brother Anderson is a big hunter and they have horses and tons of animals. We had Quail and Pork chops and Halibut for dinner. There pretty well off. He is a former stake President. The lesson was great! We taught about the spirit and how to feel it. And might i say the Spirit was very strong in there home. Brother Anderson is going to baptize Bill.
I want to give dad a commit to fellowship and baptize someone by the time I come home. No it is not impossible you just need to have faith. which equals you must work for it. 

When do you get to go to the temple lights? Maybe the Weinburger's might bump into you.
We go to the lights on the 14th ! I'm so excited to go to the temple. I understand it so much more now. I'm Pumped!

Are you spending Christmas with the Doyle's? If so I would like to send them some gifts. What would they like?
YES, I dont know what they would want. I dont know what English people like. Give them something from the beach ahah

What else do you want for Christmas?
Mormon messages Dvd's pls for my Investigators
Thank you so much for everything and I love you a ton. 

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