Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 23, 2012

So tell be about your week.
So this week was absolutely awesome! I Loved it so much. Elder Nelson and I are working super hard and extending baptism dates like crazy. I love being out here. Seriously life is so much happier when your baptizing. The AP's asked how were baptizing so much and we just said " Cause its fun, its fun to baptize so we do" hahah Kinda smart allelic but it was funny. Then we requested to be the next AP's it was way funny. We love to kiss up so we won't get the spot. It would be the worst to be an AP's they never get to baptize haha.
So this week we had some amazing things happen and Miracles. It was a week of Greatness! Except one bad thing happened, there is opposition in all things though. I'll leave the bad for the end.
So the best thing that happened was James Smith Baptism it was the best. Man that guy is so solid. His friend who is a member of the church came done for his baptism. They were friends all through out high school and James Friend is the reason why he was baptized. It was so cool to hear his testimony after on the story of his friend and the church. It reminded me a ton of all my friends that are not part of the church. That will join when they hear about the gospel. i can't wait. The spirit was so strong in his baptism too. We had 2 investigators there that now what to be baptized. So we are pumped!
So church was awesome! Bill Stinnett blessed the Sacrament. He was Baptized on Christmas day and now Blessing the Sacrament. He is so solid. I love him so much. He told us the way he shares the gospel. So he goes to starbucks like everyday to meet with his friends or to have some Apple cider that I talked him in to. So he Sits down and puts the Book of Mormon on the end of the table so people will spark up conversations with him. I can't wait to be a member Missionary, it's going to be so much fun. We also had Bill come to a lesson with one of our Investigators, it went so well and now they are best friends. Bill Bore solid testimony on the gospel. I love him.
I love how all our recent Converts are super solid. Cameron and Bill have the Priesthood and come to lessons with us.

How are your new missionaries?
Our Missionaries are so awesome. I love them a ton! 
Your scheduled baptisms?So as of right now we have 7 people with a Baptism date. Our area is kicking butt. And the lord is blessing us so much. The Mom and her twins are the coolest people ever. The Twin girls are so cute and way funny. There so much fun to teach cause they ask way good questions. I just love Prescott so much. Life is Good!
Any new investigators?yeah we receive referrals like every week. I love the members here cause they do missionary work.
Coolest referral ever, so her name is Kim Nighelli she is so awesome. he took the lessons 2 years ago and had a date and everything but she bailed 3 days before her baptism. Now she found us and wants to be baptized. She told use that she has been praying for a month and wants to be baptized. So that was awesome! SHE HAS A QUAD SCRIPTURES ALREADY.  So we don't really know what to teach her cause she knows everything. I love it. 
Cool stories?So Cool story, So We were doing stake Reports and Writing out James Program in the church on computers and the weather was bad. So Right has I was about to print and save the power went out. Mean while Wayne Boll was being interviewed so we went out there. I sat down and said i Silent Prayer for the power to come on so we can have the baptism program ready for the night. Right when I said Amen the power turned on. It was a miracle. The Scriptures are true when it says "Ask and ye shall receive" I love it. 
So the bad news, My Gps was stolen and they also stole my gum that you gave me. It was funny cause my wallet and ray bans were just sitting right there. So yeah that was kinda a bummer.
I love you a ton thank you so much!

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