Sunday, February 5, 2012

December 5, 2011

So I didn't any mail from you. That's kinda a bummer. 
Anyways this week went really well. Of course it snowed again, 4 days straight. So we are going to have a zone Snowball fight today. I'm way excited.
OH really good news. Bill has a baptism Date for the 24th and confirmed on christmas. I'm so pumped for him. I seriously love that man. We had a super Spiritual packed lesson and watched a video on the Apostasy. Something really cool. The whole morning before the lesson and Kept feeling that we should watch that video and not finish the lesson we started the week before. So I told elder Nelson and he said that's sorta what I was feeling as well. So we watched the video and It is one of my favorite videos. After Bill was feeling the spirit so strongly and He couldn't say no to baptism. He said " I don't know why I feel this way but there is really no excuse not to be baptized" The Spirit was Just taking over the lesson and he could not deny it. So there was a long little pause and then he said " I want to be baptized on the 24th and confirmed on Christmas". So I guess we would say that's ok. WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!! I love it when your Investigators commit themselves. 
Another Cool experience that happen this week.  We got a Referral from the media. This guys name is James and he goes to Embry Riddle the College. He's in Ysa. So I gave him a call and he wanted to meet up with us. So we met in the library there. He is way solid. He wants and church that is true and has a good foundation for the family. He is only a freshman and Has great Ideas for the future. So we taught him about the BoM and prayer..ect. That was on Friday and he also wanted to meet on Saturday so we gave him a church tour. Oh by the way the day before we gave him a reading assignment to read 3nephi 11. So we ask him how is reading went on Saturday. He said " Oh it was good, I read the chapter you gave me and then i decided I would really all of 3 nephi and then I had some time so I read 1 nephi as well" He said he was reading for almost 8 hrs straight and couldn't let go of the book. He is so solid. I asked him " So do you believe the BoM is true" he said YES. Then we committed him to be baptized he said Yes. But he is leaving town for the holidays. So he will be baptized in January.
This week was just great!!!!!
I loved every min of it. I'm learning how to drive in the snow too:)
Oh by the way other day in Captain Cross fit we did: 80 pullups, 160 real pushups, and 240 air squats. It was so hard!
Can you send me a journal? nice one
By the way I think I lost my camera and it had the big memory card in it. I only lost a couple pictures but i can just get them from Nelson. So a new camera for Christmas would be nice haha
I love you a ton and I hope you have a great Day and Holiday. 
Elder Anderson

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