Sunday, February 5, 2012

December 19, 2011

I'm soooo excited to get to talk to you on Christmas!
What time will you be calling?
Yeah I'm way excited to call. Last time I cried right when I heard Chads voice cause he actually sounded like a man. weird huh. So we will be calling around 2 or 3. Its going to be funn. I'm bummed that the whole family wont be together the whole time. Oh well I'll just give ash a call after. 
Skpe? Did you ask your mission pres?No Skype sorry hahah I like the traditional way. 

I just looked at all the photos from Sister Taylor on her blog. They were great fun!
Loved the snowman in the truck!
Your looking good! lost some weight!
Yeah it was a hit. All the missionaries that have been in the valley there whole missions loved it. Our snow man was awesome. Sister Taylor loved it.
Yes I have lost some weight, ever since Captain crossfit. I played Racquet ball this morning. I'm ready to play Dad and beat him! 

How's Bill doing? Ready for the baptism on Christmas eve?
Bill is aweosme! He is now getting Baptized on Christmas right after sacrament. So we are having a WHITE Christmas.
We had such a good lesson with him this week. We went over the Baptism process and just solidified the Date. He is so solid now! His Testimony has grown so much Lately. He said " I just put my dealings and Struggles in Gods hand and everything just clears up" I love how he recognizes that the spirit is working in his life. Many of the people we teach don't realize it. Bill is just solid and we are super happy for him. 

Any other baptism news?
YES! Elder Nelson and I are really working hard to baptize weekly. Its going to happen to. we have another Baptism on Christmas as well. Her name is kylie she is a Miracle. So Shes not getting baptized in our ward. So She is Brother Rosencrans cousin. Kylie is 13 years old and has been through a lot in her life. Very Rough. So we saw her at the Rosencrans before they were getting baptized and she Sat in on the lesson. At first she hated us. Wouldn't even shake our hand. Then we started to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she felt the spirit for sure. At the end we were just messing around and Inviting her to be baptized. We invited her to the Rosencrans Baptism and she came. At the Baptism she said that she wanted to be baptized. Bishop Tenney who is the MAN! Invited her to be baptized. It was way cool. So Elder Nelson is going to baptize her on Christmas Eve actually. So cool! Miracles do happen.
So we have 3 baptisms planned for January.
James he's in the Ysa and Referred himself. He is so legit! Right now he's in Reno back at home. He even went to church there. So SOLID. His Family are not members so I hope that he Converts them. I love this guy.
Then we had a really good lesson with John and Carol. we watched the Prophet of the restoration. It was so good. They Both Believe that Joseph smith is a prophet so we invited them to be baptized. They said YES. So there planned to get baptized on the  14th. we are pumped! I love this work ! It is so great. I love really do love it out here and I learn something new everyday. I understand the gospel and our plan so much more  now. 

I also want to send something to the couple that you live with? See's candy? What do they like?
Well there really Old. The husband is Diabetic. So i don't know. you can think of something. 
Any ideas for your Mission Pres Family?Just send a Christmas card or something haha

Is there anything else you would like for Christmas? 
For the Mormon messages you can buy a video set at Deseret book or something. And can you Down load the New Prophet or the restoration off of
Hansen sause pls. and Am i getting Christmas Pj's? 
Are all your missionaries getting what they need? Or do they need a secret santa GIFT?
Let me know!
All the missionaries are pretty well of in our Zone thank you though. .

Anything else happening?
YEAH, I went the temple on weds. It was So great! I loved every min of it. I can't wait to go more Often when I get home cause the Guidance I receive in there is like nothing else. I understood it so much better, this time going. I love the temple so much! I can't even put my love for it in words. It's just the best. Every time I go i put Justin Andersons name in the Prayer role, I love that guy and I want whats best for him. I hope he is doing well. Anyways yeah it was Amazing!
On Sunday Cameron Blessed the Sacrament It was so cool! He is such a Great Member and Priesthood holder.
Our Homeless friend Austin Came to Ysa out of the Blue. It was so Awesome. He is so lost and confused. The Gospel will help him so much! He said " I cant be here, there is way to much peace" He was wigging out. But he stayed and Loved it. That was another Miracle!  

Please answer all these questions, even if it takes more time! I really need to mail these cards and gifts.
thats my Companions Moms email. He is my fav!
I dont have any Addresses I'm sorry. 
Let me know if there's another family you want me to send something too.
Are you going anywhere else on Christmas Day?
Just the Doyles and the Prongers right now :)
I love you a ton and have a great Christmas I will talk to you then. Love you ! 

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