Monday, June 6, 2011

May 2,2011

Do you get to watch any of the playoffs? NO,we don't get to watch the playoffs I wish haha. But I get the updates from members and friends out here. So it's all good. I am jealous that you get to go to the game though. 

Okay back to life...
How was the 
The baptism was awesome. They were a little late so I was stressing out. I got to baptize Dana, Carolyn, Neem, and Rochelle it was really fun and exciting. The spirit was so strong there. I had to Baptize Rochelle twice cause she like jumped out of my hands, so that was really funny. And I guess the second time I did it. I slammed her in haha so that was funny. She's the youngest of the family and just wild. But the baptism was really sweet. I got a picture with all of us in white and I think it is my favorite one so far. I just love being a missionary. There is no other place I would rather be. I love it here and we just keep baptizing we have another one next week on the 7th. I love it.
All of the investigators?
Our Investigators are AWESOME I love them. And they know that. I just love people I serve.
Jullian has a Baptism date now and he's getting baptized on the 28th. So were super pumped for him. He is the reason why I think I'm staying this transfer. I believe I was sent here to find him and be-friend him, because he has no friends at the church and now the whole ward has taken him in. And the way I got to teach him was by playing basketball with him. That's the only way I got to talk to him and teach him at the beginning. Now he loves the church and wants to learn more. It is so sweet. I love the guy.
Johnathon is doing great too. he has a baptism date on the 28th also. There going to be baptized together. That is going to be a great day. Baptism days are the most stressful but at the same time they are the best and make me feel so good that I guided them to salvation. I love it. But Johnathon is the man and he is so solid he pretty much teaches us the lessons.
Brittany well her baptism is this Saturday, so were super excited for her. We taught her last night and she taught us the lesson and we went over the interview questions she is so solid. Golden! So we have her interview today at 7 so that should be good. I love teaching people.
Sam and Hope they came to Church and we had a lesson with them. They just need to get enough money to get married and they need to stop their addiction, but Sam said he wanted me to baptized him. I love the man and he knows I do. I just want whats best for them and they are striving to do good. So were just helping them out with that.
Lopez family well there are 8 people in that family and they came to church all of them. So that was so awesome. We have a lesson with them on friday.
Your district?
Are you losing your companion? Nope we are staying together. No one got transferred in my district. The other Elders are moving into our apt though. Party haha.
Any good stories from your week?  Well the best story is probably having one of the best weeks in the mission. For progress and baptisms. We had 5 baptisms and 19 in church. That is like unheard of. The AP's called us and Congratulated us. That was sweet.
Well we ran into this crazy guy. Not really crazy but really smart and tried to prove us wrong we talked to him for like an hour too. He is a dentist some weird religion He doesn't believe in God and he believes in evolution,but we just talked to him about the plan of salvation and the church. He tried to throw trick questions at us. But the ending results were He said "well i'm never going to shake your faith cause you guys are really spiritual and IN, but if you were to convert me I know that God would have a Gold chair and maybe even fist pump you as you walked into to heaven. So here's what I'm going to do I'll give you my address and you guys can come by and we'll talk about the God stuff." We just said alright and were going to visit him this week, so that should be fun. 
What time do I get to talk to you on Sunday? I'll call you 6 pm az time. So have everyone there.  
I need some photos. I'll send you the photos today there really good.
Do you need anything other than the m tab cd?
No I'm good thank you. I can't think of anything right now.
Did you get my package?
Yes it is awesome. I've been making smoothies all the time. Thank you so much.
Make sure you wear sunscreen everyday, I don't want you getting skin cancer!!!!!
Do you want me to send you some good sunscreen? No but can you send me some 
tanning oil? haha
Thank you so much. I love you. And we will talk soon on the phone:)

Elder Trent

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