Monday, June 6, 2011

May 9,2011

Well I'm guessing you forgot to write me because I talked to you on the phone yesterday. But, I just thought I would write you and give you another update on my mission life.
So life is great. I truly love it out here. I'm not gonna lie I did get a little emotional yesterday on the phone and I think Chad made me the most emotional. I can't believe that little guy is growing up. I'm kinda bummed I'm not there to see him. But that's okay I'm doing more important things right now. That's really funny they ask themselves "what would Trent do?" haha I find it funny cause what I would do now, knowing everything I know. I would be a whole different kid. My mission has truly changed me. My thoughts are different. I always ask myself "what would Christ do?" and I just follow the spirit. Mom I'm sorry for being such a trouble case I truly feel bad. Ashley kinda brought that to my mind yesterday as I was talking to her on phone. So I'm sorry is there anything you would Like me to do? I mean I'll be coming home when Chad turns 16 so I'll make sure that he won't be a trouble case like I was. I just feel bad now. I wish so bad that I could go back in time knowing the things I know now. But that's life and that's what repentance is for. I have a strong testimony of repentance. My faith in Christ I would say is unbreakable and trust it has been tested out here. I love this Gospel. And I know that it blesses our family.
Well About my mission. Our Investigators are doing really well. We have 2 people with a date.
Jullian and Johnathon.  They are bother great guys. We were actually talking about missionary work it was awesome. They both want to serve missions. I can't believe God has trusted me to serve his sheep. I would have never thought this day would come when I was a junior in high school and LOST,  but it has a I have a strong testimony of it. I love teaching people about the gospel. I just love going to bed knowing that I guided someone to salvation. I helped them feel the spirit stronger in their lives. I LOVE IT. I also love the people I serve and when I say that I'm willing to take a bullet for Jullian and Johnathon cause I know that they are going to make great missionaries and I'm so glad God has given me the chance to be an example for them.
So living with other Elders is really fun. We don't go to bed on time though so I'm like extra tired all the time. But were tired all the time anyways ha. But it's fun. Before it was a little tough and lonely but now we have people to talk too and share our experiences from the day. I love it.
Well this week was really good. Brittany got Baptized. It was a really spirit filled baptism. We got to do our presentation right after. And we pretty much just teach the first lesson in 10 mins. Its really fun. I always cry though. Yes I'm still a crier. Ha But it's okay. The baptism was great and she said she felt like she was doing the right thing. She has a really strong spirit about her. I loved teaching her cause she would pretty much teach the lesson. After the Baptism we went to old country buffet. YUM I ate a lot of food and felt sick but that's good I need to eat more. I only weigh 168 pounds. LOL good life.
Well I love you very much and thank you so much for everything.
Elder Anderson.

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