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Trent's last five letter...i fail!

Elder Anderson at his recent zonw conference. 
April 18:

That's Sweet that you finished the BOM it is truly the BOMB haha I love that book so much and now I'm reading it again, but directing every verse towards my investigators point of view or how the verse can influence my life. It's so good. I love the BOM. It's actually one of the few books I have ever read all the way through, sadly but true. But yeah All my friends are getting called to the coolest area's I'm pretty jealous, but the lord has called me here for a reason and I'm finding that reason out right now to baptize this Navajo family and the Part member families. I have a really cool story and I'll tell you about it later. I love testimonies and the power they have. In my Pblessing it says I have the gift of Tongues, I truly know what that means and I think it's my testimony. This week was one of the best weeks I have had on my mission. I love the people here even though some hate us and yell at us, it's all worth it when that one guy that is just totally prepared to hear you message comes to you. That one guy out beats all the rude and mean poeple out here. I love this gospel.
Emily just got engaged last night to Justin...they are getting married July 30th.
Any new baptism dates?
YES we have 1 new one and now we have a total of 6 right now and soon to be 9 haha this area is just blowing up. We committed Brittney Perkins to be baptized and she is solid we just starting teaching her last week and we taught the plan of salvation to her on Sunday and she pretty much taught it to us. Her husband is a less active member and we teach them at their cousins. But she is awesome and kinda cute haha She's getting married though. She gets married 3 days after her baptism, so sweet. So i committed her to be baptized and then asked her what day she would like to do it and she said "not this Saturday but next one" haha and her soon to be husband said " that's pretty early honey they still need to teach you more" hah so she's getting baptized on the 7th. So awesome.
So we had 12 Investigators at church on Sunday in one ward. Could you imagine having 12 investigators in our home ward that's nuts. There was so many people there. It was by far the best Sunday on my mission. I love it out here so much. So yeah the Navajo family came to church. Sam and Hope Goodway came. Julian our new part member that we are teaching came with his sister and mom and we're teaching the sister now. The mom is a member and the husband ran off. Johnathon came to church and he is going to be baptized some time very soon. Our new investigator JESSE BRAVO he is the man. He's so pumped to learn more and a really smart guy I love the man. It was truly amazing to see everyone there, it made me so happy to be a missionary and helping others to come unto to Christ.
Cool story about Johnathon and Jesse. So we had a planned lesson with Johnathon and we couldn't get a member to come with us to the lesson even though he's our ward mission leaders brother, Bro. Bowley, but we taught him in the park and I was praying that we would have a good lesson and a miracle would happen. I always pray for Miracles cause God is a God of Miracles anyways we were teaching Johnathon in the Park and just as we started. Jesse and Angela come to play basketball, not knowing we were there. So we invited Jesse to sit in on the lesson and Angela is a member. That was truly an answer to my prayers and a Miracle and after our lesson I got to play a quick game of BALL. haha

Well Elder Carroll totally fell on his bike this week. It was the funniest thing ever hahah He went completely over the handle bars and everything. And the cars on the street started honking he was so embarrassed. Good stuff. It was his Bday yesterday too.

Really cool story and this is the one I was talking about in the beginning of my letter. So were teaching this kid Julian and his mom is a member. He is awesome and loves to play BALL. So we went over to his house and shot some hoops and before we went over there I felt that I should Write me testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it to him. I also wrote the steps of prayer. So after we played some ball and answered his questions. I gave him the Book of Mormon and told him to read Moroni 10, i didn't tell him that my testimony was written in the back. The next day I got a text from him saying "Dude, thanks for the note. I felt something inside me telling me to turn to the back. I prayed and i already feel his presence" it was so awesome and he is so solid I love the guy.

How's your companion? Are you sharing the goodies I send ?
Are you going to ride your bike when it gets really hot?
I'm in Idaho at Jake Rosza's farewell with Laurie and Libs.
Everyone says "Hi!"
It was a great farewell...he's going to be a great missionary he's going to Wash DC North.

Elder Anderson
April 10:

Is it starting to heat up?
haha Yeah it's starting to heat up, but we had a storm this past weekend and it got really cold like in the 50's hahha The weekend before that was twice that hot. They say that this summer is going to be record heat. So I'm pumped for that haha The heat is like the only foriegn thing about the mission and all the mexicans hahaa I have my spanish contact down. haha But we just hand the Spanish to the sisters, so we give them a lot of referrals and what not. But yeah it's getting hotter.

How are the Yazzie's doing? Are they getting baptized at the end of the month?
The Yazzie fmaily is doing good. They didn't come to church which was devastating, but that's life. They said they didn't feel comfortable there. So i got pretty pissed at the leaders and pretty much called them out in ward council. I was so mad I almost just walked out, but it's all good there going to be friend them and take them cookies and food. So that's good. Other then that they are awesome. We taught them the lesson about Jesus Christ and did some hands on activities. They loved it. I love teaching them cause there so open to learning and just awesome. I love this gospel and how easy it is to understand, just hard to stay in, cause the Lord wants us to be safe cause he loves us. but there doing really good and we have lessons with them this week. Yes there still planned to get baptized on the 30th.
Are they still teaching you Navajo? yeah I'm learning a couple words haha It's really hard though.
Sam and Hope Goodway?
Sam and Hope they are doing alright. They no longer have a date to be Baptized. It was really frustrating and stressful. They just can't get away from Cigs and Alcohol which is really said cause i know that this church will really bless their lives and they know it too. But they are just not willing to take the steps. We have a lesson with them tonight and I'm just going to be bold in a loving way. I love Sam and he told me that last night and gave me like 5 hugs. It's just so tough to see them just slide into the devils way. But there is opposition in all things. Hopefully they will walk the path to baptism some day. We pray for them all the time. And i love them a lot. It's tough.
Jonathon Bowley?
Well Johnathon will Prob be baptized soon. Were going to teach him this week and he played Bball with us last week and Loved it. He's way good too, so it's fun. By the way I'm getting pretty good too! So I'll definitely will be able to beat dad when i get back haah. But Johnathon is a really good kid. He's 16 and he was adopted by Brother Bowley our WML. So i'm not to worried about him.
Any other investigators?
YES we got a member referral which never happens NEVER. But we taught her yesterday and our lesson was awesome. She wants to be baptized so cool. She's a Part member her husband is less active. So hopefully he will go active when she gets baptized. The Lord truly does prepare his sheep for us. She already started to read the Book of Mormon and finished 1 nephi. It's awesome. the work just keeps progressing. Her name is Brittany. We taught them at the Perkins and the Perkins have some crazy dogs. 2 great Danes they are huge and we also got to take pictures with his ak-47 haha its sick. There a really nice family and way funny.
We also have another Part member that is AWESOME. His name is Bobby gray and he pretty much said he wants to be baptized. We taught him lesson 1, the restoration and it was one of the best lessons I have ever had. the spirit was so strong. Even though we had the spirit sucker brother crouse there It was awesome. He said he believes it all and Loves the Mormon church. So he was also prepared by the Lord for us. He also gave the closing prayer and the Spirit was so strong. There is no doubt that he will be baptized.
Anything else interesting happen this week?
haha that's pretty much most of it.
Elder Davenpot burned a shirt cause it was his year mark hah, so that was funn.
Loved the pics...thanks!!! Take more!
Are you eating better?
YES hahaha
Can you send me the Motab Showtime CD?
Thank you so much for everything. Seriously thank you, i love you some much and miss the family a lot. 

April 4: 

So this past week was really fun and crazy.

And by the way conference was way sweet. It's weird to think that I only have 2 more General conferences left. Time flies by out here.

But this week was really fun. We have 7 Investigators with a Baptism date in the month of April. So this is a good month. I just hope they all come through and don't drop us. We also met some pretty crazy people this week. But we meet crazy people all the time in Peroia the ghetto haha. I love it. So we have some new investigators in these really ghetto beat up apartments right next to ours. It's always fun going down there and just walking through. I always feel so safe. It's great.
How are the other investigators doing?
Our Investigators are doing awesome.
First off the Yazzie family (Navajo's) they are so much fun to teach. It's a family of 5 and the wife is not married. Their names are oldest to youngest. Caroline 17, Sherman 15, Meem 13, Rochelle they are awesome and Rochelle is crazy. She wants to be baptized so bad its funny. But we had a really good lesson with them. We taught the Plan of salvation with those flash cards you sent me they work really good by the way thanks. And they loved it. After Elder Carroll Committed them to baptism and they were all quiet for like 2 min. and then I said "ok everyone close your eyes and picture what heaven is like." and they closed there eyes and then I said " now describe to me what you see." and they said it was white, clean, joyfull. Then I said "who is there with you?" and they all said my family, God, and friends. and then i said  "now were able to go to heaven if we are baptized, so will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper authority of the priesthood?" and they said "YES" i was so pumped after that. So there going to be baptized on the 30th. I'm so happy for them.
Sam and Hope Goodway:
So Sam and Hope are doing really good. So we went to visit on tuesday just to see how they were doing and we went at the wrong time. They were in the middle of a fight and just really rude to each other. Hope let us in and just started talking about the situation and then Sam came in and started talking and it got all heated. Then Sam told us we need to get out and he also said the church isn't for him and he's not willing to change. So that just broke my heart I was mad after that. Right before we walked out the door he told us to turn around and look at him and he said he was sorry but it's just not the time for me. I didn't turn back I just left almost crying. Elder Carroll said he was sorry and stuff. But I just left. After we got out I was so mad. Like so angry. Well the next day I called to say I was sorry and stuff but they didn't answer. The next day we got a phone call at like 7 and it was Sam he said he was sorry for everything and said he wanted to see us that night. It was an answer to my prayers. I prayed forever that the Spirit will touch him and that he will call us back and he did. We went over there and it turned out that the day after there fight they read the Book of Mormon together. So we read a chapter with them and talked it was really good. I love them. It seriously tore me apart when they told us to leave and never wanted to see us again. But there back. I love this church and the Power of Prayer.
We got a new investigator this week too. His name is Johnathan Bowley, he's our ward mission leaders Brother in Peoria, it's awesome. So Brother Bowley adopted his Brohter and now we are teaching him. The blessings just keep coming as we work hard and are obedient.

Are you learning a little Navajo? How about Spanish?
Yeah I'm learning a little Navajo but it's a hard language. And yes I got my Spanish Contact down haha but that's all i know.
Any funny stories?
Funny stories well one of the missionaries in the other apartment got hit by a car and he's completely fine, but he is a Tongan missionary. So he's a tank. And the lady wasn't going that fast. But we have some crazy rules when it comes to getting hit by a car hahha. Safety first:)
Spiritual stories?
Well the answering to my prayers was prob the most spiritual part of the week.
How's the district doing? Do you have to check up on each missionary everyday?
The District is doing amazing, we have 10 investigators with a baptism date which is like un-heard of in the Peoria stake. So that's always good. But yeah I call some of the missionaries every night. It all depends on who I want to call so i just follow the spirit, but i don't have to call every day.
Thank you so much for everything. I love you all

March 28:
 So this week went really well. I mean we had 8 Investigators at church, so it doesn't get better then that. But I'll talk about it more later. 
Elder Carrol and I are getting along pretty well. I mean a lot better then i expected cause we have nothing in common.
But this week went really well. Elder Davenports new missionary is pretty sweet and he plays bball, but we'll see about that today haha. I love playing basketball. I'm so glad I played before i came out cause that's all we play here.

Well about the area a little?
So it's starting to get pretty hot. I'm getting some pretty crazy tan lines haha. And I'm going through a summer right before I come home, so I'll have some crazy ones when i get home hahhaha. I'm starting to love this area especially cause their actually work now. It is ridiculous how much this place has grown since I've been here. I love it.
About our investigators:
Dana and the Family (Navajo's) They are awesome. I love teaching them. teaching people that don't know anything about Jesus Christ is the coolest thing ever. Some times I do not feel like I'm in the states haha, but we watched the Prophet of the restoration with them and they loved it. Dana wasn't feeling well, so we gave her a blessing and the next day she was feeling great. The power of a blessing is the coolest thing ever and I love giving them. They also came to church and sat in the front row. I bore my testimony about prayer and love. I cried, but i cry every time. So we have appt with them this week and were gonna give them a Baptism commitment for April 30th. So hopefully they will cont. to keep there commitments.
Sam and Hope Goodway: I love them. Sam calls us all the time to see how we are doing and just tells us he loves us. He's the guy that was taught in prison. I love the man. They came to church as well it was there 3rd time. They are just awesome. They just need to get married. But there baptism is planned for the 16th, but it might get pushed back cause of the marriage. But their golden.
This Sunday was just awesome. Having 8 non members there was so awesome. I just had a smile on my face the whole time. We even had 2 less actives that we are working on there. The chapel was full. We also have a new tongan family in our ward and 6 of them bore there testimonies it was so sweet. Best Sunday of my life so far haha.
Funny stuff:
Well we went to Franks house last night and his uncle was there and He's cleaning up his life. Robert he's a good guy and has a lot of faith. So he offered to say the prayer and he put his hands out so we said a prayer together holding hands. It reminded me of Dad and the dinner table. I loved and he said the funniest prayer I've heard out here.
Well i love it out here and Thank you so much for all that you have given me. I got the package with my retainer and it still fits:) so thats good.
Oh i need a scripture case by the way hahah I gave mine to George cause he doesn't have one and he's off to the national guard in Missouri. He loved it though and I also gave him the ETTE pin. I love that man. 
And do you think i could get a Kobe Jersey shirt hahah Not a jersey cause i can't wear those with Garments but a Jersey shirt. Thank you and I love you. I hope your safe i pray for the family everyday all the time. 

Love Elder Anderson

March 21:
 First off this week went really well. I loved it. We had a baptism on Friday which was awesome and we have a lot more work. When i first got here in Peoria this area was completely dead and I did get a little depressed, but now we have 7 progressing investigators and 2 baptisms in Wards that haven't had a baptism in a year. I love it. When we work hard and are obedient the Lord Truely does bless us. I love it. We also got to do 2 blessings this week and the spirit is so strong during them. I love using the Priesthood and I just love this Gospel and everything about it.

So how was the baptism? I want photos!
That day was the best day of my mission. I was so nervous to baptize him at first and when the moment came i was just at peace. The baptism was great. I only had to dunk him once, so that was good. Keep in mind George is only like 5 feet if that so it was really easy. After the baptism when we were changing I asked him "so how do you feel?" and he said "I feel like the weight on my shoulders is gone and I feel like I'm bouncing around in a Bounce house just super light" later on he said "It was weird cause usually wet clothes feel heavy but i couldn't even feel them". I know that this church is true and we do need that Authority to baptize. I honestly love watching people change there lives. It makes all the hard work worth it. George is the man. On Sunday he got the Holy Ghost and that was awesome Brother Crous gave him that. But we got to stand in and the spirit was so strong and again he said" I just felt lighter and I also felt like someone was picking me up." Gosh its awesome. He also has the priesthood now as well. So he's going to get to baptize his wife and hopefully i will get to see them get sealed in the temple in a year. I love it.
Yes i took pictures and I'll send them today.
How were transfers? Did you get any new missionaries?
No one got transferred in my district. So, no new missionaries. But we are getting a new Zone leader so thats exciting.
How are the investigators doing?
Our Investigators are doing great.
Sam and Hope Goodway are awesome. This is the guy that took the  lessons in prison. There not married yet but soon to be on the 2nd, Im pretty sure. So we had a lesson with them in the church and we taught the plan of salvation I love this lesson cause it just answers all the questions. Anyways we committed them to be baptized and then we had Sam pray for a date and everyone in the room felt good about april 16th, so there getting baptized then. Im so pumped for them. That's in the peoria ward so hopefully the members will kick in. They don't believe in missionary work in that ward but were working on it. But they are solid and have come to church 2 times already. I love them.
We also have a Navajo family that we are teaching. Single mom with 4 kids. It awesome cause the kids don't even know who Jesus Chirst is. So we just start from the basics I love it. And there awesome. I even got to learn some Navajo, but they were laughing at me the whole time. We have a lesson with them tonight and were teaching the Plan of salvation with pictures and acting so this should be interesting haha. But it's always fun teaching them and they came to George's is baptism and the younger girl came up to me after and said "when are you going to baptize me ?" I just said Oh very soon. So hopefully we will be able to baptize the Navajo Family that would be sweet. I've been praying for a family to teach my whole mission.
The work is GOOD!!!!
Any funny stories?
Yeah so we were at a members house last night for dinner and the whole family and some cousins were there. And I noticed that the fur on these teddy bears was completely gone. So i asked why and this little boy comes up to and says this is why and he plucks some off and plugs one nose with his finger and snorts the fur up his nose and then cracks up. It was so funny. The little kid totally reminded me of Caden Rozsa. It was way funny.
We also ran into a crazy mexican guy on the street and started talking to him and he was just super excited to talk to us and it was way funny as well. I'm pretty sure there was something wrong with him. but a really nice guy though.

How are your Wards? Are they feeding you?
The wards are good. I'm finally starting to get everyones names down haha. But yeah we don't really get fed in the Peoria ward but the Windrose Park ward feeds us like everyday for half the month ha So that's good. It saves money.
I love you and send me some pictures of our house i want to see it all done. thanks 

Elder Anderson

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