Monday, November 1, 2010

First Baptism!

My week was really good. I went up to Wickenburg 
on Tuesday for transfers which was pretty awesome and I got to teach some really poor families like they were living on the dirt with no air conditioning  and we got kicked out of a mobile home place haha. But the week has been good.

The old people feed us like pigs. I'm talking like 5 course meals its crazy, I love that Ward. Oh we had a trunk or treat 
on Saturdaywhich was way fun, I have some pictures i'll send them to you. Halloween was fun we weren't aloud out though, but we just hung out at a members and ate candy.

Did the Baptism happen 
on Friday?
Yes it was so cool. The spirit is so strong at baptisms. Elder Beard performed it and I got to teach the lesson in front of everyone and I got to witness. And i got a baptism on my record sheet. The baptism went really well. Carissa is an awesome girl. she's 23.

What was your best meal of the week?
Halloween night we had burgers and potatoes at the Browns their awesome members and they take care of us all the time.

Best spiritual moment?
The baptism was pretty spiritual and giving the missionary lesson was pretty fun. But Giving blessings are prob the best, the spirit is so strong and there just awesome to give.

Best Elderly moment? (since more than half of the people you see are over 55)
Well at church the old people crack the stupidest jokes and its so funny.  

Anything else?
Borther Heeter is forsure going to be baptized on the 20th and i Love the man. He jokes a lot and never turns off the tv so we get to watch the football games while teaching him haha, but its way good and the lessons with him are awesome.

Love you,
Elder Anderson

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