Monday, November 8, 2010

Write Elder Anderson

How was your week?
 My week was pretty good and fun, we work super hard. Thanks for the package and the gifts. We tracked a lot this week and got 6 new Investigators and they are awesome. I feel like I'm getting a lot better at door approaches and teaching in lessons. But it is pretty scary. You would be amazed on how many poeple hate us.I just feel bad for those people. But my week has been good. Oh we got a new mission leader in my ward Kingswood Park, he's an FBI agent and does swat. So he has some pretty crazy stories.
What was your favorite spiritual experience?
Oh on Friday Elder B and i went on a walk and contacted and visited some poeple, then we came back to the apt. to go to the bathroom and we decided to pray to see what street to go tracking on, so we prayed in front of a map. Right after the prayer the sprirt was telling me to go to 160th st. so we went and the 2nd house we knocked on was an older Mexican lady super nice. She invited us in and we taught the first lesson at the end we asked if we could pray with her. Right then she said "I was praying on my knees out side asking God to bring me someone to pray with and then you guys came" that was one of the coolest moments i have had on my mission so far. We are going to teach her this week and I'm so pumped. We also got 2 other investigators on that street and a less active lady. So that was a really good day.

Do you have any interesting investigator stories?
Well Brother Heeter's baptism date is pretty much solid and he's one of my favorite people to teach. He jokes around a lot and the spirit is pretty strong when we start teaching.
One of the recent members got Kidney stones and we went over and gave him a blessing, the next day we went over he said the pain left right after we left and this guy is awesome and his faith is so strong.
What was the best and worst food you ate?
The best food would prob be Chicken and mashed potatoes they were way good.
Worst we don't really get bad food, but i would have to say spinach casserole.

When's your next Baptism?
Our next baptism is on the 20th we have two on that day. And they are solid.

Do you have a lot of discussions set up? Any interesting meeting or events during the discussions?
Yeah kinda but all we really do is practice teaching and the President tells us what to do. We can text now hahah.
We also had a badminton tournament today.
Sister Beck will prob add pictures of it on her blog.
Any other favorite event of the week?
I met 2 of the Cardinal Cheerleaders this week that was pretty awesome. haha
Oh we went to a MLB game AFL east vs AFL west it was pretty awesome.
I want girls to write me hahaha

I love you,
Elder Anderson

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