Friday, November 19, 2010

He is Challenging Us.

How are you doing?
I'm doing Great. I honestly love it out here. Transfers were today, but im staying in Surprise and my Companion got called a DL district leader so that's exciting.

So how was your week?
My week has been really good. We got 2 new investigator's that I'm hoping will let us teach them the lessons and get baptized.
But I have a Question- How is your missionary work
Mom our missions never stop we are always an example and there are 3 things that you need to teach:
1. Faith in Jesus Christ
2. The Restoration
3. believing in the Book of Mormon 
We all have these things, so I challenge you to have someone take the lessons in our home by the missionaries.

What was the best thing that happened?
We had 2 Baptismal Interviews and they are getting baptized 
on Saturday.
I'm so excited. Mark and Bro. Heeter. I love them.

Funniest event?
Well my Comp. ate it on his bike which was really funny... showing off in front of some sisters.

You spent some time with your Pres and Sister 
Beck. How was that? Did you get to know them a little better?
Yeah we had a meeting that was fun and we had a badminton tournament . Yeah they love me.
Are they strict?
Yes they are strict but that's a good thing.

How are the baptisms coming along?
They are coming along great. There shouldn't be any problem.

What happened with the Mexican lady that was waiting for you to come pray with her? Did she have another discussion?
Yah we  taught her the 1st lesson and she wants to come to church this Sunday. She is so solid and way nice.

Have you gone golfing yet?
Nope:( we're always really busy. Golf takes up too much time.

Any other stories you want to share?
Well, I had the inside of a Cows milk system its called trepes. It was really gross and I got a little sick. The Milk was cooked in like this tub of meat. way dirty.
We had it at a Mexican house.
I love you and yeah I'll email Jeff if i get time.

Elder Trent Anderson

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