Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos and Letter this Week!

Highlights from Elder Trent Anderson's letter:
The mission is so awesome and thats exciting.
I'm a little jealous you got to see all my friends, I miss those guys a lot.

What was your best experience of the week:
Probably giving this old man a blessing at the hospital. The spirit was so strong.  It was crazy and the man is alright now.
Funniest moment:
Well there's a bunch since my comapnion is like 300 pounds, this old man we were contacting called him fat that was pretty funny.  He also broke his wheel on his bike when he went off a jump, so that was pretty funny too.

Spiritual moment:
Well I pretty much already told you. We have a hospital in our area, so we give a lot of blessings. And commiting brother Heeter to baptism was pretty spiritual. So I have 5 baptisms in the next 30 days.To answer the question about what to say? I just follow the spirit.

Best companion moment:
Well we have a mini b-ball hoop in our apartment so we play horse all the time and he never beats me. so when he won yesterday and did a little dance and totally tripped and fell over, it was way funny. But we get along very well and work hard.

Anything else happen?
I have 5 baptisms. One is this friday.
I bore my testimony in zone conference in front of all the missionaries.
The members here are so awesome . I love them. The Smith family is so nice and their just awesome.

That's it, I love you!
Elder Trent Anderson 

Trent sent me his memory card, so enjoy the pictures! He is having a great time!
Be sure to write him! He is getting lonely!

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