Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 8, 2011

So this week has been really good. I have learned a lot from our new mission president. We have a couple different rules now. OUR MUSIC RULE CHANGED. Were allowed to listen to anything spiritual and uplifting. So that's pretty sweet. We made a member burn us efy 2011 and I love it. Best CD ever. wow that's weird that I'm all exctied over efy and church music. My life has changed a lot. Oh well I love it. Anyways we also got rid of a couple other rules and Our mission president just wants us to have more trust in him. I really hope the missionaries take it the same way the Zone leaders took this news. Cause its not in effect for the rest of the mission till the 17th. So we get to listen to all the good music before every one less. So that's pretty sweet. So President Taylor is a whole lot different then Pres. Beck. Like opposites cause President Taylor is all about the trust and he is very emotional and loving. Which I really like about him.

So this week has just been pretty crazy. As zone leaders we go to a ton of meetings and they take up so much time. By the way i just signed a rock that is going to be going into the phoenix north temple. So I'll have a little piece of the temple. So I'm way happy about that. I can't wait to come back and go through that temple. Your welcome to come with me I guess haha.
So there's been some cool spiritual experiences that have happened this week. As we plan out our day we like to open the windows of Heaven and set a time and place where we will be and we know that the lord will prepare some one there. But the key is we must stay obedient and worthy to receive the blessings. So we had a time picked out and a place and I knew that we were going to find a family to teach. So we got to that place and we said a prayer, then we walked out and there was a black guy and his family that just pulled up during our prayer and we talked to him and it turns out he was being taught down in the valley. When he moved up here he lost tract of the church and we found him through faith and obedience. It was just a great testimony builder and I'm so happy for that moment.
Our new missionaries are awesome. I love the missionaries here. I went on exchanges with Elder Giles one of our new missionaries in the area and we just had so much in common. He also has a pretty cute sister that he told me I could write. Anyways we had some really good and spiritual lessons that day. We met with Albert Black and the spirit was there for sure he even pointed it out. He just needs to read the Book Of Mormon and I know that he will be baptized. Soon! 
I got the chance to do another Baptism Interview. I got to Interview brother Beavers and he is like legendary. He's been taking the lessons for 6 years and now is going to be baptized on the 13th. I'm so happy for him.  He told me to show Dad this its the new building tech. He's a really nice guy and has a patent on that company. We had a really good time during the interview and he is so ready for baptism. 
Korik is doing really well.  He is still set for the 3rd of September to be baptized.
I seriously can't wait for him to receive the blessing of baptism. It's going to help him out so much. I just love this gospel so much. 
We have ZONE MEETING this weds. And were hiking Thumb Butte it's a sweet mountain you can look it up online, it is going to be so awesome. At the top were going to do like what we use to do at June lake on Sunday where we split apart and write a letter and testimony, but its going to be to your companion. I'm way excited.
Anyways life is good as a missionary. The members here are so awesome. The Doyles are taking us to bowling and chillies they feed us so well. I love that family. 
I love you so much and thank you for everything.
Elder Trenton

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