Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 15, 2011

So this week went really good. The weather here reminds me a lot like home. I swear it is like the same.
Our zone meeting was so awesome. Seriously it was the coolest thing ever. I can't believe we actually thought of it. Anyways this is the lay out of the zone meeting.
So at the base of the mountain we had a talk on attitude and how it is important that we keep a good attitude on our missions and towards others. Then we started the hike up Thumb Butte. It was sweet. Then half way up we had a talk on Urgency and elder Kelley said that one. He did a really good job. Kelley is crazy and a really good missionary he knows how to work hard. Then we cont. up the mountain. towards the top we had an other talk on Diligence, then we cont and had another talk on humility elder Nuttall gave that one he is the most humble missionary out here and he is super smart. Then near the top we had another talk on trials and the spirit was just so strong the whole way up. Oh something I forget to add all the missionaries had to pick a rock at the bottom and carry it with them. So when we got to the top some of the missionaries went to the very top and I took a little rock climbing, so we broke the rules but I had to go to the very top, you know me... All or nothing. Anyways so after we went to the very top. Elder Juchau talked about the rocks that we all carried up and how those are our trials and burdens. Then we made a Shrine like a rock tower with them all and it showed our hard work and not to give up cause the end results are beautiful. Then I gave a talk on Our PRESCOTT ZONE PURPOSE it is so sweet. We have like our own little rap that we say now. So I just pumped up the missionaries to serve harder and love everyone. Then I gave a talk about how to have a better attitude and have FUN with the work. Cause if your not having fun your going to get depressed. So have fun and BAPTIZE. It was pretty sweet. Then we had a testimony meeting, it was so spiritual. The spirit was so strong coming from these great missionaries. Seriously it brought tears to my eyes. Then we all went off and studied and prayed at the top. I received an answer to my prayers as I studied and prayed up there. The spirit was just so strong. And I know why I'm out here. After that we hiked down and took pictures. It was AWESOME!
We went on a lot of exchanges this week. We're now going out with every missionary in the zone. So that's fun, we get know our missionaries a little better. They are 24 hr exchanges. I got to go out with the new missionary in our Zone Elder Estes. He is awesome. I love that guy we got along very well and I helped him out a lot cause I struggled at the beginning and now he is going through the same thing. So that was nice to help him out.
I also got to go out with Elder Pugsley in Paulden, we taught a really good lesson that day as well with Jacob Ford their investigator we got him to put all his cigs and chew in a brown bag and wrote Coffin on it. Then we buried it in his back yard. It was awesome.
Brother Beavers Baptism went really awesome. He is just going to be such a good member. After the baptism he gave a 30 min testimony and talked about how he is going to build up church. He's Awesome.
This morning we got to play racquet ball it was way fun, so tell Dad I'm going to beat him when i get home hah.
I love you,
Elder Trent Anderson

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