Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 29, 2011

Well this week as been pretty sweet except my Companion Elder Juchau has been sick almost every morning so we don't get out to work till like 12. It drives me crazy. I lose my mind when I stay in to long. I think it is my ADD. But I just love to work cause it keeps my mind focused on the work and not home, so I think that he is going to get transferred down to the valley (Phoenix) on the 6th when transfers come. I can't believe I've been here for 3 months already. Time just flies by like crazy.
How is the progress with Chuck and Korick? Any other new investigators?
Chuck is doing alright. He fell and cracked his head open. So we haven't been able to meet with him for a while. I really do hope everything goes well. He is an awesome guy. His Mom is crazy though she is 93 years old and I swear that she is losing her mind. But we love her. Hopefully we will be able to teach chuck this week. We are in the valley for 3 days this week which is pretty crazy. Just a ton of meetings, that's the only downside on being a zone leader, we have so many meetings. I learn a lot though at those meetings.
KORIK is doing awesome. He is going to be baptized on the 3rd of September. He wants me to Baptize him too, so I'm so excited to do that. I love preforming Baptisms. I can't wait for his baptism and he is going to be such an awesome member. He already invited a friend to church and he brought him with him. He's doing Missionary work already. I love that guy.
We got a new Investigator she just showed up to church on Sunday and now were going to be teaching her soon, I hope. So that was really neat and I've been praying hard for a new solid investigator cause once Korik gets baptized we won't really have any solid investigators. So that was neat, the power of prayer is real.

How are your missionaries doing? Do you have any troubles?
Our missionaries are doing great. One of them had to go home due to medical problems, so we have been in a 3 sum all week. Elder Jeffs is with us and he is a Spanish missionary. But other then that our missionaries are AWESOME!!

Do you think you will get transferred?
No i don't think I'm getting transferred. but my companion I'm pretty sure that he is. He's been here for 10 months.

Have you made good friends with any of the ward families?
Yeah I love the members up here. I Love Doyle family and a couple others that I'm pretty close to.

Do they ever take you golfing?
NO not yet. But I WILL.

Did you get your package? YES I got it thank you so much. I love the pants. 
Do you need anything?
Can i get a Quad scriptures. Cause I brought my Seminary ones.
And if its not to much can i Get a leather back note book. like the folder type ones that lawyers have!
Thank you so much for everything. I love you!
Elder Trent

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