Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 14

How was your week?
This week has been awesome. We got a couple new investigators, like 8 to be exact. hhahaha I love it out here.

And to answer your question before. My teeth are a little messed up and i think it;s from drinking soda haha so I stopped. But can you send me my Retainer i think it's in the night stand by my bed. in a box. YESSS I'm getting all your packages I love them. thanks for the gift cards too. If you send them Priority mail then they send them right away. But yeah getting mail is the best.

That's awesome that your almost done with the BOM.
I gave a talk 
on Sunday and we had 5 investigators there. It was really weird cause I was not nervous at all. My talk was on my own conversion story and I talked about the BOM and reading in 60 days as a mission. I loved it. And i brought up you and your reading and how reading the BOM can truly bless your life. I started to cry right when I brought up family. It was sad, but everyone really liked my talk. It was 25 min long I never thought I would be able to give a 25 min talk, but i loved it and we had a bunch of investigators there. This week was really good!!!
Is George getting baptized this week?
YESSSSSSS, He's getting baptized on the 18th and I'm baptizing him. I'm so pumped and nervous. It's going to be a great day. We had a lesson with him and Brother Crouse like 2 weeks ago when we committed him to be baptized and he said yes and at that moment I knew i was going to baptize him. I love the guy.
About my other Investigators:
Fernando i guess use to be in a gang and he has a bullet hole in his back and a bunch of scars from knife fights, so that cool and he really likes our visits and loves to learn more about Jesus Christ. He grew up in Oxnard. So pretty ghetto. Oh he's also been to jail and stuff. I llove the guy.
We have a new solid Investigator. his name is Sam Goodway we just got out of Prison in December he's not on parole or probation any more. He took the lessons in prison and went to church there. He lives with his Fiance and Sister and Mother. Very poor. I gave him one of my Shirts and a tie so he doesn't feel weird at church. He's like in his 30's with a baby. He is awesome and told us he wants to be baptized. So when your obedient blessings do come your way. Sam found us too. His future wife wants to be baptized as well. I love it.
Were also teaching a Navajo family. There really nice and we hope to help them strengthen there faith in Jesus Christ. I love them. It's a Family of 4 and I have been praying for a family to teach ever since I came to Peoria. So life is good here. I Love it.
How's your room mates?  Do you have just your greenie?
I just live with my SON. In a 2 bed room appt. It's pretty nice just in a little ghetto area. We hear the sirens and police everyday haha Its pretty crazy. I Love it though. Elder Carroll is doing really good though. He's kinda cocky, but he has nothing to be cocky about so its funny. Anyway I Love him.
How's your district? Are you having a good time with them?
My District is going really good. I went on Exchanges with Elder Scafer and learned a lot from him. he's crazy, but It's really good and we might get another sister in the district this transfer. So I'm excited.
Any fun activities?
Well i got to do a baptismal Interview so that was sweet. I love doing those interviews. Only a few people in the world hold that authority to interview someone to get baptized and I'm so glad the Lord has trusted me with that.
Funny story:
So we had a lesson and this is like 3 miles from our appt. And we locked our bikes up and went to our lesson. I come back and my front tire was flat. I was so pissed, so I called the other elders and they said they would pick us up. So we were waiting for them on the street and this big truck drives by and then backs up towards us. I was like sweet a member is going to help us or give us money or something. Instead it was a guy that just started bashing with us. So we just started going at it cause I was pissed anyways. He believed that Saturday was theSabbath Day and I asked where did you find that out and he said the Internet. i just started laughing and made some mean comments I shouldn't have, but he ended up taking a Book of Mormon and said he was going to read it. GOOD STUFF.
Are you playing bball everyday or exercising? Are you using the perfect push-ups I sent?
Do you want me to send you an ab wheel?
Yeah I'm using them. But the Ab wheel would be sweet thanks.
Thank you so much for everything Mother and Family.
I Love you!

Elder Trent Anderson

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