Wednesday, March 23, 2011

February 21

How are you?
Well this week was Great. I am doing great. I'm starting to get some pretty crazy tan lines and what not haha. We are starting to teach a lot more people now. Finally our teaching pool is big ha. We are teaching up to 7 people right now and they are awesome.
On Saturday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and we went to my area. We extended 3 baptismal commitments. And all of them said "yes". So we should have some baptisms coming up. None of them have dates yet but that is soon to come, we are truey finding the Lords elect. And that is what I have been praying for since I have been here. So it is great and I know that our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I just love this Gospel and everything about. It's so hard not to believe it's true. But that's why were here. This past week has just been awesome. I swear the Harder I work, even though I have no feeling in my legs and all I want to do is sleep, I am way more happier with myself. In my room I have a picture of Christ and underneath it I have written "Elder Anderson what have thee done to feed my sheep today?" It is so great that I'm able to tell Heavenly Father in my prayers that I gave it my ALL. I just Love missionary work it's that simple. Just watching people truly change their life around and strengthen there faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is awesome. I love it!
How are your investigators James and George? Any progress?
We haven't been able to contact James yet but George is doing awesome. We had the first lesson with him and he understands it all. He has such a sweet spirit to him, but he does talk a lot haha. The lesson was very spiritual and It went really well. We have another lesson with him tomorrow so I'm pumped to go teach him again.
We also got a couple more investigators. Fernando he is the man and we have a lesson with him tomorrow as well and he said that he would be baptized. We are also teaching the Garcia family and we have a lesson with them on Saturday. They are really nice people, Catholic but Good Catholics make good Mormons hahah. I love teaching people.

Anything funny, spiritual, inspiring stories?
Yesssss I fell on my bike hah. So there is this curb and then some dirt going up hill and another curd. I decide to ride up it, so I jumped over the first curb and I was riding up and about to jump the second curb and be aware there was a member up on the top with milkshakes for us. So i wanted to show off a little bit. So I went to jump over the second curb and my front tire caught the curb and I totally went over the handle bars. It was great. Except I kinda hurt my finger and bike hahah GOOD STUFF. I got a milk shake though and the member couldn't stop laughing haha.
Oh i also got a Valentine from this little Mexican girl that lives in our apartment complex haha she's like 7 years old and she gave me a chocolate heart and some stickers haha it was awesome.
I also have the biggest Crush on Tangled haha One of the members bought me a book and stickers and a pin of Tangled it was awesome. I love that girl hahahaha
Best drink ever- CHOCOLATE COKE at SONICS haha I get them every Tuesday with our Ward mission leader haha HE's awesome.

Elder Trent Anderson

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