Wednesday, March 23, 2011

February 14

How was your week?
This week was really hard and difficult at some points. It was hard cause we only had one lesson with an investigator so that was tough. We continue to work hard though, We are in finding mode cause a lot of our investigators blew us off. It's sad but they will have their time to come unto Christ, just not right now:(. But the good news about this week is "MY SON" (Elder Carroll) he's a really good guy and we get along. He likes to work hard but that's because he's new haha. We did a lot of finding and got 2 pretty solid investigators. I'm starting to get some pretty crazy tan lines. Summer time is going to kill me but I'm actually really excited.
We got into a little Bible Bash with a Women and I put her to shame it was awesome haha Probably not good, but she was asking for it. And it just wasn't the time to mess, I was having a bad day cause a lot of our appointments fell through. But we have to just keep working the Lord never took breaks in time of need. We teach this inactive guy, his name is Frank really good man and we just read the Book of Mormon with him. One night we went over he said " the spirit is always so strong with you guys and I have decided I'm going to go to church this week" and he came it was awesome. He only stayed for 1 hr, but that's good for beginners haha. I love serving and being aMissionary even though it is really tough. The Lord said "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth" I love that quote.
Any new investigators?
We have 2 new investigators.
James: he's a Free mason and he seemed really interested in learning more, so we will see how committed he is. But a great guy last time we met with him I helped him with his
changing his car brakes. haha I don't really know how, but I tried. It was pretty funny.
George: he is a great guy and we had a really good lesson with him yesterday. The spirit was there and our Ward Mission leader did a really good job. I love my ward Mission leader funniest guy ever. Brother Crouse, he takes us to Sonic every Tuesday after splits haha. But George is a awesome man and he is really interested about learning more and we have a lesson planned for this weds. I'm pumped.
What happened to the lady from Pete's baptism that told you she wanted to be baptized?
She is getting baptized on the 26th of Feb.I'm really excited. We're not teaching her though. The other missionaries in my District are though and they are great guys.
Does Pres Beck stress reactivating member as much as getting investigators and baptisms?
Not really big on the in-actives mainly cause that's the wards problem, but we have like 6 less-active lessons a week.

Are your wards really active or are there a lot of in-actives?
Our wards are super in-active its ridiculous. We have over 80 elders that are inactive. Crazy stuff.
How's the trainee doing? Who is he and where is he from?
My SON is doing really well. His name is Elder Carroll. He likes to collect rocks haha. He's from Pocatello ID. All of my companions are from ID i don't understand. He is willing to work hard that's what I love about him. We really don't have much in common, but we both believe in Jesus Christ which is good. Oh I pulled a prank on him Brother Crouse and I and Carroll were doing visits and we told E.Carroll that we were going to visit a crazy man and he is a Jehovah Witness haha But the guy was really one of our Ward missionaries and he just yelled at us and we yelled back and Elder Carroll was just freaking out, it was really funny. Then we told him it was just a prank haha I love it.
I also love teaching him how to contact people and teach. It's pretty crazy cause I'm pretty new, but i love it! Missionary work is awesome!
Elder Carroll also had to give a 15 min. talk on his first Sunday out in the field. I felt kinda bad for him.
How's your district doing...are they working harder and making progress?
They are doing a lot better and finally starting to trust me and listen to me. So that's good. We have doubled our contacts as a district from last week which is great. And I challenged everyone to extend 2 baptismal invites a day and they are starting to do it. So the district is doing really well.
What was your favorite moment of the week?
Well, I had cow cheek so that was pretty good. Next week I'll prob get the tongue haha gross.
But my favorite part of the week was definitely the prank we pulled on Elder Carrol. It was classic.
I love you and thank you for everything.
I love the packages too. 

Elder Trent Anderson

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