Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 13th

How was your week?
This week has been really good. The highlight of this week was probably interviews with the President. I love President Beck he is such a good leader and he is so smart. Our mission is the best mission in the world because of him. We got 3 new awesome investigators. Two of them are 13 and 16 yr old sisters and there Navajo. They are so much fun to teach and we are going to extend a baptism date on Tuesday hopefully. What ever the spirit directs. This week was really fun. I fell on my bike finally but I'm fine :) I love it out here and the members are so awesome. 

Do you get to go to Christmas programs, ward party's, etc?
We only went to one which was pretty nice, because there kind of a waste of time. I would much rather be working on the street and going door to door. then sit through a Christmas program. But it was fun. The Kingswood Park ward has a really small youth program and no 16 and 17 year olds, its really weird.
Any cool spiritual events happen this week?
Yeah we gave one of the sisters a blessing of comfort. Because Elder Beard is DL, so she asked for a blessing. The spirit was super strong and I love to have the spirit with me all the time. Its such a Blessing.
Funniest experience?
haha Well i went on exchanges with Elder Bell we live with him and he is so funny. Such a good missionary and works super hard. He's 100% obedient which gets a little annoying, but he has some crazy ideas. We saw some little kids fighting in a park. Like completely fighting, punches to the face so we just stopped and watch them it was funny and then they saw us and ran up to us and sad some rude things and we gave them a pass along card.
Are you still giving lots of blessings?
Well not has much as i would like. But yeah kinda.
Any baptisms scheduled?
Nope:( not yet we have 3 golden investigators though soon to be schedlued.
Do you think you will be transferred soon?
Yeah Im most likely going to be transfered on the 28th. Cause my training is done. :(
We get trained for 2 transfers and then the trainee is usually transferred after. I really don't what to leave though.

Are you still buying that crappy food? I thought you had cooking class for a few semesters. You better be eating, bananas, oranges, cheese sticks, yogurt, carrots, granola bars, energy barspeanut butter and jelly sandwiches, subway, no soda and easy on the fried foods and frozen fried crap and you better be exercising a lot or your going to come back here 250lbs.
hahaha Im eating good. Ramen and frozen food is good for you :). Im kidding i eat fruit and juice but i do eat a lot of frozen foods.
Yes I exercise every morning.

Love you,
Elder Anderson

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