Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 20th

How are the 3 golden contacts?
They are doing really well. Brother Maul is taking the lessons we had a lesson with him on Friday and he is doing really well. He pretty much committed himself to baptism.
Richard is awesome he came to church on sunday and we are going to teach him this week. We dropped in on him on Friday and he told us he had a vision it was crazy he described it as if he were at the temple. "A big white room with the women on the left and the men on the right and god was at the front" He is so awesome.
Then we taught Bilma and Jodi on Friday too and their lesson went really well and they will most likely be baptized in the next month. :) we are starting to spark up again. I love teaching people about the gospel.
Any new investigators?
Yeah we got a new investigator on Saturday, but we'll see how it turns out. He was a very nice guy and interested in learning more.

How's your ward's doing?
Kingswood park is awesome and the members are so nice to us. I love that ward.
Sun City west will most likely be dropped at transfers on the 28th. I really hope i won't get transferred but there is a very good chance that i will cause my training will be down.
I gave a talk in sun city west ward, it went really well and I cried. And the spirit was really strong.
Is the 55 and older ward really quiet? Do they involve you?
haha yeah it is the quietest ward i have ever been in. And the sacrament is served by 60 yr old men is pretty funny.
What else happened this week?
Funny story After dinner with one of the grandmas on weds night. She came in to hug us and she gave us a kiss on the cheek it was pretty weird and really funny at the time.
I went on exchanges with Elder Angelos he is an awesome missionary and we are very similar, so that was really fun and I got to spend the night at the Surprise house. 6 crazy elders in one house. A member donated their house for the missionaries. So, I never really got any sleep but it was so much fun. I also got to tract in the ghetto areas. E. Angelos is the zone leader and he is awesome. I'm also getting a lot better at contacts. this week has been really fun.

Elder Anderson
Trent's Zone. 

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