Monday, October 18, 2010

Trent's First Week in Sun City West

How was your 1st week in Az?
The first week was really hard and we worked super hard, the hardest my Companion has ever worked on his mission, but im getting use to it now. We have 4 baptisms coming up one on the 30th and two Nov. 7th and one Nov.20. Im so pumped. I love doing this work and the blessings are great. Every lesson we have now the spirit is so strong. But the first week was hard and fun at the same time.

Favorite experience?
Probably teaching this Black kid trey. He has some crazy ideas and not that interested but were still teaching him. And I love riding my bike. The members take us to the Golden Corral which is like an all you can eat buffet and its awesome so I've gained 8 pounds, Im 160 now oh yeah.

Any interesting contacts?
Contacting is so awesome and yeah we run into some of the craziest people. Like this Irish guy that looks like he's killed people and does a bunch of drugs, but he respected us for doing the Lords work which was awesome. And this mexican man Robert, the missionaries in the area right next to us ran into him and he lives in our area so we dropped by and knocked. I looked through the window and he was on his knee's praying with the Bible and the BOOK OF MORMON right next to him. It was so awesome and the lesson we taught was even better the spirit was strong. And we have a lesson this week and he's coming to church, so I'm pumped. We go to this huge park to contact and run into some really awsome poeple and i love it.

How are your wards and the meals?
The meals are so good. The old poeple feed us so well. But were cutting down on dinners cause that time is the best to contact so we either eat at 4 or 7 for dinner, but its way worth it cause we get so many investigators like this past week we got 7 new investigators which is supper good.

Thank you and I love you!

Elder Trenton Anderson

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