Wednesday, September 5, 2012

June 11

How are you?
I'm doing great! I love my area so much and all the people in it. We run into crazy people everyday and broken up familieas and it makes me so grateful for what I have and the awesome family that supports me. This week was super funnnn! So we had 2 leadership meetings back to back weds and thurs. 7 hours long! Yes they were killer. But the best part about them was Prescott came down for the 2 days and guess where nelson stayed? Yes he stayed with us for the 2 days! It was so much fun. Just like old times. We went on splits so it was me and Nelson together. I love that guy so much. He loved wokring in the ghetto and we tracted the roughest part of our area. It was super funnn. He met his first hooker and crazy person yelling at the sky. It was great. I cant wait to see him after the mission. Being with him for those 2 days was like working with my best friend. It was awesome!  So that was like the highlite of the week. we also got some new investigators and we have a Baptism on the 15th! Joshue is gettign baptized! Its going to be Sweet.
Oh somwething I learned this week, well I kinda already knew but it didnt actually come to me till yesterday when I heard it again. So when the great apostasy happened the Catholic shurch staarted in 280 AD first off how did they get there authority if there was a 280 year gap from when the authority was on the earth. So the cathlic church is false. Now if the cathlic church is false wouldnt that mean any church that branches off of it be false as well? Yes. That is why there was such a great need for the restoration. All these reformers and leaders prepared the restoration to happen. Man I love the gospel and what the spirit teaches me. So when I heard that and studied it more. It just all made sense you me. I know that the church is true!

It sounds like you are in more of the ghetto now. Did you get some furniture? Do you have a bed?
Yeah we have beds. Not to much Furniture. we are looking for a couch still. we'll findone soon though.

Why did you have to move out of the Tieman's?
Cause of the bed bugs.

How's Shella doing?
We werent able to meet with her this week. She was always busy. we aer planning to teach her on tuesday so hopefully it will work out. She is such an awesome lady!

Any other new investigators?
Well we set more baptism dates this week. We have 6 right now for june. Andrea the mother and her 2 kids Kyliegh and brandon. They are super cool. Elder Mason set the date and taught the lesson while In  the meetings. HE is a aweosme missionary. So they are planning on getting baptized on the 30th of June. Brandon is a super smart little 10 year old. He said he would read the Book of Moromon and he has. Way cool kid.
Crystal who is a super cool lady! She is a little crazy. But very smart and has soime wild ideas. we were teaching her and she was talking about how she wants to grow adn how she has a purpsoe here on earth. The spirit then told me to have her read Alma 32;28. Show I Pulled out my Books and openned to the page and had her read it. As she was reading tears started to go down her cheek. She finished and Said " that verse is talking to me, Sorry I dont cry but for some reason this just hit me" IT was so cool to see the spirit just work. My mission president said the strongs tools we have are: 1. our testimonies 2. The scriptures. So use them and use them often. I love the scriptures so much!
Tell chad to look up Colossians 3: 20 that is in the NT. I thought of him and I as I read it. You might like it to mom haha.  Also check out on youtube Missionary work and the Atonement. It is a super good video and brought all the leadership in the mission to tears.
there were a couple other funny stories like th Drunk Navajo that tried to steal Masons bike. Good stuff. But I dont have anymore time. I love you so much!

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