Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eat Sleep Teach and Study

 We received Trent's first email this week! His p-days are on Thursdays so we should be receiving emails then. Enjoy! 
Hey mom,
Just wanted tosay im having blast at the MTC and today is my first P-day. Its so awesome and im working on the thank you notes. but i really dont have that much time to do anything. All we do is eat sleep teach and study. Its crazy but i love it.
Tell every one i love them and ill have those thank you cards done by the end of the day. The gospel is true im a true believer in it all. And i know that our family is eternal. I taught a lesson to an investigator on tuesday it was so amazing seeing there faces and what they have been missing out on. I love teaching the gospel and i plan on getting better. I love you and thank you so much for all the packages all the other elders are jealous. . well the time is running low on the computer. But i love you. Tell chad to keep his head high and kenzie that the party life isn't good and she shouldnt get into that stuff. I love all you.
Elder Anderson

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